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How allowing social contact and freedom of movement may have saved many lives

Bob: Hello my friend. How ya doin'?

Slobodan: All right.

Bob: Good, are ya at the school.

Slobodan: Yeah. Yeah, I'm at school. It's working a little bit.

Bob: So I'm going to I'm going to do a blog post some point, maybe this week or next week, because I finally found out what I suspected, er, was why my daughter never called Covid, even though she lives in the same room as us.

Slobodan: Yeah, and that's why?

Bob: Well, they now have this new test in in Czech Republic called the Blot Test, and it tests for antibodies against the capsid of Covid. The S2 / S1 part of the spike protein and the Delta variety. But it also tests against the four common coronaviruses that do the common cold.

Well, she has antibodies to all four of the common cold viruses.

IgG antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus proteins negative. Detected antibodies against all 4 common coronaviruses, evidence of previous infection with these respiratory viruses.

Slobodan: OK, so that's what was protecting her yeh?

Bob: I think so. Yes. Oh, OK. So basically the conclusion is and I will write this up, I thought, OK, this is my hypothesis, but I didn't have a way to test it. Now I had to wait to test it.

And that's what it showed. And so then I thought, oh well, I'll see if anyone else has thought about this possibility. And it was even being discussed as early as August 2020 that people have had a lot of the colds recently will not be affected by by Covid.

And there's quite a lot of research that's come out since. So what is the absolute worst thing you can do to ensure the maximum number of deaths?

Slobodan: It's to get vaccinated, all the people who are...

Bob: No, no, no, no, no, no. Lock people up. Prevent them going to social gatherings and prevent any transfer from antipodean economies like Australia and New Zealand. That lowers the immune response of the ability of of the population, because there's no constant exposure to common colds, which are not going to kill [basically] anyone, they just get the sniffles genuinely. And so you are then very likely to die if you get the manmade pathogen.

When you - you understand what that that is the truth? You can say that literally the diabolical nature of what they've done. And the only other thing you can do worse is ask people to stay inside and so they don't get vitamin D.

I mean, it's literally - they've done literally what they needed to do to destroy your immune system, so that you were more likely to die, particularly as an old person from exposure to Covid.

It's utterly diabolical.

Last week, I signed a petition against the completely unnecessary testing of novel therapies on children and actions that impaired their breathing learning and other social development

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