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Hi Bob, Wonderful information to ponder slowly. One note: Kaman was inspired by a painting that showed vortices! You may know, but happened to be St. Christopher carrying Christ across the water. The role of art in alchemy is delicious!

Transcend means to climb and scan. Thanks for your transcending-thinking as always.

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More examples of those concentric half-circles here: https://www.pinterest.ca/stevenbhalls/radio-antenna/ It would be awesome to find a SEM feature to match.

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Hi Bob,

in response to a response to what Corky wrote below for the video Walter Alter: Webb Telescope Big Bangs Experts | Thunderbolts:

Corky Goss 3 days ago

Sabine needs to review the work of Bob Greenyer on this over at MFMP on YT. Best wishes.

S 2 days ago (edited)

I am following Bob on YT, but what exactly are you referring to? What's it gotta do with Sabine?

I wrote:


Gordon Docherty 4 minutes ago

@S Simple - as above, so below - and as below, so above - and there is reason to believe that what can be generated in the lab using magnetic moments generated by fractal e-m constructs (basically, bagels made of bagel segments made of bagel segments... - food plays a big part in the MFMP work!) - especially at nodes in any standing wave, but particularly scalar (longitudinal compression-rarifaction) waves, occurs at ALL scales in the universe - including at / below the atomic level all the way up to the "totality of all" - with what can be generated being one of:

* macro-coherent-matter double-layer (or more) toruses of very fine cross section but massive magnetic pressure in the resulting tubuar ring that can "give birth to":

* macro-coherent-matter double-layer (or more) spheres with an outer skin of cohered electons or nuclei forming a single "giant" electron or proton with

its own inner space, where such spheres are superconducting and "insulated" from surrounding e-m fields - and that form a pseudo monopole (conceptually

similar to a soap bubble, only with "all norths" or "all souths" on the outside, and all reverse poles on the inside, rather than the hydrophillic / hydrophobic

arrangement of a soap bubble) - these are knowna s "Exotic Vacuum Objects", but also, in macro form, ball lightning phenomena, the insides of which see

magnetic pressures in excess of 50,000,000 Tesla

* macro-coherent-matter double-layer (or more) toruses, toruses that can break to form long string-like structures of very fine cross section but massive magnetic pressure in the resulting tube - an e-m falaco soliton capable of creating the right conditions for fusion to occur at the terminals but also capable of compressing matter and moving it along the ultra-fine tube (with magnetic pressures calculated to be a mind-blowing 10 to the power 13 Tesla), with one terminal drawing matter in and the other spewing it out (think black hole / white hole)

When viewed "under the microscope", the topological features left in materials (mainly metals) map in every way onto ultra-large scale structures such as spiral galaxies or large structures such as the Valles Marineris - including even "the extra bits" seen coming off the spiral bars. You have to go through the totality of MFMP's collected works (including repeated successful replications of experiments by multiple independent experimenters - the hallmark of GOOD science) to understand the implications - but, in summary, there is clear evidence that the macro-coherent-matter double-layer torus and ball structures "seen through the microscope" match in every way the structures "seen through telescopes" - and that such structures readily produce both energy and the elements for life - the alpha-conjugate elements - through transmutation - or above, if overdriven.

So, this is why Sabine - who clearly has not lost her curiosity and willingness to understand without preconceptions - as well as being clearly capable of rational, evidence-driven, thought - and being possessed of an intelligence clear enough to think things through starting from the evidence AND adjust as the evidence changes "needs" to look into Bob Greenyer's excellent, evidence-based work and rational insights to get a fresh perspective on the evidence pouring in from all lines of inquiry and decide for herself whether the current "standard" models - the current paradigms - really are now the best fit or provide the best models - with Occam's razor very much in mind.

One more point worth mentioning - Bob's work does not abandon "Dark Matter" but rather posits that Dark Matter is, in fact, low energy neutrinos that, for example, exert a pressure on atoms (particularly aligning atomic dipoles) such that Weber's theory of gravity as being the result of dipole alignment and attraction between atoms makes perfect sense - and that neutrino shielding (for example, using Exotic Vaccum Objects over which neutrinos pour like oil or water to form a shield) provides for both a gravity shileding mechanism (so, a 50 tonne rock could be moved as if it weighed nothing, even though it had the same mass) and also, it is these neutrinos, drawn into the focal point of the magnetic moment at the centre of an n-fractal torus structure that both strengthens the magnetic moment and forms a "virtual" ghost spheres that can the separate from the construction site that formed it (so creating an EVO) or, in combination with a second, n-fractal torus structure of opposite pole, can form a focal point to focal point soliton, one where matter is drawn in at one end (being compressed into a tube of extremely small cross section that is capable of handling massive amounts of now crushed nuclei) and ejected at another (where it reforms into "normal" matter), so forming the falaco soliton.

So, I would ask that everyone reading this - and not just Sabine - acquaint themselves with Bob's work, and do so with an open mind - and a view to creating a new MUCH simpler paradigm that works from the smallest of the small to the largest of the large and beyond.


I hope I got most of it right ... for, if I have understood things (roughly) correctly, so can everyone else !

Also, many thanks for the "The Shakhparonov Generator - Replication of Hutchison and LENR Effects in the 1980s" live - it took me 5 days, but I did get through it in the end...

as to those who lasted the 3:18:26 (and zoom session beyond) - respect!

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Hi Bob, Please look at McDuff Lives 1 on YT where Carol and I discuss this work. John O'Loughlin is the host. I would like you to consider an interview with John, if possible. Thanks very much!

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Bob... are you trying to tell us.... that you were high on 'pot'?

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Funny. I was looking back at old absent minded doodles I made in my youth and and found similar correlations to what we've been seeing here. I suspect this is some sort of claircognizance manifesting in those of us with a bent for this stuff. Like you I keep seeing how much of what I have done and seen points this way.

I remember as a kid being fascinated with snap beads. Looking at them now I can't help but notice their similarity to pseudomonopoles aka birdies. To me, anyway, they seem like a physical analog, especially with the point and spread fields..


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How do I love Bob? Let me count the ways...

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