Dec 16, 2021 • 13M

When doctors don't care what happens...

...or can't, for their own sake.

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Bob Greenyer
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Hi, my name is Bob Greenyer and welcome to RemoteView.ICU

I already talked about the complete failure of vaccines in my Family last month and my personal experience with the infection. Since then, the fully vaccinated teachers at my youngest child’s kinder-garden and her music school have caught it, meaning more days home schooling.

Anyhow, on the 15th of December 2021, I went for a long booked appointment with my general practitioner to ask for a medical exemption certificate, so I could apply to travel to the US, to do research. In anticipation of being shut down, I presented him with a note, laying out my position for him to read first, it read:


I am a research scientist who, along with my family, got and recovered from the Alpha Covid variety in April 2020.

One year later, I had a guest in my house who got an active infection. I tested my antibodies and they were strong on 8th April 2021, as they were in other members of my family. I spent 3 weeks trying to catch it from him, but failed. None of my family got it again either.

In September, I again tested my antibodies, they were good and so I helped a friend recover. I did not catch it again.

In November, I helped another friend recover, and did not catch it again. This was 19 months later.

My grandfather died at 52 from a heart attack and my father at 72 from heart failure.

My father had the auto-immune disorder gout, so do I.

I have been unable to travel to the US for nearly 2 years now to do my work because of restrictions.

Given that I am provably immune from real infection and I have the two major risk factors to adverse events from the experimental therapies and I have young children, I need a medical exemption, so that I can support my family without taking unneeded risks, of leaving them - fatherless.

He read my note and said, “I’m not going to give you an exemption, I recommend you get the vaccine”, when I asked why he took that position, when he was aware of my family history, he said “I have read the research and I recommend you get the vaccine.”

I asked him had he had covid, he said “no”, I said, “well I have and despite trying, I have been unable to catch it again. I believe the immunity is enduring and the risks for me from the therapy identified by the manufacturers and public reporting, as a recovered person, are higher than the risks of re-infection.”

He said, “I am not going to give you an exemption.”

I said, “So, if I was to get the therapy now and be harmed, even permanently or die, I or my family would have no recourse with you, the government or the pharmaceutical company. If you gave me an exemption it would be my risk and I could work, what do you loose by exempting me?”

He replied, “it’s the guidelines.”

I asked, “well if it’s guidelines, can’t you use your discretion?”

He got angry, he was personally affronted and said that he didn’t “like what I was implying.”

I said, “It appears as though it doesn’t matter what your patients individual circumstances are, you would only recommend the therapy. Can you explain why it is, that you are leaving me no options.”

He said “I am not forcing you, it is your choice, I am recommending it.”

I said “Don’t you see though, I can’t do what I need to do without taking what I am confident is an unacceptable risk for me and my family, and the only person that can change that is you.”

He got really angry.

I asked, “How many people have you written an exemption for?”

He said, “I am not going to answer that.”

I asked a lesser question, “Have you given an exemption for anyone?”

He said, “I am not going to answer and I think you should leave.”

I said “What? Aren’t you supposed to listen to the patients needs?”

He suggested more strongly that “I should leave.”

I said, “OK, if you are unable to write me an exemption, can you write me a note detailing on what scientific basis, including references, you are basing your recommendation on, so I know, where you are coming from. Please also detail where I can read these guidelines you are following, that state; that a covid recovered person, with a multi-generational history of heart attacks and auto-immune conditions should be recommended to get this therapy and who wrote the guidelines in order that I may address those people that are making them.”

He was fuming and frankly, I wasn’t happy either, so I said, as I collected my coat and left “It didn’t have to be this way.”

I don’t expect to get any explanatory note, though I will update this blog if I do.

Cui Bono?

I left thinking, why would he recommend, given my risk factors, a therapy he should know by now, if it was possible, without it, would not help stop me get the sniffles? Moreover, I thought, he wouldn’t loose a thing by giving me an exemption, right? - OR WHOULD HE?

Then it occurred to me, perhaps they get paid for injecting people with the therapies? In the UK, I remembered hearing somewhere that doctors got paid for administering jabs. On researching it, I found that a doctor used to get £12.58 for each procedure they did, but from 1st December, that was upped to £20 ($26.53). So, do Czech doctors get rewards for a procedure that can be done by a junior nurse in a few minutes? Looks like they do - they get about 223 Crowns (about $10 for a jab).

