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End of 2023 surprise announcement

“A model for ball lightning” - G. C. Dijkhuis

THOR - MFMP collaborator preparing for testing a Thunderstorm Generator

Working with nature

THOR - Open Science Breaking Through

THOR - Coherent Matter Traveling Waves observed...

THOR - Outside of the Inside

THOR - It's Ball Lightning! Or is it?

THOR - Outside Inside

THOR - Magnetic anomalies?

MH370 - Historical videos from 2014 are raising new questions, are they real? If so, does it show

Back to the Future, thanks to LION

THOR - Looking Deeper

Can we just agree now that the masons are at least very accidentally lucky in their craft?

The United Kingdom's supreme court

THOR - Magnetic anomalies...

Randall Carlson - Joe Rogan Controversy, Plasma Energy, Lost Technology & The Pyramids

The True Function of The Giza Pyramids with Jahannah James and Bob Greenyer

Randall Carlson Finally Reveals Proof of Ancient Lightning Bolt Technology

O-Day - HCNO

27,000 first responders have cancer

O-Day - HHO

Practical Applications of the Fractal Toroidal Moment

Practical Applications of the Fractal Toroidal Moment

Water can trigger nuclear reaction to produce energy and anomalous gases

O-Day - Blowing Bubbles


O-Day - ESP

Rencontres Galactiques

O-Day - Summoning 'UFOs?'

O-Day - Galactica

A new approach to the study of strange radiation tracks

WindHexe Build prototype V02

O-Day - Clouds and Tornadoes


Exploring Ball Lightning related to Cold Fusion, UFOs, Crop Circles, and Bigfoot

WindHexe update 4

O-Day - ETs secret?

Ice Cream Social 007

Has a Harvard Astrophysicist really found crashed UFO debris?

UK nuclear startup combines a 'fusor' with LENR

O-Day - Super Fluid

A theory of strange radiation and its connection to LENR (in Russian with English sur-titles)

LION - Revealing LION

Toroidal models of the electron & proton

O-Day - PROTO SPHERA (Updated 23 May 2023)

WindHexe update - End 3rd Week May 2023

Dr. Takaaki Matsumoto - 1942 - 2023

Nuwa Pen | AI-powered Ballpoint Pen

O-Day - Building nozzles for self-resonating soliton production

Reflections of EGO OUT

LION - Through the gate

John OLoughlin interview

LION - At the gate

LION - There are no coincidences

Windhexe update - End 4th Week April 2023

In memory of LION

Windhexe update

Matsumoto - in the flesh

Matsumoto - battle through

Matsumoto - delivery

O-Day - Geopolymer?

Matsumoto - Video recordings!

Matsumoto - Ainu

Practical Applications of the Fractal Toroidal Moment

Matsumoto - In Sapporo


O-Day - Evening

O-Day - Explaining Frank Polifka's Windhexe

Anomalous Radioactive Variations

O-Day - Centred

O-Day - Decoding the base of Teslas' flower pot

O-Day - Investigating the Christian church plan

GEET Discussion

O-Day - Elevation plan

O-Day - Wormhole

O-Day - New dawn of an old age

O-Day - Another Dimension

O-Day - Balance

Dan Easton - GEET Gotchas & Tips

O-Day - Circle of life

O-Day - NOON

O-Day - Morning, not mourning

What did the Romans know?

Anomalous synthesis per day for 11 weeks of tons of Si and Fe from C and O

O-Day - Aurora consurgens

O-Day - Can we run the world on cow farts?

Publishing of my ICCF-22 (September 2019) posters

Atoms On Dark Matter Threads?

Codified science in art

The Device And Principle Of Operation Of The Device For Focusing Particles Of Dark Matter - Magnetic Monopoles

Can AI be taught feeling and insight?

Investigating a reported method of producing Magneto-Toro Electrical Radiation identified by Alexander Shishkin et. al.

Vacuum polarisation in LENR and Hutchison Effect

Answering a question on Exotic Vacuum Object comments made by Dr. Steven Greer

A discussion on a "Thunderbolts Project" video