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Hathaway Research Internationals highly accurate electrical power monitor

Hathaway Research International's EVO Generator Overview

Discussion of "Hutchison Effect" samples with George Hathaway...

This is courage

Nuclear weapons testing facility produces an output thermal energy of around 1% of input electrical energy

MESH - me356 Pd plasma coated Ni Mesh in Pd

Discussion of "Hutchison Effect Replications" with "Mr Possible"

The Mark of an Exotic Vacuum Object (EVO)

VEGA - Pillow

O-Day - Taming a Neutron Star

Explanation of the S.M.Usherenko effect based on the shell model of the atom

On possible errors in the interpretation of measurements of neutrons and charged particles

Suggested model for the cold transformation of elements

Where is the ATOM battery?

O-Day - Understanding True Charge Separation

Cold Nuclear Transmutations & Ball Lighting - 27th Russian Conference

Cold Nuclear Transmutations & Ball Lighting - 27th Russian Conference

Fractal Toroidal Moment Induced Transformation Reactions

Cold Nuclear Transmutations & Ball Lighting - 27th Russian Conference

Cold Nuclear Transmutations & Ball Lighting - 27th Russian Conference

Cold Nuclear Transmutations & Ball Lighting - 27th Russian Conference

ULTR - A simple quick and repeatable demonstration of the LENR process

On 30th September, USA maybe last major country banning un-jabbed foreigners from travelling there

Explaining George Van Tassel's Integratron

O-Day - Magnets & Mushrooms

Isn’t it about time we knew how these work?

O-Day - Gravity transformation

Becoming clear...

O-Day - At the tip of the pyramid

VEGA - The Apparatus

Happy birthday to the "Unknown Alien"

VEGA - Exploring with the Sony A1

The New Fire - Are we there yet?

Dr. Takaaki Matsumoto's reached #1 New Release in Electromagnetism!

Fixing Fukushima - Second bite of the apple

Dr. Takaaki Matsumoto’s book now available on Amazon in many markets

Proposed Cover for Review

O-Day - From under 2x to 10x excess heat

O-Day - Coronal Heating Problem

Invalidation, inference & truth

My response to Robert Murray-Smith 2

My response to Robert Murray-Smith


O-Day - Bagel updates 15 Jun 2022

O-Day, Light & Leptons

O-Day - Bagel updates 11 Jun 2022

O-Day - Bagel updates 8 Jun 2022

You can't always get what you want

More Bagel findings

O-Day - Cosmic Dave's potentially very important Bagel finding

Study of “anomalous” properties of aqueous solutions (in Russian)

O-Day - Mining | Sweeping

LION 1 - A quick re-visit after over 4 years

VEGA - 15mm Ball Lightning cut double bill

MagnetoToroElectric Cluster (MTEC) Properties and interactions

Features of the radiation background in a room with electric discharges

O-Day - Potential new detection method for Strange Radiation / EVOs

O-Day - Method of protection from strange radiation / EVOs

O-Day - There are no coincidences in the end

VEGA Valley

UFOs - Will they keep us stupid...

O-Day - Game 0-ver

VEGA - Bagel Mania

VEGA - Ball hole

VEGA - Ball Lightning break up

Electromagnetic fields of current structures

The Bagel Game

OHMA - Plain and Pd coated steel vibrator plate - SEM-EDS data review

I asked Dr. Zahi Hawass the question

Hutchison Effect

VEGA - A clear view from the VEGA Valley eastern plateau

Second tranche of Pfizer data makes it clear why they wanted to hide it for 75 years

Live look at a signature Hutchison sample

When we remembered the science

Making Galaxies

Tracks of strange radiation from incandescent lamps and from electrolysis - Zhigalov VA

ULTR - Review of cavitation X-Ray emission experiments

Brown/Ohmasa gas effect replication

Mother, do you think they'll drop the bomb?

Not everything is black and white


Safe and Sound

Simple multi-layer radiation detection?

Cavitation Bubble Fusion Reactor

Vibrations in the Steam Room

CDC Official Study Proves No Benefit in Vaccinating the Recovered

COVID? It saved my life!


Meatloaf has passed on...

Parkhomov update presentation

A reading of Professor Ehud Qimron's open letter

Yay! Omicron...