Matsumoto's book received, what does it mean?

Initial thoughts

Live and open discussion on the Matsumoto's book "Steps to the Discovery of Electro-Nuclear Collapse.

What does the book contain?

The book begins with a short preface that focusses on the fact that the electromagnetic force is 40 orders of magnitude stronger than the gravitational force (both of which are long range forces). He then gives a brief overview of how, whilst studying the mechanisms of the so-called ‘Cold Fusion (CF)’ phenomena, he came to discover how a range of nuclear reactions could be initiated by marshalling the electromagnetic force to produce the technological equivalent of natural ball lightning to produce “Electro-Nuclear Reactions (ENR)”. In brief, ENRs can synthesise, re-birth and destroy dense matter.

It then has an introduction, walking the reader through the “Steps to the Discovery of Electro-Nuclear Collapse” with references to his published and unpublished works. It details what is observed to be possible and extensive ideas on how the capabilities could be technologically employed. It also discusses obvious places in nature where the phenomena will be going on naturally.

There is then a short biography.

After this are two papers that expand on the process of discovery and implications in far more depth before a series of over 20 papers, many available in various other places, and some that I have not seen before including some images of SEM analysis of reaction products a few of which I shared in the live stream above.

Several of the images are better than those available from other sources.

What does the book not contain?

The book cites 84 papers of which only 26 are included (1/3rd). Sadly a number of the papers I was most interested in, on the use of the technology for radiation remediation, were not included. However, I think that we are building an independent understanding of how that occurs.

Also, some of the images of analysis are too poorly reproduced to be able to be understood visually and this needs to be fixed.

Moving Forward

Following the comment in the book about reasons for not having included the bulk of the papers (volume and cost), he says that they would be in a future edition with explanations for the backgrounds of the study.

That was 20 years ago - what is the likelihood that has happened?

It is therefore very urgent that we find a way to ensure that this work is not lost (it has been basically hidden for 25 years)

I would like to do what I did for Dr. Alexander Parkhomov and raise the funds for the following.

  • Collate all papers

  • Translate all those that are still in Japanese only

  • Gather original digital images and high resolution scan any photos (as some of the images in the book are very poorly re-produced), including in colour where appropriate

  • Capture video sequences and possibly produce printable frame animations of key events

  • Proof-read all content

  • Re-master books

  • Update anything with his latest thoughts.

This will not be easy, but I feel it is very important to do. I hope we can work as a community to make it happen.

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