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Wait, Bob, you are a man of science.

If virologists have never isolated and purified any virus, including SARS/CoV-2, and have never found any virus to be contagious, how can anyone, 'catch covid'? The answer is obvious.

Many trials have been done, before Fauci's AIDS scam-virus, and not one scientist was successful in isolating or viewing any virus. No sick person's mucous (snot), put into another person, made the latter sick, so they did not prove contagion, with any virus. These things are quite easy to find, these days, but I know many don't wish to look at it.

How about looking up the Deer Island trials? Or, I'll do it for you: https://www.rayarmat.com/post/647641002830708736/the-1918-flu-virus-infection-test-at-deer-island

What did they learn? None of the volunteers fell sick. That was 1918. They like to say, without vaccine and without being ill, they developed natural immunity. But, immunity from what? From a virus never found?

Virology, I'll say again, is failed theory. It is hardly science.

(Now I will step down off of my medicine box, though I am most comfortable there.)

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I had it before end of April 2020 - Full on total loss of smell - isolate or not, it was a new experience. But I fixed it with Green Tea (EGCG), Zinc, D and C.

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I understand what you're saying, but I also understand that many people have recently suffered same thing (loss of smell and taste), and I wouldn't conclude that it was a virus that gave it to me. There are many toxins, in this world, particularly in our food and water, which may account for lack of zinc. We have been trained to believe it is due to a virus while it could as easily be wifi/emf or radiation (particularly given how reactors, "work", while leaking horrific elements the moment they go online.)

Glad you added zinc. As did I- though I haven't even had my body express itself through, "cold symptoms."

It is the terrain.

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Yeah I dont think we are getting the whole information regarding biological processes regarding what a virus really is, I will post some links later today when I have my pc handy. Self assembly of dna and cells. Ability to influence self assembly with cohetent fields energy fields. Work by george oshawa about the primary method of in vivo cell replication/differentiation NOT being cell division. I tend to think a virus is an energetic pattern of sorts that requires a suitable "terrain" to do something. The greatest risk with the global situation from a mainstream sciency perspective, as far as I can see it is, you are sychronizing and eliminating biodiversity by instructing peoples bodies how to respond. It is like establishing a monoculture. Best case nature creates some benign bacteria that fits imto the new created human bio monoculture and adds back fractal diversity. Worst case the bacteria that favors the new humam bio monoculture is not benign. Then we enter phase 2 and instead of seeing the natural response to the human bio monoculture for what it is, they call it a pathogen, even going so far as to claim potential military origins whether or not it was helped along (to secure future rnd), then the cycle repeats. Before you know it we are running on a veritable treadmill with each new shot providing just enough energy to keep the cyclic process and human bio monoculture sustained.

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Hey Anne, Just got back home to my PC afew mins ago, here are the links I promised. Hopefully you will find the useful, it's all a bit woo-woo though so I'll understand if you don't.

DNA self generation and alternative replication pathways:

Spontaneous self-assembly of DNA fragments into nucleus-like structures from yolk granules of fertilized chicken eggs: https://sci-hubtw.hkvisa.net/10.1016/j.micron.2013.06.009

(evidence for cell replication without mitosys) Evidence for the fusion of extracellular vesicles with/without DNA to form specific structures in fertilized chicken eggs, mice and rats: https://sci-hubtw.hkvisa.net/10.1016/j.micron.2012.10.005

Coherent matter in biology and DNA transport / self generation:

Communication and the Emergence of Collective Behavior in Living Organisms: A Quantum Approach: https://sci-hubtw.hkvisa.net/10.1155/2013/987549

Bacteria and DNA emitting RF (DNA Waves and Water): https://sci-hubtw.hkvisa.net/10.1088/1742-6596/306/1/012007

Electromagnetic Signals Are Produced by Aqueous Nanostructures Derived from Bacterial DNA Sequences: https://sci-hubtw.hkvisa.net/10.1007/s12539-009-0036-7

Transduction of DNA information through water and electromagnetic waves: https://sci-hubtw.hkvisa.net/10.3109/15368378.2015.1036072

A brief disclaimer to this, the research was at least in part conducted by Luc Montagnier and as you are no doubt aware he was embroiled in the the aids fiasco.

