COVID? It saved my life!Listen now (17 min) | Bob Hi, my name is Bob Greenyer, and welcome to RemoteView.ICU I'm here with my good friend, Ema Hello Bob Emanuel Ruggerio. He's…
After the end of an EVO
Meatloaf has passed on...Listen now (12 min) | but his music, is still beatin', still beatin' in my heart.
1st December 2021
A reading of Professor Ehud Qimron's open letterListen now (8 min) | "Ministry of Health, it’s time to admit failure"
Yay! Omicron...Listen now (23 min) | ...assuming nothing else is in the works... the pandemic is over!
Michael Clarage: Solar Gamma Rays - Not So MuchListen now (3 min) | Thunderbolts
"...that's what the flash of light is"
When doctors don't care what happens...Listen now (13 min) | ...or can't, for their own sake.
EVOs (electrons/Xenon) > Soft X-Rays + UV > Photoionisation = Heat and/or light and/or electricity
Breaking StonesListen now (3 min) | Sample arrangement score and midi files released
Demonstration by Andrea Rossi and reports by Giuseppe Levi