How was Nan Madol built?

Leveraging aspects of the New [Eternal] Fire

On the 1st Jan 2021, I watched my first ‘Ancient Aliens’ program. After watching it and given what I have learned since 2012, I felt I could offer a good explanation of how Nan Madol was constructed (and many other megalithic structures), why its location was chosen, what accounts for the legends and propose explanations for why there are anomalies to this day there. Here is the recording of the unscripted livestream.

Background Material

If you can, go and watch the Ancient Aliens programme in question, Season 15, Episode 1, that will help. If you can’t, here is a site that I found on 2nd Jan 2021 that basically has the script and key graphics from the show.

Knowledge of the ancients” video of me discussing the Padmanabhaswamy temple in early 2017 shortly after I realised how these technologies work.

Airborne LiDAR data for the site and below is the survey team in stunning National Geographic footage.

Electronic equipment failure

The Ancient Aliens team claim to have had failures of not one, but two underwater ‘Gladius Mini’ underwater drones that had worked the previous day on another part of the island.

Of concern to me, was that the programme seamed to have glitching audio sound overlaid on the edit and it felt like it was for dramatic effect. I did a deep dive into the visual footage, and found that frames had some perfectly registered artefacts on different parts of the sequence and this reminded me of some video glitch effects, such as this one for Adobe Premiere or this one for Final Cut Pro.

This led me to investigate if the drones could experience connection problems - in the review below around the 13m 10s mark, the reviewer found that they sometimes had disconnections to the drone during operation.

This does not mean the Ancient Aliens production team were not suffering genuinely unusual problems, but it does raise questions about the significance of their drone failures. In their favour, they had two, and they had both worked the day before and both failed only when near the site walls.

From my point of view, this is one of a number of transistor based equipment failures I have heard of around related ancient technology and techniques as I discussed in the live stream. Moreover, I am saying that ancient technologies are related to Low Energy Nuclear Reactions and Ken Shoulders wrote specifically that Exotic Vacuum Objects (EVOs) could interfere with electronics. This is something we experienced during our GS 5.2 experiment in early 2016, where it now appears we recorded the explosive dishevelment of an EVO. The Japanese nuclear scientist Takaaki Matsumoto wrote about the emissions in 1995 as follows:

Emission of Radiations

Radiations were monitored by a CsI(Tl) scintillation spectroscopy, which was placed over the water surface. When the sparks appeared. the counting rate was significantly higher than the background. The energy spectra of the radiations were continuous and declined monotonously as the energy increased. The high energy tail expanded more widely as the voltage increased. The intensity of the radiations dropped sharply as the distance between the detector and the electrodes increased. The radiations were neither gamma rays nor X-rays. The signals were generated by electromagnetic waves picked up with the circuit

Later in 2001, Matsumoto said that his experiments involving ‘micro ball lightning’ could also be considered as involving EVOs.

John Hutchison was also known to regularly have equipment fail.

Ball lightning inside old city?

Interestingly, in the Ancient Aliens episode, the researchers are told that locals fear the megalithic location because they witness glowing lights moving around in the city at times. It is possible that these may be ball lightning that are stimulated to form by day/night temperature changes over the possibly exotically treated basalt structures.

Takaaki Matsumoto papers

Takaaki Matsmoto papers can be downloaded from here

South African stone artefacts

Artefacts from southern Africa from Michael Tellinger’s museum can be viewed here.

Behaviour of ‘Balls of Fire’

VEGA - Disappearing of Nickel

O-Day Slides

Video resources

To understand the presentation it would help if you watch this video I made on making coherent matter waves.

Also this video where I go through part of an experiment conducted at the end of 2020

and this video of John Hutchison effects.

Sochi presentation, note the yin yangs on arms of the other famous ancient symbol.

Post livestream feedback

Following the livestream, I was sent links to reports from the same day, of UFO sitings off the coast of Hawaii moving in sky and in sea. This is the exact behaviour as I had been told about years ago by two different parties, with one having been in the see and watching them from above and below the water.

Later, a guy called Will Kuberski sent a link to an article by Graham Hancock.

Here are some excerpts:

"The Hopi ancestors migrated to what is today called Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia, while large swaths of South America still lay underwater. The initial immigrants arrived by means that the Hopi described as “flying shields” (spaceships) and “big birds” (aeroplanes)"

"Describing life in Kásskara, White Bear explained that all the power and energy people needed came from the sun, a universal source not dependent on electric lines. Although he said he didn’t understand how it functioned, he described this energy and devices that were used to direct it in ancient times:

We had an appliance – in fact, we had many – with a crystal inside not longer than an inch. In those days people did not have to work the stone with a graver. All they had to do was to direct the appliance towards the sun and they could split the stone with solar energy."

"When we came to this continent, we of course took along these appliances like all our knowledge. In South America, people were able to lift enormous blocks of rock without touching them by tightening the hands. Today one is surprised and does not understand how people could build such big cities, but at the time it was easy. The greatest capacities of the human being lie in the fingertips. They can emit and absorb a lot of energy.

“We also know the form of energy which was used during this combat. The scientists of many countries now work to develop such weapons."

"The Clan of the Bow bombarded the Clan of the Snake’s city with the strongest and most destructive weapons it had. What was used relates today to electrical energy, similar to lightning. The Clan of the Snake had prepared for it. The people went underground to protect themselves with a type of powerful electrical shield."

“The Clan of the Bow knew that it had not damaged the rival city and that the Clan of the Snake would retaliate the following day. Now it was the Bow Clan’s turn to prepare for protection. The sun rose and the Clan of the Snake attacked the Clan of the Bow’s city. The Snake Clan’s weapons were so powerful that their blasts resembled atomic explosions! But the Clan of the Bow had a powerful shield. Both sides had made important scientific progress."

"After a few hours in the afternoon, the Snake Clan decided to try something else to demonstrate its power. Shooting ceased, and they used the capacities of the snake to bury themselves, building a tunnel below the fortifications of the Bow Clan."

Note, Baranov and Zatelepin told me in 2018, that they were able to re-activate treated material 18 months later and produce EVO (strange radiation) tracks, by exposing their sample to sunlight.


All of these aspects of the technology I realised must be possible at the beginning of 2017. Perhaps when I stood at the top of the great tower in Tikal, 30 years ago, I picked up some vibes! I will do my best to share what I know and understand and work hard to investigate further this area.

We need to work together to ensure we get the positive out of this [eternal] technology, rather than allow ourselves to be merely subjugated by its weaponisation - no man should hold dominion over another.