Mar 27, 2022Liked by Bob Greenyer

Extremely profound presentation, thanks Bob. So basically, we find the same life-creating vortextual plasma process at any scale be it galaxies or atoms. Exactly what Matsumoto has said all along in his writings.

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Mar 25, 2022Liked by Bob Greenyer

Bob, My actual astonishment remains actualized. Thank you for that. Curbina's comment below also means a lot to me in this area of knowledge. Best to Kim and children. Peace.

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Mar 21, 2022Liked by Bob Greenyer

I wonder if the people of the Thunderbolts project would like to invite you as part of their weekly videos. I was looking forward to this presentation when I saw the announcement coming on my email, unfortunately just could see a bit less than half an hour live but it was really great to see Bostick’s excellent work reviewed in light of the idea of coherent matter. A lot of thanks for sharing with us such a detailed and well illustrated analysis of the work of Bostick and putting on relevance why is so important both for LENR and Cosmology. The diagrams of the twisted plasma strands would make anyone that follows and works on the electric universe camp salivate. Those are excellent Birkeland’s currents analogues!!!

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