VEGA - Extraordinary traces

Spirals, springs, comets and their electro-magnetic interactions...

By leveraging observations of Langmuir, Hutchison, Hudson, Mizuno, Matsumoto, Parkhomov and more, electrode material and form choices in VEGA experiments are yielding a remarkable set of traces that may be pointing to a range of field/Exotic Vacuum Object interactions that could be analogues of those observed in the cosmos and on our sun and only normally possible to mathematically model.

Sunday 14th March 2021, 19:00 CET
Presentation/discussion will be in English with Russian subtitles

Composite shot of several 1/30th second frames showing perpendicular to anode ‘ball of fire’ sphere surface tangent emissions with apparently tight spiral nature. One is directly emitted from the pole. Separately, there is a large ‘squiggle’ just right of centre frame. Observed in VEGA reactor by HENK (240V 50Hz AC)

In the frames above, several frames have been overlaid to show the progression of traces or the structure of their emissions relative to the ‘ball of fire’. Below is an example of an actual set of 9 sequential frame segments (fidelity poor due to GIF).

Experiment videos discussed in presentation

Links are to downloads of raw, as recorded, footage to enable your analysis.

VEGA - Henk squiggles 01 - 2nd Feb 2021

VEGA - DAVE squiggles 01 - 4th Mar 2021

VEGA - DAVE squiggles 02 - 12th Mar 2021

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