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Are we seeing the extinction of critical thinking and rational responses?

Are we seeing the extinction of critical thinking and rational responses?

Why are we doing more of the same, when it has already proven not to work?

Hi, my name is Bob Greenyer and welcome to RemoteView.ICU

I’m 49, by declining the jabs I am 100% safe from known short term and unknown long term adverse reactions and according to UK official data, I am 99.9967% sure not to die from getting Covid.

In my judgement, they are pretty good odds. My body, my choice eh?

Additionally, I have already survived the sniffles and as per my last test, I still had good antibodies 16 months later, not to mention, I will have memory T-Cell immunity to the whole virus, not just the first version of the spike protein. Despite trying, I have been unable to catch the sniffles again from actively infected people. Why am I not allowed to get a haircut, eat at a restaurant or travel, to do what I can, to advance science?

From page 20 of a recent UK government’s report, we can see that:

If I wasn’t already immune, in my 40-49 year age group, I would be over 2.27 times MORE likely to catch the sniffles had I been jabbed

Note, from the UK data, we can see that 63%, practically 2/3rds of all people that died are over 80 years of age, jabbed or not.

In recent weeks, I had to waste hours of my life and pay government testing facilities here in Czech Republic $37.55 every 3 days, to get a predictably negative PCR test, in order to access my child’s ward at the hospital. I am immune, I have proven I cannot catch or spread the disease, this is madness.

I know the jabs fail, in the four members of my family that have had jabs that have failed, the mean time to failure has been around 12 weeks. The remaining three that have yet to get it post jab, may be naturally immune, like my younger daughter, or have recovered from the virus before jabbing and we don’t know, because no one is doing pre-jab antibody testing.

Boris Johnson, Bill Gates and the Head of the WHO and every country where boosters are being offerred, de-facto agree that the jabs don’t stop you getting it or spreading it and yet, a mother visiting her son in the same hospital room as my child, who had a cough all through the hospital stay, was permitted free access, without question, because she had been jabbed at some point this year.

If I am required to test as a recovered, genuinely immune person, why was she, regularly coughing, not required to test, when everyone should know by now the jabs are not fit for purpose?

Where is the critical thinking and rational response here?

No one should be required or coerced to submit to a medical procedure, to participate in life. What happens if the ‘pandemic’ threatening humanity was to morph into ‘climate change’ and these rights had been forfeit by precedent? Are we going to similarly allow forced stomach stapling for those that ‘eat too much’ or sterilisation ‘because there are too many of us already’?

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