Ball Lightning and Coherent Nuclear Transmutation - P2

Electro-Nuclear Collapse / Electro-Nuclear Regeneration

Magic incarnate

In the second part of Ball Lightning and Coherent Nuclear Transmutation, we will take a deep look at areas on the MFMP’s Hutchison sample 4 - ‘Fracture’. They tell a story in breathtaking detail. We’ll discuss if what it’s showing us, implies ball lightning like ‘monopole’ driven unification of the forces and resulting element synthesis by way of coherent matter wave interference and nuclear regeneration.

Live stream 21:30 CET 9 May 2021

The slides can be downloaded from here. A 4k slides and animation video, without audio, can be viewed here.

Below is some other videos looking at this sample which are recommended to review before the livestream.

A link to the part of the video showing a close up look of the MFMP’s Hutchison sample 4 - ‘Fracture’ is given below. A macro photo of it can be seen here.

Following the live stream, John Hutchison uploaded this video showing the larger part that the ‘Fracture’ sample came from.