Codified science in art

A timeless message sent though the ages

Back in 1986 when I was a teenager making the ceramic above, there was no internet. I had to seek out inspiration via quality art books. I don’t know what specific pieces I used for my inspiration, but since there are no figures, animal or people, on the piece, I would likely have been focussed on the period that ended around 725 BC.

Early proto-corinthian pottery crater, 725-700 BCE. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Terracotta oinochoe (jug), 1000 - 900 BCE. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons) Public Domain
Geometric pottery. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, (CC BY-SA 4.0)

In the first days of authoring O-Day over 5 years ago, I came across this Sumerian lantern, that greatly pre-dated the Greek art and precisely shows how the vortex, of which there are always two kinds, coheres matter. Note, M. Solin had identified the the alternating ‘zig-zag’ monopole structure that is present both on the lantern and on my pot.

Bottom left, Yin-Yang ‘vortex pair’ structure on 1986 John Hutchison “Ball Burn” Sample, they represent a left and right vortex structure pair. The structure, and mode of operation is detailed on the Sumarian Lantern

Again, although I did not know it at the time, Solin had already identified the large and small spot structure pairs, which, in my images taken of equivalent marks from LION quartz liner, identically match the form, ratio and function depicted in the Sumerian lantern. Solin also said in his 1992 patent precisely, that these structures were formed of superfluid, superconducting condensates of matter forming gravi-magnetic rotors in local zones. Coherence is required to become superconducting.

The structures above, captured from LION reactors fused quartz, represent pairs of left and pairs of right vortex structures.

The above two structures were discussed in context in my Assisi “Coherent Matter Travelling Wave Beams, And their possible role in making ‘Strange Radiation’ tracks - Part 1” presentation from Assisi, 1 September 2021. [SLIDES]

It was not until the 2nd June 2022 that I was able to image via SEM, a perfect pair of these structures on the CuO crust of LION 1, where there phenomenal ability to churn matter was on full display.

A complete left and right vortex pair of pairs on the CuO crust of LION 1

Of course, the structure above is, in my view, a much larger example of the super-conducting structure with toroidal moment that has always been the logo for RemoteView and that launched the journey towards fractal toroidal moments, which I discussed in “O-Day - At the tip of the pyramid”. [REFERENCES]

A paw print from the “LION Track” in Copper Oxide

In that presentation, I discussed the 2011 paper in Science, where they state they state

“the observation of orbital currents in CuO, the basic building block of cuprate superconductors, provides strong encouragement for models based on orbital current ordering and related phenomena in high-Tc cuprates.”

And, with reference to V. M. Dubovik, V. V. Tugushev, Phys. Rep. 187, 145 (1990), they note that it produces a toroidal moment Ω. All aspects fulfilling this is in the witness marks I captured in LION reactors.

Scagnoli, V., Staub, U., Bodenthin, Y., de Souza, R. A., Garcia-Fernandez, M., Garganourakis, M., … Lovesey, S. W. (2011). Observation of Orbital Currents in CuO. Science, 332(6030), 696–698. doi:10.1126/science.1201061
“Representation of the relationship between the orbital currents (black curved arrows) flowing between the copper (blue circle) and oxygen (red circles) atoms and the toroidal moment (red arrow)” [SOURCE: Observation of Orbital Currents in CuO]

The structures captured with the help of MFMP supporters in LION, OHMA, VEGA and other experiments represent, in my view, very large, super-conducting structures surviving in temperatures sometimes in excess of 1000ºC and support the precise statements of M. Solin in his 1992 patent.

These structures produce coherent matter (most often presenting as hemispheres but sometimes spheres and networks) where transmutation can occur.

HHO, show to product coherent matter by MFMP research, produced these radial structures on CaCO3 with apparently synthesised elements in bands. This is equivalent to a coherent matter based structure detailed in Solin’s 2001 patent.

The coherent matter cluster may de-stabilise and fragment or be large enough in a smaller quanta, to produce travelling waves as you can see in another presentation I made also in Assisi on 1 September 2021. [SLIDES]

Images captured from video taken during David Boutilier’s VEGA experiment

How I choose to see my pot now.

  1. At the bottom, there is a Kármán vortex street (I have no idea why I put it there). This represents the critical fluid dynamics, driven by far from equilibrium instability or resonance that leads to the formation of vortex and anti vortex pairs. In a medium bearing mobile charged units at a boundary, this will lead to current loops in opposite directions that will lead to a magnetic loop that will lead to a toroidal moment.

  2. This will lead to the formation and clustering of magnetic charge presenting structures (monopole-like) as represented in the second zig-zag band identical to that shown on the Sumerian lantern.

  3. These will aggregate and lead to the formation of coherent matter hemispheres, represented as a regular array arranged around the pot with double layers (ball lightning).

  4. The structures in 2 and 3, can interact with matter, transmuting it, making it and un-making it.

  5. The next graphic above is the Fleur-de-lis (without toroidal band) which is related to the tree of life where the buds can be depicted without the bands on ancient Middle Eastern countries. I have always seen this as the re-born vital matter that emerges from the prima materia inside the ‘electro-nuclear collapse’ area of a suitable coherent matter Exotic Vacuum Object (EVOs) structure.

  6. The last band a “Strange Radiation” track, with an orbiting pair of white and black EVOs creating a spiral pattern like the first one found on an OHMA vibrator plate.

  7. The neck angle represents the toroidal moment angle which projects into the void to the central band of zig-zag monopoles. The marks are the vectors of dark matter entering in to the zone of electro-nuclear collapse.

  8. When the pot is filled with a spray of flowers, it is, itself, a Fleur-de-lis.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Otherwise, why would I have made such a thing?

Bob Greenyer