I'de like to think that he would have realized publishing the above papers would have been akin to academic suicide (and maybe that makes them more worthy of consideration?).

Anyways I like to take the papers on their own merits rather than dismiss them purely because they are associated with him.

I think understanding some of the coherent matter stuff that Bob talks about in cold fusion will perhaps help you understand some of these papers.

I have not reviewed all the rebuttals of those who claim isolation has never been successfully performed but I understand the ones I have seen and agree with them from a material perspective.

But if we are willing to suppose for a second the above papers are true, and that DNA self assembles from water, and that water can both retain and transmit the information required to generate the DNA, the whole topic of isolation becomes nearly impossible to address.

After watching Andrew Kaufmann go head to head with Judy Mikovits that there is a way they can both be right in so far as Kaufmann seemed hung up on the fact isolation was never done, meanwhile mikovits had a hard on for Montagnier, but being didn't give any mention to his new work concerning coherent matter and continued to invoke material explanations which Kaufmann rightly insisted were not valid.

I think if they had both realized that form arrsing from some energetic origin, they could have come to terms, but no one really likes to open up the can of worms that is creative consciousness giving rise to material reality.

It is my current opinion, that the current pandemic is a racket, but I do think there is something going around which some people are having a hard time dealing with/assimilating.

I think Rappaport is right that there are other things going on though too, poisoning, toxins, EMF, and just plain murder.

All kinds of liabilities are being swept under the rug that is this pandemic.

I don't think shutting down the economy, wearing masks, taking jabs, or self isolating is going to help society and might only buy a select few with compromised health a year at best.

Now the bonus material, the book by Kieichi Morishita (where he discusses some of the ideas of George Oshawa regarding blood coming from food and then blood cells forming a basis for other cells).

This one is a bit of a stretch to swallow, given what mainstream science would tell us is true with stem cells and bone marrow and the like.

Also I am not personally 100% confident about it but I thought it worth mentioning.


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Btw, Peter, I have only yet read the first three links. I'll check the others tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for posting!

I've been reading study trials since I first worked in the medical field, at the age of 15. I find these things worthwhile and telling, and have always been interested. (No, not enough so to go to medical school. Instead, I attended fine arts college.)

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Oh, but, have you seen Stefan Lanka's findings based solely off of the contents of culture dishes? He followed, "the science", and found (whad'dya know?), "virus", after adding no human matter/ or possible viral materials, to it? He's proven what many of us have always believed of their isolation procedures; no virus has ever been found in their trials.

If one employs dirty, or sick (or made sick in the trial) animal tissues, adding what he or she believes to be viral cells to it, one still comes up with sick animal tissues/ broken down cellular material(s), and then calls the results, "virus". There is no proof that it is viral or virus.

That Judy Mikovitz did the same; the exact same procedure with the exact same materials, proves to me she has also never isolated a virus. But, it's her work, so she has to believe in it-- or she needs to be honest with herself.

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Hey Anne,

I would need to see exactly what Lanka did but if it's what I think it is it doesn't surprise me. He's created an environment which has suitable "terrain" for illness. Where I think I differ from the Kauffman, Lanka, and Tom trifecta is that I can't draw from that the conclusion that there is not virus. As I am still of the mindset that the virus is basically able to self assemble from some kind of concious field if environment is suitable and precursors exist. This doesn't mean I think the virus is the ROOT cause of the illness though, (it may cause some dreadful symptoms though), just that I am not willing to deny it exists yet.

I'm also aware of the shit show that is sequenced DNA and how it's just a giant jigsaw puzzle they can assemble however they see fit basically. I'm still undecided though which of the two below explanations it is as both seem plausible, but I lean towards the second currently.

1) the random DNA fragments are from dead animal cells, exosomes and organelles

2) the random DNA fragments are self assembling and later will indeed chain together to form the complete viral DNA.

Anyways it's nice to have a discussion about this with someone as it's hard to find someone who is aware of all the virus fallacies but also open minded enough to entertain the possibility of coherent energy fields being related to virus self assembly.

