Aug 6, 2021 • 2M

Fixing Fukushima - 03

Deactivation by proxy?

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Bob Greenyer
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Slobodan had been suffering the effects of tooth pain the last few days, so today he went for some root canal procedures. I stayed in the lab and got some pre-experiment things organised. His procedure went well and he is clearly better as, for the first time since I arrived, he is eating hot and cold food with ease.

In getting the Radiascan 701 Alpha/Beta/Gamma set up, I had an idea that we might be able to convert some Tungsten into cold neutrino condensates and detect them by proxy via radionuclide deactivation.

Fortunately, we had some recent check sources, 60Co, 90Sr and 210Po. The idea is to calibrate the radiation monitor and get a reading for these sources, then place them close to an experiment where it is hoped some Tungsten would be encouraged to undergo electro-nuclear-collapse. It is a long shot, but why not try.

The background and current check source sample activity was established so that any deviation may be detected after exposure to experiments.

Background and check source activity levels

  • 60Co - 5.27 years - 0.5uCi - April 2021

  • 90Sr - 28.8 years - 0.1uCi - June 2021

  • 210Po - 138 days - 0.1uCi - June 2021

Results from the assessment of background and check-source emissions
Offsetting of the Polonium 210 source was necessary during activity measurement as the samples beta emissions would otherwise collide with the central support in the Radiascan 701’s pancake window cover mesh.

Fume extraction duct

It is intended that we will do a range of experiments, in some cases with fine particles and lead being involved and so to avoid the whole lab being filled with fine contaminants, we assembled an extraction duct from a duct fan and tubing.

Flash back arrestor

Slobodan tested the HHO generator earlier in the day and it worked fine. However, after we had gone out for a walk, he went to fire it up again only to find out that his over a decade old flash back arrestor had failed, it ceased to pass gas even in the forward direction.

Given the age of the component and its critical safety role and the recent knowledge of a death from precisely the thing that this component is designed to protect against - it was decided to call it a night and get a new one at 150 CHF - which will hopefully be acquired at the merchant we secured the steel from, for the pellet press.

Very dead flashback arrestor