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Good discussion at the end, sorry my signal dropped out. I flashed up Kovacs’ book and I think it’s relevant here because the dyality angle comes into play when you apply ‘tension’ on the Lorenz gauge, ie conjugate EM waves. If we can get these nodes stable in space and feed it with the scalar (static E field) I’d imagine this to be what’s required to move toward the symmetric Maxwell Equation, non Lorenz gauge, where vorton structures and B monopoles live. This would look like a static E field, similar to what John had, soaking the Möbius strip while it’s being conditioned.

I’ve got a RF signal generator inbound ;) happy BL hunting!

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Hi Bob, wasn't sure if you had seen this paper which popped up when searching for some of references here. Cheers. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S1364682620303242

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It’d be good to know what function the mains voltage/current has. I wonder if it wasn’t a pulse due to the switch arcing on contact that dislodges the little vortons... Seems to need a kick to get out of the conductor. 🤷‍♂️

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So, RF conditioned a Cu strip on Kapton, 2x137 x 5mm with ~17MHz for 15min. Then ran a 240v heat gun through a variac with the M strip in series. It ran for 3 sec, then stopped. After troubleshooting, it appears the brand new variac is toast. It measures 15kohm across the output (when disconnected). Interesting though the fuse didn’t appear to blow... Assuming it’s not buffoonery, or dodgy product, then it’s conceivable an evo/BL makes its way to the secondary winding and finds a home in the ferrite. Puzzled as how we could avoid this. I’m hesitant to use LiPo batteries around these circuits.

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Bob I'm struggling to understand the experimental apparatus. I recognize that we have a mobius-capacitor and that we're using that as a load. But what I don't understand is the delivery of RF and AC. Is it a subsequent delivery - RF first and then AC? Or do we just start with an RF signal modulated on top of an AC carrier? Can you break this down simply, or point me to the paper that draws this out clearly? Much appreciated!

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https://libgen.is/book/index.php?md5=4826FBFF6A16EA1204B10C4472260EC2 p320-328 has some crackers in there by Ze’ldovich. Including ‘as the moving loop shrinks in comoving coordinates [vorton decays] the accretion wake can acquire a trumpet-like shape’ and ‘for larger loops that decay... baryons collapse in the gravitational field of the loop forming a nonlinear clump at the core of a much wider neutrino distribution’

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