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O-Day - Can we run the world on cow farts?

First look at the claims of Paul Pantone and the GEET

With what we have learned over the past 6 years, it is high time we start applying that learning to potential options for solving the need for cheap, abundant and clean energy. All standards of living and independence of man is firmly grounded in that.

In light of this, the claims of Paul Pantone and his “Global Environmental Energy Technology (GEET) reactor system, which is out of patent, deserves a deep dive. Today we will start that process.

Download slides here

As part of collective research that MFMP volunteers have started over the past week, I have been working on a transcript of one of the later recordings of Paul Pantone, in order to capture salient points that, if they are to be accepted, need to be explained.

NOTE: I removed noise from the recording, re-colourised and enhanced the video and am in the process of finishing and producing the subtitles.

The full video can be watched on TeslaTech channel here:

What you can do to help, is to trawl through all of the available material on GEET and catalogue all of the consistent, unique claims and observations. I will endeavour then to offer hypothesis for how they might have occurred, how they can be confirmed and how that will help us get to a broad-scale, novel, deployable technology, that might possibly be able to be retro-fitted to existing internal combustion engines.

Here are a few other videos to get you started. For inspiration, in the below video, Paul states that the glowing ‘plasma ball’ is NOT HOT. He mentions the potential of the Earth to be hollow, and that he had evidence that the GEET process was like Brown’s gas. He notes that it can make even glass have interactions with a magnetic compass and that it needs to be grounded otherwise it can destroy electronics or magnetic recording materials.

Sound familiar?

In a recent video, Paul’s son David Pantone shows an activated rod from a GEET device expressing the unusual 'magnetic field' and discusses other aspects.

So, let’s work together to de-mystify this!

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Bob Greenyer