ULTR - Finger prints

What is the message they are telling us?

Live stream microscope session 21:00 CET 8 April 2021

The extremely simple and cheap ULTR experiments are revealing new insights into how cavitation actually works and by pointing to soviet era research, could we be on the way to a clear understanding of how water based technologies could transmute matter and yield excess energy?

Intense Vortexes I recorded forming on existing affected areas of Al foil exposed to 43kHz ultrasonic vibration in water. The damage is not just by way of collapsing bubble re-entrant jets - this is a phenomenon that can be pumped and pumped and is self organising and focussing to coherence.
A fraction of a second after the sound input is removed, a (two?) toroidal structure appears out of the whirling dervish on one side of the ‘8’ which appears to form a sphere before moving off
In the first 1/30th second frame after switch off, an apparently refracting toroidal body presents itself before lifting off and becoming a spherical structure
Optical microscopy image taken of a outie/innie pair made by hydrodynamic self-organisation in live ULTR experiment 9 April 2021. In the top image the one of the left (outie) exhibits clear vortex features. Both parts of the structure have a smoother appearance than the surrounding aluminium foil. Has carbon been synthesised and deposited making it appear black?
A fraction of a second after the sound input is removed, a sphere appears to form from the smaller circular structure before drifting a little, it then appears to send a helicoid beam into the larger circular structure below.
Figure of 8 / ‘Pretzel’ on Dr. Ryushin Ohmasa’s vibrator plate showing organisation of detected elements indicating potential synthesis.

Close up video

De-materialisation / shape shifting?

They look like they can de-materialise matter and make it re-appear again. And they look like they can move things through the water as if it was not there, changing direction instantly. It looks like a much higher, uncompressed frame rate is needed to be more certain what is going on.

Magnetic particles found after ULTR experiment?

Experimenter DAVE reported 10th April 2021, that following an ULTR type experiment, he found that some of the particles were attracted to a strong magnet.

There are definitely a small number of pieces of aluminum debris left behind in the water that strongly stick to a magnet.  

Not many but they are attracted and I did it this time in a controlled manner making sure not to get any forign dirt in there.  Either it is some sort of magnetic elements being deposited into the aluminum from the tap water, iron or something as impurities in the AL foil, or we have transmutations into iron, or magnetic EVO clusters deposited in the aluminum in these pieces of debris. 

I taped a strong neodymium magnet onto the end of a glass tube with packing tape then covered it with fresh teflon tape so it would be easier to see any particles attracted with the white surface and easy to confirm no dirt sticking to it beforehand.  I see a couple larger pieces of aluminum and some smaller specs stuck to the magnet, one of the larger ones I was able to pick off with a wooden skewer stick and then bring back to the pole where it jumped off the stick again and back onto the magnet pole.


The two large pieces that stuck to the magnet look to be the focal points of previous dimple spots on the foil.  They are similarly attracted to the magnet but are definitely aluminum foil.  I took a picture of both of them side by side through the eyepiece of my microscope on the teflon surface of the magnet at lower mag(100x) then I flipped one over and took a few higher magnification shots at 250x, it shows a bit of a crack or something in the very centre of the dimple.


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