YouTube deletes first video on MFMP Channel

Someone wants no other options and for the masses to remain ignorant

I’ve just turned 49 as I write this and I woke up to find the following message from YouTube on the MFMP channel

These rules were RETROACTIVELY applied to the video which was published on 26th March 2020, 546 days before it was taken down and was up well before the draconian attacks on scientific discourse were instigated.

This one short public interest video had brought more subscribers to the MFMP YouTube channel than any other publication. At the time of its publishing, the freshly announced pandemic was all the LENR community were discussing.

Notice that in the chart taken from YT analytics just before the deletion, in recent weeks the views were starting to go parabolic. It would be fair to say that YT start to apply Machine Learning to videos that gain viewers quickly.

Around the time of the videos publication, I was to contract the sniffles, completely losing my sense of smell for a while, so I am very happy that I had conducted this research as by using it and Vitamin D, C and Zinc, I got through it comfortably, cheaply, at home, when there were no other treatment options - promoted or censored available.

Over a year later, on 8th April 2021, I found my antibodies were still going strong - since then I have tried to get re-infected by spending many hours in the houses of two separate active patients - and was unable to. The rest of my family, who were taking Green Tea, Zinc, D and C also tested positive on 8th April 2020 for antibodies with the exception of our youngest even though they have no recollection of feeling bad.

On Thursday 16th September 2021, I again had my antibodies tested - and they are still going strong after around 17 months. My wife and I decided also to have hers and our kids checked yesterday and hers are nearly double mine! Still waiting on the kids results (will update later). As part of this, we also got a different test for our youngest called a BLOT - that looks for more than just one specific antibody as we find it highly surprising that she did not get it when the rest of us did.

Since my families run in with the bug, we have travelled to and from Croatia, UK (twice) - with the second time requiring us to spend $1250 in tests and 10 days in isolation EVEN THOUGH WE WERE NATURALLY IMMUNE, by plane, train and bus. I have additionally travelled with all requisite and expensive and proven dodgy RT-PCR tests to Switzerland and separately to Italy by bus, train and plane. We have come into contact with 10,000s people and, guess what, no re-infection for any of us.

Our bodies likely have strong memory T and B cell level immunity to the whole virus (not just part of the original spike protein) and yet I cannot travel to US without for work without having a proven to be life-threatening injection (I have the severe auto-immune condition gout).

My own mother collapsed after the Astra-Zeneca jab and had to be rushed to hospital in an ambulance - no cause determined! Later, after feeling very week for some time, she showed high cancer markers and they suspected she had ovarian cancer - small problem, she had them removed 3 decades ago. This is why I had to go with my family to the UK at all costs just in case the cancer was real.

The neighbour of an MFMP supporter in the UK, reported that they had lost their unborn child at 27 weeks, a few weeks after taking the jab.

A friend in Italy said his friend had wanted to go on holiday this summer, and for ‘convenience’ decided to get the jab and got his family to do so also. 3 weeks after his 18 year old son got the second shot, he had a terrible headache - went to hospital and died. How can that father live with himself KNOWING that for convenience he may have allowed the killing of his own child.

My colleague here has a good friend, who I have met before. He has had the jab - well, a few weeks ago, he woke up and found he could not move his body and was in a lot of pain. He was taken to hospital, where, I understand he will stay for some time. I am told the doctors say he has developed an auto-immune condition and when released, will have to take immune-suppressant drugs for the rest of his life.

This week, data is coming out that there are severe risks of suffering heart problems from taking the jab - given that my grandfather died at 52, three years older than I am today from heart failure and my father had to have heart surgery in his 60s, and given my gout, I would have to seek out a mental health expert to lock me up, if I ever found myself tempted to accept these jabs.

Despite it taking 30 mins to write a VAERS report and potentially lengthy follow-ups there is still an alarming number of deaths notionally attributed to the jabs within the first year of their role out. One wonders what the real numbers are given my personal experience.

I am not anti-jab, living and travelling to many 3rd world countries I and my family have had more actual vaccines than probably most people on earth. However, these generally last for life or at worst 10 years and have an extremely high safety profile. I don’t think any of the jab adverse reaction and death cases I personally know of have been reported as jab related on any database, so I expect that the figures from the US system above are grossly under-represented. Even then, up to 10 September 2021, from the chart above, there have been vastly more deaths from these jabs in less than a year than from all other vaccines combined including all mandatory child vaccines in over 30 years, since records began.

With my genetic immune and heart position and my proven robust natural immunity, I can only choose to not succumb to the coercion and rights infringements going on and this will affect my ability to work for the common good - but I will do my best.

Humans have only one true right in life and that is to choose what goes into our body. If we loose that, we are nothing in my view. Everyone should have that choice and it be theirs to make without penalty and if the jabs are safe and effective, the jabbed have nothing to fear from the unjabbed. If the jabs do not put evolutionary pressure on the bug, then the unjabbed have nothing to fear from the jabbed. Certainly, the jabbed and unjabbed have nothing to fear from those with natural sterilising immunity - something that physicians have known for 100s of years.

I have republished the YouTube deleted video to GAB which you can watch here


Given that this pre-2020 fact based video was censored based on the pronouncements of the captured WHO and other members of the medical mafia using new rules RETROACTIVELY applied - we cannot count on more new vested interest driven rules applying to energy and element generation technologies for instance. If this were to happen - the MFMP library of work might vanish overnight.

I therefore encourage those with the capability to set aside or purchase 400GB of storage (channel archive is around 363.33GB as of today), to do so. I would suggest 4k Video Downloader (the version that costs under 15 euros) to simplify the process. I would also recommend you download any videos you think are interesting as I have noticed many informative videos have been taken down, one way or another, in recent years.

UPDATE 16:45, 23rd September 2021

My colleagues friend is set to be released to home today and is told that they should medicate at home for next 2 months. After this he is expected to be required to take medications for the rest of his life. He says that he is pro-’vaccine’ and so therefore does not want his story to be public - however, the doctors are referring it to the medical authorities with at present an unknown cause.

As I walked around in the sun shine with my friend, we came across a protest that was just getting organised.

There we both signed a petition seeking to prevent experiments on children - including the dehumanisation of them by masking. Below is the Czech statement and a rough machine translation.