Fixing Fukushima - 01

Getting ready


So after nearly 18 hours on the road overnight, I arrived in Switzerland to a beautiful view of Lake Geneva with the Swiss Alps as a backdrop. After some orienteering and sustenance, I took rest and promptly slept until 11 am the following day.

Slobodan and I took some hours to get acquainted with each other and to consider what might be possible during our days together. We then laid a bunch of stuff out on the floor and made a series of recordings. Then we found out that we could not upload or stream from MFMP YouTube account because “they had detected unusual behaviour on our account” - basically, the IP was Switzerland, which was not usual. Recovery was not an option because it could only be done with a phone number on the account that was now dud and changing the recovery number only takes effect after one week.

So, we are forced to pre-record and in the interim I am uploading to my personal YouTube account and will move them over to the MFMP account when our IP is approved next week. I encourage you to see what we have and make any suggestions you think we should consider for experiments and comments about those that we have put on the table.