ULTR - crop circles

A look at the data and implications of SEM/EDS analysis done on ULTR experiments done on Al and Cu foil.

A review of SEM/EDS analysis done on ULTR experiments conducted by Bob W. Greenyer / Alan Goldwater and Prof. Bin-Juine Huang on Al and Cu foils respectively.

The Al sample I analysed was the exact same one I produced in the “ULTR - Experiment how to 4K” video.

This is the experiment I did that lead me to think that there was crenelated Fe-rich magnetic spheres being synthesised.

and this is the video where they were subsequently found as predicted.

I discussed previous work of Prof. Bin-Juine Huang here.

Here is a resonant water bowl (thanks to DAVE for the link)

Then there is this

Which reminds me of this video that I recorded with my wife in early May 2013.

Database of crop circles

Thank you to Barbara Samson for the link