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Explaining George Van Tassel's Integratron

Explaining George Van Tassel's Integratron

Dark matter accumulator and aether communication device

Hi, my name is Bob Greenyer and welcome to RemoteView.ICU

John Hutchison reminded me today, the last day of my 49th year, of the following clip of an interesting chap call George Van Tassel. This well-spoken man claimed to have been guided by ‘aliens’ to build a very specific structure, that he implied had time, energy and healing properties.

When I reviewed the story, some years ago, I didn’t understand the need for his machine to be constructed from non-conductive material, outside of the claims that it would employ high voltage Tesla like equipment and build up vast static electricity based fields. Of course, being in the desert with advantageous geology, it had a lot going for it with regard to static electricity. Moreover, it was built over a water aquifer. Apparently it was based on Moses’ tabernacle.

So, having been given the prod by John, I thought I’d have a look at it again… Remembering it had a dome with a radially beamed structure, I thought I’d take a look at the number of segments inside, to see if it had 48 or an integer division of that number. This search was due to my understanding from early 2020, of the optimal d/4d fractal toroidal structure that was derived from looking at the MFMP Hutchison “Fracture” sample. The first image I saw of the inside, was an image on Wikipedia.

Fig. 1: Ceiling of The Integratron in January, 2012. [SOURCE]

It was not 48 beams, but 16, however this is exactly 1/3rd of 48. The dome structure reminded me of the Pantheon in Rome, which I had the pleasure of seeing on the evening of the 15th December 2012, the day after I had presented at an Italian military base, the MFMP’s first successful Celani Replication, which had started at 12h12m12s on 12.12.12 California time. Francesco Celani had taken me to have dinner, at a traditional restaurant, in an adjacent street.

Fig. 2: The dome of the Pantheon [SOURCE]

From Wikipedia:

The name "Pantheon" is from the Ancient Greek "Pantheion" (Πάνθειον) meaning "of, relating to, or common to all the gods": (pan- / "παν-" meaning "all" + theion / "θεῖον"= meaning "of or sacred to a god")

I marvelled at the near 2000 year old structure and considered - “why would a ‘god’ consider this form sacred?”

Fig. 3: Cross-section of the Pantheon showing how a 43.3-metre diameter sphere fits under its dome [SOURCE]

But why would they build such a form? Can we can guess?

As I wrote this blog, I found myself laughing… Why? Well, because John Hutchison is building just such a shape!

Fig. 4: John Hutchison does things, like building a Pantheon shaped dome

Now I recalled from memory that unlike the Pantheon or John’s new home, on the outside of the Integratron, it had some things sticking out, I wondered how many there was, so I checked a photo of its outside.

Fig. 5: The Integratron as seen during one of its Sound Bath sessions in the fall of 2017 [SOURCE]

Well, blow me down, it had 3 metal protrusions for each of the 16 radial segments - that is 48 divisions! Just as the claimed anti-gravity and faster than light device, the so called “Alien Reproduction Vehicle”, has 48 segments in hits capacitor array. Not only that, if you arrange a d/4d 48 segment fractal tor around the structure with the metal protrusions centred in the sub tor level, the overall tor height reaches the ground and the top of the windows. This cannot be coincidence.

Fig. 6: The “Integretron” is an unfinished machine that has deep knowledge about how the universe works, underpinning its form.

Based on what I know now, I would suggest that this device was meant to have 2 or 3 tor rings attached to the outside of the metal bars and for them to be energised, I do not think these have to rotate, it is the scalar and vector potentials and flux flow that has moment. Aluminium metal foil on the inside and gold foil on the outside of the dome and standing waves of sound inside the dome would work to contain and focus the dark matter clusters (some may say orgone) to a point on the central axis. The device is necessarily non-conductive to prevent the return to ground of the accumulated charge and dark matter.

By varying the phase of the coils both individually and collectively, according to my understanding, the device would become a toroidal moment transmitter and receiver of signals into and out of the dark matter condensate (aether), with scalar, torsional, frequency and amplitude analogue variation producing many ways to modulate information. This reading and writing to the Akashic record, which cannot be achieved by electro-magnetic waves, would include information placed there at any point in the past and those currently being placed there now, at any point in the universe.

Since, in my understanding, I consider humans to be able to access the universal conscious field through means of this toroidal moment, with the structure energised and stable, a person, in the right state of mind, could have their thoughts amplified and transmitted over the carrier wave. Likewise, they could become more able to instantly access current and historical information, from any point in the universe.

This would therefore, amongst other things, become a “Remote Viewing” amplifier.

Using aspects of ‘O’, we will have unlimited energy at any point in the universe, be able to travel to distant worlds in the blink of an eye. When we get to those far off lands, in uncharted solar systems, we will be able to synthesise any ordinary matter we need and communicate in realtime with our loved ones back here on Earth, just as those fellow universal travellers have done, when they have visited our fair world over millennia. May we be respectful to the living worlds we encounter, as well as use this great power, “The ‘god’s’ Toolbox”, with temperance.

Wellcome to “The New Dawn of an Old Age”.

Being able to share this with you today, is a fitting milestone in my personal 50 year journey. Thankyou to all those that made this possible, and…

Thankyou for listening to RemoteView.ICU

Further references

Having finished the recording of the above blog, I started, for the first time in my life, to read the first reference. I had to stop and get the blog published. Read this first reference, from page 7 in particular (I have read a few pages at the time of writing and am a little spooked to say the least).





On the 23rd of September 2022 (after posting the above) I was reviewing some of my locked posts and I came across a comment by PeterS which referred to the cutting edge of understanding in the western world in this FTL quantum communication as per 14th December 2021. As I write this I am listening to it in the background, I see no mention of Fractal Torus, toroid moments or interaction with the coherent Relic Neutrino / dark matter condensate. I cross post it here for reference.

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