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Synchronicity Bob, synchronicity

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Here is the info about chrysocholla... which i think LIONs egg topped electrode may be made of.

The name chrysocolla comes from the Ancient Greek χρυσός (khrusós) and κολλα (kolla), meaning "gold" and "glue" respectively,[7] in allusion to the name of the material used to solder gold.

from Wiki.

I found this information from a YT channel called Filligreenus. Some of his videos show a very 'alchemical' process of making the 'gold glue' from scratch, and using it to solder gold at the end of the video. He has also done some very curious experiments that show burnt chrysocholla being hung on a pendulum above some silver being heated. It is clear that without any contact the hanging pendulum emitted some energy that softened the metal when heated... softening occuring locally to the pendulum.

there is some really odd things seen in these videos... examples of attraction forces between the extract of chrysocholla and non ferrous metals gold and silver being moved about by a powder worked into a wax.

here we see a mysterious method of making the old world solder showing what appears to tallow, and extracts from wood ash, and burnt chrysocholla, being divided with salt grinding and fire.


example of rotational forces being seen on melt


here is the pendulum experiment.


i recall seeing another version of the pendulum but i can't find it doing a quick search.

This is important information from very old gold/silversmithing techniques, that would otherwise be lost to antiquity without new eyes and understanding.

I look forward to hearing what you think about these very curious overlooked subtle energies, seen in these videos.

Noteworthy is the type of formations seem in the rocks collected to make old world solders.

Circular formations as the mineral formed around the energetic crystals.


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waiting for an update on the Lion hoard. After hearing the high level of synchronicity the missus has decided Lion was a time traveller... where are you Bob?... itching for an update

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What a awesome post loved it sll bob is a true pioneer and very kind person I do miss you what fun we could have had let’s hope all good things

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I see "hectic" and can relate. The best part is how this study makes my mind hectically seeing and feeling further connections, answers, and even better questions, Bob. Heady stuff, and my children are fully grown now. My best to Kim, always. Barb has been my brick for most of my now 65 years. WE met in 9th grade TBH. Navigating requires a sense of how well team work can bring forth a surging wave of action, better action, driving ever forward, sensing the Eternal in Now. Peace.

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also want to point out the symbol you keep finding is also synomous with the wheel of time.

Terrence McKenna spoke in detail about the I ching and how it all fits together. I recently saw this in a vision, and it is 4 lobes interconnecting in the center.

it is not just a windhexe.

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The universe is talking to you. Follow the Lion

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