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Why “Remote View”?

The time had come

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Bob Greenyer
“Remote View” is a technology, philosophy and commentary newsletter and podcast by Bob Greenyer, where he ‘Looks back to the future through insight and critical fiction’.
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For those that are wondering, why I called this newsletter and podcast “Remote View” well, it is not by accident. If you asked me what ‘remote viewing’ was in 2016, I wouldn’t know what you were talking about, actually, I still don’t know much.

What I have always known though, is that throughout my life, from a very early age, I have periodically had a weird feeling and sensation come over me and a sudden realisation. I cannot control it and it is independent of my level of tiredness, mood or health etc. though I often, but not always, feel at peace when it occurs. It’s just something I recognise as it happens. Sometimes, it is about an imminent event, other times, it will be for something that will occur in a few years time. It is not always something that will happen to me, or around me, or to those that are close to me. I would say that I was a clairvoyant however, I have never felt I could control it, though I never tried. It just happened and sometimes I dwelt on it, revealed it to others, even wrote a film treatment about one event and at other times I put the thoughts out of my mind.

It was not until a few years back that I heard the term ‘remote viewing’ for the first time. It was in a YouTube video I chanced upon, of a presentation by a man I had not come across before, Russel Targ. In the video, Russell referred to his colleague in this work, Harold Puthoff. This lead me down a rabbit hole, the end of which came when a heard a salient feature of this so called ‘remote viewing’ that I recognised. That was that the event had to be significant, either personally or globally, for instance.

Immediately, I realised that every one of these ‘visions’ I had experienced were significant on some level. In the course of the coming years, I will periodically drop into this newsletter accounts of some of my experiences and I would encourage you all to share events in your own lives where you had a sense before hand that a specific thing was to occur.

The First Time

The very first of these feelings for me was when I was very young, I’d like to say 4 or 5, but one knows how memory can play tricks on us. It reoccurred over years, which is unusual as these feelings only normally happen once on a particular subject, but perhaps it was due to the fact that, what I was foreseeing, was not a moment in time, but a period. I remember it felt very uncomfortable. What I felt was that I would be required to do something in my 40s and that it would be difficult, there would be all kinds of challenges, but that it would be a worthwhile endeavour in the end.

The Start of the Period

I had organised to go visit the love of my life in Vietnam from the UK to arrive on the 11th August 2012. She new I really wanted to go to a conference in South Korea, but that it was during the same dates as our time together and I really did not have the funds to go anyway. A few weeks before I was due to fly to see her, she phoned me and completely unexpectedly said - “hey, I know you want to come to see me, however I have bought you a round trip from Hanoi to Seoul - so you can go to the conference.” I was stunned, I knew in that moment, she was the one for me.

I therefore attended the 17th International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF-17) between the 12 and 17th August 2012, where the idea for the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project was born and on the 15th, the domain ‘’ was secured. I even managed to change my return flights, so that I was able to spend time in Vietnam also.

By the last week of September, I had built the project’s website and I had just turned 40 years old.

Psychic Spies

Little did I know that in just over a year from starting my journey, on 31st October 2013, our project would be offerred support by EarthTech Texas, USA. It was not until 28th January 2017 that I found out this was an organisation set up by Dr. Harold Puthoff, a leader of the USA’s psychic spy program.

In March 2015, I met Dr. Alexander Parkhomov in Moscow, Russia, he gave me his 2009 book SPACE. EARTH. HUMAN. New views on science

Unfortunately, as it was in Russian I could not read it. By late 2018, I had realised that it may be significant and that I needed to be able to read it and so I organised a Kickstarter to help me get it translated and updated.

When I started to review the translation of the 4th chapter in late September 2019, I found that it actually referred to his earliest work discussed in the book. It occurred to me that Dr. Parkhomov was a leader in the Soviet Union’s Psychic spy program.

What are the chances?

This is Bob Greenyer saying thanks for your time - please tell your friends about where I’ll be introducing some very thought provoking material from experience and insight, across time and space.