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It's the only way to be sure

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Bob Greenyer
“Remote View” is a technology, philosophy and commentary newsletter and podcast by Bob Greenyer, where he ‘Looks back to the future through insight and critical fiction’.
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Set in Stone

7th January 2021

Since 2012, I have been posting the fruits of my volunteer labour and insights on various platforms with the aim of reaching a wider audience. It became clear in 2017 that censorship was on the horizon and that several so-called ‘social media’ channels would no longer be places that could guarantee free and fair dissemination of ideas on an equal basis. 

Reading the writing on the wall, I started to post content on Steemit.com [HomoSymbian] & [MFMP] as its claimed principles implied that it could be a way to ensure an articles longevity. However, the platform was sold, which is a concerning development and it has started posting adverts.

In late 2017, I began to work with John Hutchison, we formed a good relationship, one of mutual trust and shared ideals. John was very open, sharing a lot of detailed context for the analysis of his samples that I was conducting and sharing via YouTube. Then suddenly, his channel containing over 4500 videos, built up over the best part of a decade was memory holed. John shared the email chain with me as he desperately tried to work with YouTube to remedy the situation. Note, their claimed issue was that he had not properly named or tagged his videos.

I’ll share with you two of the boiler plate emails John received and that you might receive, if you are lucky, as you are made into a non-person.

On Friday, December 7, 2018, 7:34 AM, yt-partner-support@google.com wrote:

Hi John,

Thanks for writing back.

I know how important this channel is for you, however, our team has already decided on this [ed - closing his channel].

Feel free to send us an email if you have any other questions in the meantime and we'd be happy to help. [ed - like, er, help about what?]


YouTube Support Team

the following day… 

On Saturday, December 8, 2018, 6:55 AM, yt-partner-support@google.com wrote:

Hi John,

We appreciate your feedback.

Please note that YouTube has a right and discretion to suspend or terminate a channel when it's not in line with our Community Guidelines and Policies.

Feel free to send us an email if you have any other questions in the meantime and we'd be happy to help.


YouTube Support Team

The terrible thing is, that not only was his channel deleted, but also his 1000s of interesting, contextually appropriate comments, on other channels discussing his work, vanished too. This is slicing away a persons contribution to humanity, potentially just because someone or thing didn’t like an aspect of say 3 out of 4500 videos. In his case, the crime was not accurately labelling his videos.

The problem is, that these [social] media channels can change their policies at anytime, based on which way the wind is blowing and via artificial intelligence (AI) and personal opinion, retroactively apply their new standards after you have agreed to the new terms. However, there is no choice but to agree, within a certain time frame after a content creator is informed typically, if you want to continue to have a presence on a platform.

Whilst large organisations can ensure that all their previous content complies, it is not possible for small and volunteer organisations to do so. Analysing 1000s of hours of work to look for non compliance is easy for AI or a big workforce, but not for the average user (on that note , there is a very large business opportunity there for someone).

In the past year, several community interest postings made to MFMP Facebook and Twitter platforms were censored, also videos on Youtube were de-monetised and clearly de-boosted, media and links that could have saved 10,000s lives if they were allowed fair distribution. This has accelerated since the summer of 2020 and as my work iterates towards the true nature of this amazing technology, the risk is too high to the other content present and searchable on these platforms to continue to post there. To do so would compound the risk of a de-platforming in the future.

Moreover, work is often lost in the social media noise and only posted to a fraction of followers unless the posting is paid for and there is no funds for that.

I cannot, in good conscience, continue to gift my labour to organisations where the product of that labour is profited off and is at the mercy of third party whims. I am exercising my free will, to choose the time when my presence on these platforms stops, and for the so-called ‘social media’ platforms of Facebook and Twitter, that time has come.

Other MFMP members are welcome to post as they please, but as of 7th Jan 2021, this will be my last post of my work on Facebook and Twitter.

Great things are coming…

…and I’d like you to join in the journey, to keep up to date with my work, please subscribe to my substack for free here


You can choose to be notified, or not, of new postings and if you do want them, you will get them, in your inbox guaranteed, so they cannot be memory holed and you can review them at anytime in the future when you choose. The site is fast on desktops and smart devices and has no adverts. It also has a comments system where you can add commentary and ask further questions.

This is my choice to not be beholden to a corporation, or to be an enabler of a new form of oligarchy, that may at anytime, remove my voice and the evidence of the science I wish to share.

Bob Greenyer