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This document which I authored into the Steemit blockchain well over 3 years ago (and therefore cannot have changed since) - shows how disease induction including EM driven self-assembly of DNA can be used as a weapon and was reported in 1990s as having come out of soviet research and which was discussed by Tom Bearden as early as the mid 1980s.

I wrote this document as my clairvoyant senses told me they were going to deploy the technology in the short term against the world as part of their 'scorched Earth' policy to control humanity - in my view, to prevent the occult technology from being realised and/or understanding being widely distributed.


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I agree with this, Bob, and yes, clairvoyant you!

Dr Carrie Madej was on with Stew Peters, today (I do not love Peters, but that's neither here nor there, in regard to this particular video.) She was discussing some microscopic images she'd taken of a few vials of two of these vaccines. I'm not sure what to think of this. But, here is the post, if you (or anyone) care to see it: https://www.bitchute.com/video/9UgQvoHvx3wj/

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Oh, and what Lanka did was purchase and use the actual prepared dishes which, "the science", employs. He simply did not add anything which could be construed as viral/virus or human tissue to it. His studies were based on their petri dishes, which they use to, "feed the virus", which they have already presumed is there.

In science, as far as I know, theory does not come first.

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Hey Anne,

I dug up a few additional things that I think might be useful to add to the discussion.

The "round table" where Kaufman tries to get to the bottom of isolation with Mikovits.


For me the most interesting part was at 54:00 to 55:00 when Mikovits (after Kaufman was removed from the call) said the following.


If a virus is an obligate parasite, if it needs your cell machinery to make a particle, if you need...

Yeah I mean, debate is healthy we don't get to talk about it...

The particle is human cells, just like the synthetic particle is a lipid nano particle that is synthesized with polyethelyn-glycol.

It's key cause these virus like particles stimulate the immune system, and I show you comparing and contrast gardisil.

The the the previous most deadly vaccine we had was gardisil because it package (that's what a packaging particle is) you package.

This RNA cannot float, and this is where, you know, you know these cellular communications, what Dr. Kaufman said.

Exosomes, exosomes are circular pieces of DNA that bud off the cell and take signalling mRNA from your nucleus to another cell, they call it lipid rafts.

Well the lipid raft, it's gotta be your endoplasmic reticulum, your, your cellular, because you need to package the RNA.

We have a nuclear membrane around your DNA and RNA because the DNA transcribed into RNA and translated into protein just the protein translation happens in the cytoplasm.

But you have another membrane around your DNA and RNA, RNA in the blood is a danger signal, DNA in the blood is a danger signal.


The response stating Tom and Kaufman's position after he was removed from the round table.


For me there were a few comments made that I found very informative.


@8:03 We have to remember as Andy said, this virus is a thing, it's not a feeling or a thought or an idea, it's a thing and all things (or a computer model) or a computer model. It's a thing that we can isolate.

@14:45 The role of extra-cellular vesicles as allies of HIV, HCV and SaRS virus. And I won't read this whole paragraph, but the final paragraph was.

''' However to date a reliable method that can guarantee a complete separation (meaning of breakdown products from the cell), from virus does not exist. '''

So 70 years after doing these studies, we cannot tell you whether these things the these scientists for SaRS-COV2, these scientists for HIV, the science papers that Dr Mikovits did, are actually independent pathogenic virus' or simple the breakdown products of starved and poisoned tissue....

@17:50 While there is no ground for concluding that the factors in vivo are the same as those which underlie the formation blah-blah-blah in vitro. And I wanna just clarify what that means exacly because in vivo means in a living organism, and in vitro means outside the organism, like in the laboratory, a petri dish, or a cell culture.

And what Enders concluded in this seminal paper is that what he saw in the laboratory and these so called culture experiments, doesn't have any, there's no ground to say that's what's happening in the person.

In other words if they think there's a virus in this culture causing damage to the cells, that doesn't mean there is a virus in the person causing damage to their cells.


Bonus material, even rife found that he could not get the "BX (cancer) virus" to grow, unless he first treated the tumors with a plasma light for 24 hours.




Portions of this tumor were cut out and filtered through a triple odd porcelain Burke felt filter,

which gave about 10 micron filtration.

The virus could readily pass through a filter of this degree of closeness.

