Dec 9, 2021 • 4M

Breaking Stones

Sample arrangement score and midi files released

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Bob Greenyer
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I commissioned a musician, Jiří Mottl, to make an initial arrangement of ‘Breaking Stones’, a song written by my brother Guy in 1999 that he donated to the MFMP in 2012 for when it became appropriate to use. I have worked with Jiří to produce an initial vocal and piano score and provide a midi file.

I loaded the midi file into Garage Band that comes free with all Mac computers and iOS devices (you can get similar programs for PCs and Android). I then assigned a grand piano to the accompaniment and recorded a quick voice track, to which I applied a little ‘church’ ambiance. The arrangement could do with some of my brothers ‘feeling’ in it and I encourage people to make their own arrangements with more soulful timings and vocal tracks where you can.

I am really interested in what you can come up with. Please credit the songwriter, Guy Greenyer and the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project and provide a link back to this page in any videos or other media. I will endeavour to add links of your versions to this page, as and when I am made aware of them. It would be great to have a load of different voices or choral pieces recorded - might make a ‘perfect day’ cut then!

You can download resource files here:

Midi File | Synthesised Piano Accompaniment | Synthesised Piano Melody
My Raw Vocal | Piano Accompaniment Score | Vocal Score | All Source Zipped

Here is Guy thrashing out an off-the-top of his head performance after 10 years of no-plays. Lyrics are provided.