Let's talk about reactor design

Live stream 12 Feb 2021, 19:30 CET

The recording of a livestream discussing aspects of reactor design is given below.

Reactor design concepts that were inspired by the Russian Cold Nuclear Transmutation & Ball Lightning, Sochi 2018 presentation by Anatoly Klimov. In it he discussed a way to make ball discharges.

Production of ‘ball discharges’ using low threshold microwaves at electrically coupled initiators

Translation of relevant slide from Anatoly Klimov’s presentation at the 25th Cold Nuclear Transmutation and Ball Lightning conference, 2018 Sochi, Russia:

It is worth reviewing this video (on double time)

This inspired some ideas captured on this slide

Takaaki Matsumoto had worked it out by 1996

Subsequently, it turns out that Takaaki Matsumoto was maybe thinking along the same lines - way back in 1996!

Sprayer for Radioactive Incineration with Tiny Ball Lightning” - Index from Takaaki Matsumoto’s book “Steps to the discovery of Electro-Nuclear Collapse

But wait, there is more…

Soon we will know where his thoughts were, over 20 years ago, but it does look like he is stating.

  • An electrical method is used to generate micro ball lightning

  • This micro ball lightning leads to

    1. Nuclear transmutation

    2. Nuclear Incineration

    3. Collapse and Regeneration

  • He states that this can specifically be used to deal with nuclear waste.

VEGA - Valley composite shots

VEGA valley kernel chaos by Bob Greenyer, The dark and sharp kernels on the right are where the ball lightning originated from in the central valley channel (click and view in another window)