The test tubes that are that are used are shown, here are irradiated at for 24 hours with neon argon or Krypton gas

and which like a fluorescent light the radiation caused the virus to become virulent.

Rife could then grow tumors in weeks instead of months in the art with this radiation.

These test tubes were placed on the water 2 inch water vacuum and irradiated for 24 hours as they progress up the test tube holder.

Everything is flame to sterilize the bacteria to sterilize the cotton that held it and the and the solutions.

Every time one test tube disappears it means that there's an elapsed time of 24 hours between the radiation of the the lights.


One could argue that the plasma Rife used put stress on the cells which caused them to die faster, or one could argue the cold neutrinos accelerated the metabolism of the virus, or as I prefer to think, the plasma coherent field was causing the self assembly of some kind of DNA.

Now one might think that all this coherent energy field stuff surrounding DNA is woo-woo and it's impossible to prove and I have no idea if that's the case or not.

But I'de go so far as to say I think the experimentalists have a very profound effect on the outcome of the experiment which makes it impossible to structure any truly independent experiment.

My mother worked in DNA research and as a lab technician for a number of years and found that the outcome of experiments appeared to be influenced by the mindset of the lab technicians.

(On could debate this and say it's their subconscious causing minute differences in behavior was the source of the differing results).

But I think at the core of the disagreements between both parties fundamentally is the observation that neither party is considering the concious self assembly of organisms and material based on some energetic influence.

You will notice that Tom makes the assertion that "this virus is a thing, it's not a feeling or a thought or an idea, ... It's a thing that we can isolate" so that later he can prove this is not the case.

And Mikovits said "The particle is human cells ... Well the lipid raft, it's gotta be your endoplasmic reticulum, your, your cellular, because you need to package the RNA."

If you consider the links I've included in my last comment about DNA self assembling, based on programmed water, and accept this as a possibility given a suitable environment.

You basically need to acknowledge that a "virus" could spontaneously appear in a person. It doesn't necessarily make it an infectious agent. It doesn't necessarily mean it's pathogenic.

But I don't see how you can deny that it exists, as far as I am concerned currently it is most likely that a virus, is an energetic expression of some portion of DNA which wants to integrate with a host.

An accelerator of change I suppose, how the host reacts to it and the bi-products is often a cause for concern.

I don't know how they come up with the number that 8% of human DNA is of viral origin (even Mikovits) said this, but I think it's a clear indication of their purpose.

It also makes Mikovits a self contradictory assuming when she said "If a virus is an obligate parasite" she meant ALWAYS of negative influence.

Anyways regarding both parties one thing I will say is Mikovits was selling FEAR to many people (whether she intended to or not) under the guise of caution.

I assume she was of honorable intention, but fear is one sure fire way to increase sickness in a population who are not treating their bodies properly.

I'de love to hear what you think, if you have time, after you've had a chance to consider this view point.

Unfortunately I think my position make have become almost as unfalsifiable as religion, but a good counter argument is always welcome.

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I am quite familiar with the process of mitosis.

I agree with you in regard to DNA sequencing (ugh) being a shitshow, as one of my siblings (Dr Dorothy Beckett) has been in the field of genomic sequencing since around 2001. I saw her in 2002, and she began telling me about their sequencing of the genome. The first part of the story referred to collecting biological matter, and then she skipped (i thought) to in-silico sequencing. I said, "Wait. How did you get to the computer part?", and she said, "Oh, nevermind. You wouldn't understand it." But, I did understand what she said. It simply seemed utterly senseless. Dorothy is now working for NIH, keeping the peace, and the money flowing, between donors and Big Pharma. I suppose they simply don't ask questions.

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Thanks, Peter. I'll read these through after coffee!

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Well, the jab makes things even worse if you consider the risk of ADE making common CViruses potential killers.

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I have thought this for some time - even before I had my own personal data to support it


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Right. Sick.

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As I understand it a new drug Molnupiravir is being proposed by Merck that has been tested on 700 patients since it was created and they are probably going to approve and start pushing it ASAP with only 47% rereduction in hospitalization/death

Ivermectin has been safely administered many billions of times - and has recently shown an 88% reduction but with a study of 4000 patients.


We are living under medical tyranny.

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Fascinating. Makes sense. Thanks.

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