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Dr. Takaaki Matsumoto - 1942 - 2023

Dr. Takaaki Matsumoto - 1942 - 2023

Goodbye maverick - your work will live on


It is with great sadness that I report that Dr. Takaaki Matsumoto has passed away, anyone wishing to leave a message for me to pass on to his family, please do so in the comments below

On the 2nd May, having been requested to, I sent Dr Matsumoto the following

Dear Dr. Matsumoto,

My friend and Colleague, Sho has indicated you wanted to open a dialogue, which I am very happy to do.

May I say what an honour it was to meet you, thankyou so much for finding the energy to do that under the circumstances.

Thank again your wife and daughter for helping with the documents and getting the videos to us so we could do that work. I have better equipment in my office to capture it, but still, with what we did, 90% of the value has been captured.

When I finish my current assignment, I look forward to frame capturing and seamless tiling from your microscope sessions.

I have many questions for you, as I expect you do for me.


On the 3rd May, Dr Matsumoto sent me the following

Dear Bob,

Thank you so much for this mail. I have many files on my tablet that I want to send to you. So I asked Kubo san [Sho] to let me know [your address].

  I am very pleased to see on youtube where you are describing my old works. Today I am going to take pictures, probably with my daughters support, [of the way] in which my experiments were done [and] under [what] conditions, for you to understand.

  Yesterday the retired professor Toyoharu Nawa called for me. As you [might have] already heard from Kubo san probably, the former president of Hokkaido Univ. said he had decided to study CF for the remainder of his life and asked us to do it together. As he was a specialist of elementary physics, I answered that CF is going to the same direction and you, including the other members of community, will be pleased.

We are trying to send you an example of an experimental record.

To which I replied

Thank you very much, Dr Matsumoto.

I am looking forward to receiving the experimental records.

I am also very happy to hear that such a talented scientist wants to work with you and in the field.

Obviously, I was in the UK to secure LIONs legacy at this time.

Yesterday, the 19th May 2023, I became concerned that 2 weeks had passed and so I wrote the following.

Dear Dr. Matsumoto

I hope you are well - I had to go to UK and rescue a fellow LENR researchers work before it was disposed of, following his unexpected sudden passing.

I wondered if you had been able to prepare some specifics of experiments I can publish for people to attempt replication?

Please find attached a physical iron-rich sphere with a vortical iron-rich tail that I imaged in one of our VEGA plasma experiments - it reminds me of your 'tornado' structure. This is the feature I wanted to include in the image I gave you. (Actually, it is there already, just smaller).

We look forward to receiving the materials.


I received the following message late in the morning, 20th May 2023

Hi Bob,

Thank you for your email.
This is Hiroko, Takaaki Matsumoto’s daughter. 

Unfortunately my father suddenly passed away on 12 May, last week.

We still can’t believe it,

My mother and I thought he was having a nap during the day,
when my mother went to wake him up, he wasn’t breathing…

Before he went to sleep, he was still talking well, and eating, we just can’t believe it,

But I’m so happy you found my fathers’ research, and someone keep doing it,
before he passed away. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it Bob.



May he rest in peace.

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