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I asked Dr. Zahi Hawass the question

His answer was short and to the point - but does it matter?

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Bob Greenyer
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Hi, my name is Bob Greenyer and welcome to RemoteView.ICU

There are many the world over that wonder not only how the Great Pyramids of Giza were built in such a short time, but also by who. Various theories are promoted, a persistent idea has been that they were built by slaves, some say that it was even Hebrew slaves, but there is no evidence of that in the Torah.

The modern view is that Egyptians built them by hard graft and ingenuity and this is aparently detailed in ancient papyrus.

Dr. Zahi Hawass, 25th April 2022

After a gruelling 3 days of presentations on the VEGA Valley - Clarity, EVOs Q&A and Hutchison Effect - ‘The Sword in the Stone’ I took myself to a lecture that was given by perhaps the biggest proponent of the latter theory. The speaker - Dr. Zahi Hawass is arguably the most famous Egyptian alive. This is due to his high profile collaborations on shows for Discovery Channel and articles in National Geographic following his on-going archeology in north Africa. You may not know him by name, but you may recognise him if you saw him, in his trademark hat.

Dr. Zahi Hawass signing books about another famous Egyptian

That the great pyramids are impressive structures is not in doubt. It is the way they were built with celestial alignment, knowledge of sacred geometry in such a precise way, in such a short time, that ignites imaginations. They contain extremely hard granite blocks that are very hard to process with, for example, the copper tools claimed to be used.

Giza Pyramids, Egypt - 26th December 2021

Some people have even suggested that they may have been built by ‘aliens’ and so, with that in mind, I asked the famous archeologist what he thought about that.

“I gotta ask it. Ah hem. What do you say to people that say that the pyramids were actually built by aliens?”

Dr. Hawass replied,

“They are idiots!”

To which there was much laughter, after which I said,


He then continued -

“Are you one of them?”

Now, had I been a little more rested, I would have retorted,

“No, but I have nothing against aliens”


“Yes I am, and my people are a little offended that others claim credit for their work”

instead I replied ambiguously,

“I don’t know, but maybe I am a convert”

He closed by saying

“You have to tell them to read about the papyri, that I talked about briefly. It tells everything about building the pyramids.”

Dr. Hawass is talking about the ‘Diary of Merer’ a set of 4500 year old papyri logbooks, that mentions the Khufu pyramids and construction methods at the time.

One page of Merer’s “diary” with detail (B), referring to the “Horizon of Khufu.” Photograph by G. Pollin

Egyptologists argue that this is proof of the construction of the pyramids by Egyptians around this time. Yet others don’t go as far, saying that it may be referring to the repair of existing structures and that they are much older (see comments).

My personal view is focussed on aspects of the construction which may be ancient lost technology. I am not so wedded to the idea that it has to be aliens that did the work, though if Zecharia Sitchin’s inferences based on his translations of Sumerian tablets are to be accepted, then humans may in fact have genetic connections to ‘aliens’, so the subject may be moot. What I am interested in is if the feat was aided by ancient coherent matter technology.

I have spoken about how Ken Shoulders said that “the Egyptians” could have made Exotic Vacuum Objects because they had cat hair, beeswax and copper. It is true to say that the Egyptians revered cats, and the port of Wadi el-Jarf on the Red sea, where the Merer papyri were found, is accepted as the place where copper was received from mining operations on the Sinai peninsula. Moreover, I have argued, having seen what Ohmasa Gas and HHO gas can do, that with ‘Bagdad battery’ - like technology, using copper, iron and saltwater - they could have produced Oxy-Hydrogen gas, which appears to be able to produce coherent matter when burned. This could have been used in the cutting and preparation of materials for the monuments.

Were they taught how to do this by aliens? Does it matter? I think that what matters is - could they do this? Now, if we look at the ‘Tree of Life’ on the temple of Osiris at Abidos in Egypt, that some say looks as if it is cut by a laser, a coherent technology, I argued in my Sochi 2018 presentation that this is a 2D projection of the structure of ball lightning, complete with coherent boundary layer. The 3D version of which is found under the feet of the guardians of the temples in the forbidden city in Beijing that were based on ancient Indian temple carvings.

I believe we have shown that HHO can create ball lightning like effects and, I have further argued, that many so called LENR systems rely on HHO without realising it.

What if they did not use coherent matter in their construction technology? Well, then we really are discovering something knew, but since they have Ra, Eye of Horus, Lotus flower, the scarab beetle making spheres and the meaning of the beetle and so many other symbols in addition to the flower of life which all appear connected with the patterns and actions of ball lightning, it appears very coincidental.

Thinking about the great pyramid of Giza, is enough to make one sweat!

Regardless of if

  • aliens built them,

  • we were taught to build them with alien understanding of coherent matter,

  • humans are part alien or

  • humans discovered simple paths to coherent matter processes independently and leveraged them,

coherent matter is a real phenomena. Ball lightning is coherent matter’s natural manifestation and it will be possible at any point in the universe. One can be sure therefore, that intelligent aliens somewhere out there in the cosmos, will be using the technology in their lives, and so, at the very least, even if they play no role in our existence or claims of our historical achievements, they are accessing the same fundamentals of nature in the same way we are now discovering, or more likely, re-learning to do.

In this respect, one might take the view that we are connecting technologically with those living remotely from us. Actually, they may already know this, for they could be listening in to the disturbances in the coherent flux of relic neutrino condensate, that pervades the entire universe in which we all exist.

Thank you for listening to RemoteView.ICU