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In memory of LION

In memory of LION

A king in the New [Eternal] Fire Jungle, has departed this mortal realm

Late afternoon on the 24th April 2023, I got a deeply saddening message from a representative of the wife of the researcher we know as LION, who produced the experiments known as LION reactors.

It is with great sorrow that I report that on the 4th April, the researcher known as LION, suffered a coronary heart attack and died at 6.30pm. It was unexpected and surprised everyone.

His wife believes I was working with Neil on similar projects regarding Nuclear Fusion, and she wishes to keep her husbands legacy on-going and wondered if the project might be interested in taking over his life long research and experimental records.

I cannot overstate how important LIONs work was to my own and that of the projects. Though he had been researching in the field for many years, he was the first independent researcher to test my 17 March 2014 proposal to use industrial Nickel / Diamond abrasives as a reaction matrix. It was his uniquely inventive series of LION experiments from mid June 2017 that produced the principle scientific data that lead to the realisation in 2018 called ‘O-Day’. Frankly, without him sharing his reactor with the MFMP for our analysis, ‘O-Day’ might never have happened.

“Mining diamonds with LION” was the first video I published about ‘LION’s” experiments based on analysis I did on the reactors he shared with us. In the introduction to the video I state that it was

“about the LION reactor, which is probably going to be one of the most important experiments conducted”

I very deliberately did not give a time frame in the statement, as I believed this to be across all time and have not changed my conviction since.

Indeed it was the individual ‘paw’ marks in the ‘LION track’, found with the help of my friend and colleague Alan Goldwater, that inspired the initial sketch of a basic Yin ‘O’ in Jan 2018 and it is the same paw print in Copper Oxide that is the monopole witness mark I use for the logo of this RemoteView blog.

Mining Diamond with LION - 19 Jan 2018

Seek <&> Share presentation - 4 Oct 2018

The first 1/3 of the original ‘O-Day’ deck was shared to the Russian research community in late 2018. Much of it was based on LION reactor analysis

Monopole Clutch Presentation - 1 Oct 2020

Again, I was given the opportunity to present to the Russian community in late 2020 and again, analysis of LION reactors played an important role

LION was a good soul, he was fighting with government and institutions to secure funding for his and other research in the field. I shall miss our regular conversations and emails. I feel honoured that I got to meet him in person.

I am happy that he was able to see, in his life, the realisation of ‘O-Day’ through to ‘Evening’, published on the 2nd April, as he was so instrumental in initiating this realisation.

His representatives are in the process of collecting together his work which seems to be an extensive Computer file of about 67 gigabytes and a lot of manufactured items of which the representative could not possibly name.

Some of the items were stored in their common flat, but many were stored in a lock-up in Isleworth which is costing his wife a large sum of money, monthly, which she cannot afford. Moreover, the lock up have threatened her that they will remove it all and dump it in the street, the arrears have been paid up to date and for this month.

However, it must be vacated by the 11th May 2023.

His wife is staying with the representative that reached out and she is unwell also suffering quite serious memory loss, hence they were not able to contact us earlier.

The computer used by Neil was completely full and its memory and had stopped working. The representative has had it repaired and the mentioned 67Gb of files, which were on the desktop, has been transferred onto a USB. There are further files in the computer which they have yet to identify and transfer.

They have asked if we would be willing to take over his effort and all material/data etc.

I immediately said yes, however, it has several logistical and cost challenges.

First, I need to go to UK, hire a suitable van and have enough time to gather the items.

I then need somewhere secure and trusted in the UK to transfer the items.

Given that this must be done well inside 2 weeks, I am asking if the community can help ensure his legacy is preserved. Please send a private message if you can be of financial or logistical assistance.

May his own eternal fire, his spirit, give us guidance as we forge ahead together, inspired by his work.

You are free to explore the cosmos now my friend, you will be missed.

The eye is the window to the soul

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