The surgery he operates in, might easily have 1000s of patients on its books. For a full 2 jab and booster, they are raking in $30,000 for every 1000 patients that blindly walk in of their own accord or they can recommend, to get the jab. Given my experience, I can’t imagine there is a very big group they are going to not recommend it for. And, if governments make it obligatory every 6 months, then it is another $20,000 a year per 1000 patients. On top of that, Czech monthly payments for health insurance have gone up significantly, so we have the pleasure of knowing we are paying for them to be incentivised to be the delivery agents of corporate pharma.

So if my doctor was to give me an exemption and the word got around, perhaps others would request one, and this potential little bi-annual cash cow might dry up. In America, it’s even worse - there, doctors can cash up to $40 for a single jab!

If the long term effect of these injections are acute medical conditions, guess who gets more money… the medical industry. It would appear we cannot trust doctors any more, as they may be captured - and that makes one think, have they always getting incentives like this?

On the 16th December 2021, I learned from my wife, that dentists and pharmacists are now being co-opted with these cash bribes, to get jabbing. One can easily imagine that these people might start saying "Sorry, you can’t use our services unless you’re jabbed”. It will certainly reduce the potential dissenting respected voices in healthcare - it is diabolical.

If this goes on, statistically, sooner or later, all of these people will have blood on their hands, so it will be in their interest to ignore or fight against acknowledging data that they might have to morally deal with. To facilitate their complicity, expect governments to prevent communication of any data, that shows harm or ineffectiveness, of the only ‘solution’ they are promoting.

I’d be interested to hear if people in your country are rewarded every time they administer one of these experimental products. Let me know in the comments.

On the subject of coercion

In 1957, the sociologist Albert Biderman came up with his “Chart of Coercion which was based on Chinese / Korean torture techniques used on American prisoners in the Korean War. To psychologically break an individual, one must use the following methods in order. Here I will list these rules and suggest some that you may have witnessed since early, 2020

  • Isolation
    ( like, keeping people away from friends and family, even in death )

  • Monopolisation of perception
    say, controlling the narrative, including banning alternative expert opinion )

  • Inducing debilitation and exhaustion
    ( perhaps via enforced mask wearing leading to problems with social cues, especially in children and impaired breathing for all )

  • Threats
    ( for instance, fines for standard life activities or exclusion from services, even medical treatment, if not compliant )

  • Occasional indulgences
    ( take an experimental therapy and you can have a BBQ with a few friends )

  • Demonstrating "omnipotence" and "omniscience"
    ( being able to prevent you from doing your job if you don’t comply and not approving effective cheap drugs and not recognising natural immunity )

  • Degradation
    ( like suggesting someone is unclean and a risk to others )

  • Enforcing trivial demands
    ( like keeping a set distance apart or wearing masks on a plane )

A real cardiologist speaks

In a Joe Rogan interview, at the 1:42:42 mark, Dr. Peter McCullough, a respected, famous and extremely well published cardiologist, notes, that the upper tail for myocarditis goes all the way up to 50. He also notes elsewhere in the excellent podcast, that upon challenging common claims of re-infections of Covid, no one has shown plausible evidence of it occurring, which confirms the data from SARS-Cov1, that there were no re-infections, it is “One and Done”.

We are all being coerced and the people we should trust, to get objective information from, are compromised. Only the little people, the great unwashed will be able to end this insanity.

In the UK, there is a desperate attempt to ‘boost’ everyone before they can get proper, enduring immunity from ‘omicron’ . If antibodies are low, and you get through the disease, you will have immunity to the whole thing, not just the quickly changing spike protein . By forcing the jabs, they can *claim* that ‘boosting’ worked and was the right choice, it is a straight con. Coupled with this is absolutely no public messaging on taking vitamin D3, zinc and a zinc ionophore like green tea (EGCG) or quercetin - it appears there must only be the option to trust the government and do what it says.

My only choice now, that would enable me to travel to the US given the ‘guidelines’ and rules, is to try really, really, really HARD to get ‘omicron’ and recover. However, given my 3 previous failed attempts to get any other variant, I don’t fancy my chances.

Thank you for listening to RemoteView.ICU

As tyrannical leaders, led by their big pharma sponsors, pit the over jabbed against all others, ask yourself, did the WHO really change the definition of "What is heard immunity?" to exclude 'immunity developed through previous infection' (natural/free immunity) less than a month before the first experimental therapies were approved in 2020?

UPDATE 17th Jan 2022

My doctor never sent me any of things he promised, he did not even give me a prescription for my gout medicine.

However, I did manage to catch Omicron which was over in a few days with symptoms many report from a single jab. For my children it was overnight and just 2 days for my wife - is it just that pathetic, or was it because we had immunity from April 2020?

I’ll be visiting my doctor again with my recovery certificate this week to request he confirm I have recovered so I can travel to US to do my research.