Device and method for generating and manipulating coherent matter waves

Max Planck Society 1999

A discussion in the context of MFMP and others work, of one of the references to the 2011 Lockhead Martin patent that was assigned to the same group that had previous to the application, investigated John Hutchison samples.

Tip off: Josh Hennen

Key slides used in this presentation

Three different expressions of Coherent Matter Travelling Waves (CMTW) observed by R. Greenyer. From top right, CMTW witness mark damage in track form on steel from Dr. R. Ohmasa’s low frequency vibrator plates, observable by polarised light (2019). Bottom right is several merged video frames of a CMTW in a Boutilier, D. (2021). VEGA experiment. Left is a collapsed CMTW in the form of diamond mesh (2021) on copper oxide from a Jurrien, H. VEGA experiment.
On the left side is an SEM image of a ‘8’ yin-yang vortex pair with trough on top left and peak on bottom right. On the Right of the image is a closeup on the peak where you can see the mirrored S of its cohering vortex. Just under the e in ‘peak’ is a protrusion, but in the image below we examine a larger one on the bottom right.
Close up of potential collapsed coherent matter travelling wave hypothesised to be synthesised in the vortex on the inside of the peak in the yin-yang ‘8’ vortex pair in the image above. It appears a large amount of Carbon, Copper and Zinc, amongst other elements are present.