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Bob Greenyer
“Remote View” is a technology, philosophy and commentary newsletter and podcast by Bob Greenyer, where he ‘Looks back to the future through insight and critical fiction’.

“Remote View” is a technology, philosophy and commentary newsletter and podcast by me, Bob Greenyer, ‘Looking back to the future through insight and critical fiction’.

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Hi, my name is Bob Greenyer.

Over the years I have worked in the pharmaceutical industry, the advertising industry and the banking industry and in each case, I chose to leave or resign my high paying roles due to what was clear to me to be at best morally abhorrent behaviour. I then decided to become a free-lancer with a small project development team so that I could choose to work on technology and media projects that I felt stimulating and beneficial for the community.

Since 2012 I have been volunteering in the field of what is called low energy nuclear reactions (LENR). At the beginning of my journey, I could never have imagined where the exploration of this science would take me, but it is clear now that we are well on the way to understanding an eternally existent hook into the fabric of nature, which will enable the kinds of technology one has only normally considered the realm of science fiction and magic.

I like to expose myself to views across the spectrum and debate them in the realms of science, community and other areas of life that are generally important to a well functioning society. What I have seen in the history of the science I have spent the last 8 years researching, is irrefutable evidence of censorship, cliques and bad actors, including self censorship. In recent years, I was shocked when a good friend had their video sharing channel removed, it had nearly a decade of contributions totally 4700 videos.

The retro-active application of new restrictions on user generated content on social media, is leading to the memory hole binning of millions of man-years of critical thinking, commentary, analysis and research. This process accelerated in 2020 to the point that any content generator that is not producing media that aligns with accepted thought and established norms is at risk of having their ability to share ideas, realisations or discovery curtailed.

I am very aware that my research and insights may be controversial to some and the implications are potentially civilisation changing, so I have to find a path to both reach interested parties in a direct way and ensure that my work is sustainable and ultimately delivers media that is protected from digital destruction.

On the 12th December 2015, I appealed to the community to help support my full time volunteering via a GoFundMe. I calculated that I could just about get by on 25,000 pounds a year. Since that appeal, 50 generous donors have supported me to the tune of just over 11,000 pounds, to which I am very appreciative. Some other donors helped me in other ways, like when my laptop failed or my home heating died. I guess in the past 5 years I have received about 15,000 pounds total.

I actually want to produce more content, share more ideas and find ways to deliver more inspiring technology concepts and stories to the community. Therefore I am asking you dear listener to help me do this by subscribing to my newsletter. There will be two tiers for subscription:

  • Firstly, all those that subscribe, will always get access to free content, to include alerts to educational videos I publish at the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project youtube channel and blogging channel.

  • Secondly, those that subscribe on a monthly or yearly paid basis will have access to new podcasts and articles and also, first looks at developing research ideas, analysis and segments of research papers being developed. Some of this will eventually become videos or other media for the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project, however, I want to also be able to share other concepts and ideas in other areas that is outside the aims of the MFMP.

The blogging platform allows subscribers to comment on all articles they have access to, so we can have a discussion and debate and you can suggest things for me to consider. Expect me to say some very controversial things from time to time that some may consider border on science fiction.

Limited time special offer

For those that want to get a reduced subscription rate in perpetuity, until the end of November 2020, I will have the monthly subscription set at the minimum possible of $5 and the annual at $50. From the beginning of December 2020, this will rise to $7 and $70 respectively , those that subscribe at the lower rate will keep their lower rate.

To my dear supporters

In recognition of those that have helped me personally, I will give a year long subscription to all those that have donated $50 or more to my personal GoFundMe.

What I will receive

The combined newsletter and podcast is hosted on and between them and the stripe payment provider, I will receive  $4.07 out of $5 for a single monthly subscription. For those that want to pay more for an annual subscription, there is a means to do that.

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“Remote View” is a technology, philosophy and commentary newsletter and podcast by me, Bob Greenyer, where I’ll be ‘Looking back to the future through insight and critical fiction’.

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