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Michael Clarage: Solar Gamma Rays - Not So Much

Make & Break

When doctors don't care what happens...

Explaining the SKL on the one year VEGA-EVO Blaster? video anniversary

Breaking Stones

E-Cat SKLed and SKL

LENR in a Can - Presentation to Russian CNT&BL community

Dynamics of moving electron vortices and magnetic ring

Matsumoto - Steps to the Discovery of Electro-Nuclear Collapse

Matsumoto - Collected papers 1989-1999 to be released

Are we seeing the extinction of critical thinking and rational responses?

Think of the children

Now the drugs don't work

LION - LION 4 teardown

RadiaCode 101 - Sharing spectrum data

Bringing 4 H together

Electron Scavengers


Device and method for generating and manipulating coherent matter waves

Coherent Matter, Matter Synthesis & LENR

Binding Energy

Stimulated cluster decay

Fixing Fukushima - 09 - Writing a shorter letter

Fixing Fukushima - 08 - Just over 24 hours to submit proposal


Fixing Fukushima - 07 - Silver linings

YouTube UNDELETES video on MFMP Channel following robust defence

YouTube deletes first video on MFMP Channel

ULTR - crop circles

VEGA - Further look at VEGA Valley SEM/EDS data

VEGA - The Magnetic core of a 'Monopole’ ?

my movie XX Years on

Explaining Coherent Nuclear Transmutation to Francesco Celani in 1000 seconds

Chat over a lunch with Andrew Johnson

Chat over a coffee with Andrew Johnson

Monopoles, Ball Lightning, EVOs, Coherent Matter & Strange Radiation

Coherent Matter Travelling Wave Beams

Coherent Matter Travelling Wave Beams

Assisi 2021 - LENR in a Can

Fixing Fukushima - 06

Fixing Fukushima - 05

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Technological production of 'Ball Lightning'

An explanation for the observed spectra of ball lightning in free air

Fixing Fukushima - 03

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Fixing Fukushima - 01

Live ZOOM meeting

Let's talk UAPs with Andrew Johnson

Isolation - part one, the test

How could Parkhomov's 225 day reactor get started?

Fast track to coherence?

A proposed explanation for Bin-Juine Huang's cavitation driven excess heat system

Coherent Nuclear Transmutation LIVE Chat

Coherent matter and beams thereof for radionuclide remediation

Tree of life - part 2

Tree of life - part 1

Vortex-like patterns and eddy currents in Electro-Nuclear Collapse

Ball Lightning and Coherent Nuclear Transmutation - P2

Hutchison Effect - No Coincidence



ULTR - Ball Lightning and Coherent Nuclear Transmutation - P1

Micro tornadoes and their effects

ULTR - Finger prints

ULTR - Extreme interactions

Coherent matter travelling waves

ULTR - Soliton impact

VEGA - Extreme interactions

VEGA - Even more extraordinary traces

Affordable Visible Spectrometry

VEGA - Extraordinary traces

Rotation and radioactive decay. Aftereffects in fluctuation processes. (in Russian)

Introducing the searchable ‘LENR Events’ database...

Russian Strange Radiation Experiments

Could this lead to irrefutable proof of the ‘New Fire’?

Triangles and Spirals

Matsumoto's book received, what does it mean?

Untimely decay of fully ionised atoms

Let's talk about reactor design

VEGA - Live Microscope Session

'A miracle has happened'

Acceleration methods of Itonic clusters

Further discussion on potential geo-polymer casting technologies

Gravitational Field Propulsion

Does this explain geo-polymer casting techniques possibly used in ancient megalithic structures ?

Does this explain H-block magnetic anomalies at Puma Punku and Tiwinaku in Bolivia ?


Psychokinesis Party History - Reconstructed CIA FOI Release

It's the only way to be sure

How was Nan Madol built?