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LION - At the gate
LION - At the gate

Hi, my name is Bob Greenyer and welcome to RemoteView.ICU

Today I arrived at my accommodation near where LIONs storage unit is located. In my room I found a single book on the shelf that the host later said had been left recently by a previous guest. I opened it up to find out that it was printed by the British Museum. On its front cover, was a detailed 1837 illustration of the ‘Lions Gate of Mycenae’.

Just the one book on the shelf in my rental room

Yesterday I found I was on “The LION path”, today, I am at the ‘LIONs gate’

I had a wander around the local area to get a feel for what may have influenced the researcher.

Ghost ship?

He talked once about the water and steam museum, I never knew where it was, but I walked past it today. Perhaps this museum influenced him to commission a small steam engine to be run with LION reactors, meant for a public demonstration. He sent me pictures of the device once, but my emails have not retained it, perhaps we will find it tomorrow.

I finally learned where his beloved water and steam museum was

I had a look through more of my emails with him this evening, to remind myself of the very first time I met LION. On that day, I was to physically hand over some MFMP equipment on loan, to better instrument his experiments On looking at the email, the meeting was on 4th April 2018, in the afternoon, exactly 5 years before he passed away.

He suggested meeting outside the the Dominion theatre and sent me a map to show me exactly where I needed to go. I was shocked when I saw this evening what it had at the top left of the screen grabbed image.

Exactly 5 years before LION passed, he sent me this map to indicate where we would meet for the first time… look what it says in the top right hand corner

Thankyou for listening to RemoteView.ICU

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