Dec 27, 2021 • 3M

Michael Clarage: Solar Gamma Rays - Not So Much


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Bob Greenyer
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In a recent ‘Thunderbolts’ video shared with me by LION, the narrator, Michael Clarage discussed the phenomena of total electron stripping of atoms that I believe is possible in Exotic Vacuum Objects. Leonid Urutskoyev had been investigating the implications of this nearly 20 years ago, something I discussed when reviewing the early 2000s Kouropoulos paper.

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My understanding however, was derived independently, firstly from the magnetic flux loops in LION. I am amazed, at how some people fail to understand the significance of that hard physical data. Then secondly and more specifically, from similar flux loop structures on the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Projects’ Hutchison Fracture sample. Together, I believe these features explain many phenomena on our sun, via indelible evidence.

Now by way of the published peer reviewed, internationally funded and researched paper called “Dynamics of moving electron vortices and magnetic ring” which investigated simulated 2D falico solitons and 3D 'smoke ring' solitons, there's now synthetic mathematical data that supports our experimentaly derived physical observations.

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Dynamics of moving electron vortices and magnetic ring
LIVESTREAMED 22:30 CET - Sunday 5th December 2021 Tip off: Aureon Energy Ltd. LINK TO PAPER: Yue, D. N., Chen, M., Geng, P. F., Yuan, X. H., Weng, S. M., Bulanov, S. S., … Zhang, J. (2021). Dynamics of moving electron vortices and magnetic ring in laser plasma interaction…
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In the in Yue et al paper, a super computer simulation apparently shows charge separation of 3.6 TeV in a soliton and it implies it would become higher for smaller or resonantly pumped solitons. Therefore, one can easily see where 100 GeV energies could come from. In my view, the sun actually has to work harder and more stochastically than terrestrial experiments, as the bigger the soliton, the more it must be pumped or shock driven to achieve the energies required. That being said, the shock from driven cluster decays, might still work in my view, as happens, in low energy nuclear reactions. The thing is, the process works on all scales, fully shown in our recent years work.

The incredible fact remains that, with relatively little physical evidence, Winston Bostick concluded in 1957, via his ‘plasmoid’ research, that the self organisation of matter, might work at all scales, from the inside of atoms, to galaxies. How much more certain would he have been, if he had seen the evidence we now have, from the detailed analysis of features in Hutchison, Shoulders, Solin, Matsumoto, LION and ULTR etc.

By far the most conclusive evidence in my view, is in ‘Hutchison Effect’ samples, but I would not have had the eyes to see that truth, if I had not had the opportunity to deeply study and ponder the LIONs, which are for now at least, the easier of the two to reproduce.