YouTube UNDELETES video on MFMP Channel following robust defence

Sometimes - factual facts win

After receiving the statement detailing the no-warning takedown of the community interest video I produced in March 2020 on simple proven approaches to dealing with historical coronavirus - I set about defending the work.

I wrote a robust appeal, showing that not only had Zinc been used for decades for its known immune system support, there was peer-reviewed, pre-2020 research showing that green tea, used for 1000s of years had actual relevant medicinal benefit.

I then explained that the other peer reviewed published research was clearly valid in the context of the simple statements made in the video and the pathogen in question. Specifically that it was known that EGCG in green tea works as an effective ionophore to assist uptake of zinc into cells. Zinc in cells is known to inhibit viral replication.

I also pointed out that the American NIH had not concluded a for or against position on zinc and gave a link where they discussed various studies.

Of course, all papers were referenced.

I used green tea, zinc, D and C to get through the sniffles myself around the time I made the video. I hope that it helps others in the future.

I am glad to say that Youtube have re-instated the video which you can view at your pleasure here - don’t forget to like it and upvote it as it really helps the algorithm.