Live ZOOM meeting

Update and direction chat

Recording of MFMP open meeting for July 2021

Topics discussed included testing plans, including in Switzerland for Fukushima proposal, overview of Bob Greenyer's kickstarter for the Hutchison Books, name of book etc. Discussion on biological transmutations and Ormus.

You can see several of the samples I have access to in this 2009 video narrated by John including two that I have in my possession.

Chat during live session:

00:01:56	artefact:	Hi :) saw your rain clowds on satelite pictures
00:50:06	reanderthal:	could the 'nova' event be picked up acoustically?
00:51:33	reanderthal:	what would be the best modality for differentiating between the nova and the deposition models?
00:53:20	reanderthal:	ie. is there a phonon emited?
00:53:36	artefact:	afaik they can be picket up by AM radio
00:54:58	reanderthal:	oh, yes, I remember. tnx. how important is the difference between the two interpretations?
00:59:19	Slobodan Stankovic (Switzerland):	reanderthal, you can see this ICCF 22 presentation from Mitchell Schwartz, maybe it can give you some ideas:
00:59:47	reanderthal:	This three-body cold neutrino flux effect has extreme implications in the Velikovsky dynamic solar system model
01:01:01	reanderthal:	Hvala Slobodan
01:01:23	Slobodan Stankovic (Switzerland):	You're welcome.. .nema na cemu
01:01:34	reanderthal:	:)
01:03:32	reanderthal:	The electric universe group also posits the 'polar alignment' period. The neutrino flux effects would be …. strange?
01:46:17	artefact:	yes
01:47:20	reanderthal:	EXTREME!!!!!
01:48:15	reanderthal:	EFFECTS ON BIOLOGY?!
01:48:20	reanderthal:	oops
01:49:20	reanderthal:	and in the archaeology...?
01:49:26	Gert:	still not sure I fully understand the     concept of coherent matter ;-)
01:49:50	reanderthal:	don't say avebury
01:49:57	reanderthal:	it's 8 miles from me
01:51:56	reanderthal:	definitely option 1
01:52:42	reanderthal:	more on ormus?
01:57:31	reanderthal:	have you heard that Petrie found tons of it in Sinai?
01:58:03	Simeon Hein:	Thanks Bob, my battery is giving out on my laptop. Cheers.
01:58:11	reanderthal:	ok, I forgot DH was the source
01:58:13	reanderthal:	thanks
01:59:17	Paul:	Do you think multipaction (stimulated secondary beta emission) can play a factor into production of cold neutrinos?
02:06:55	reanderthal:	cheers Bob
02:08:06	reanderthal:	want to send you a DayDisc as fanmail. How?
02:08:23	reanderthal:	my invention
02:09:03	artefact:	Good night. CU