Responding to Engineer48s conclusions based on queries of ChatGPT on E-Cat world:

Annihilation is not necessary to produce effects observed.

Taking energy from the vacuum is not needed in an EVO driven rectification system where energy from thermal photons or matter decay is rectified to high energy photons (UV to 2keV soft x-rays as determined by Shoulders and verified by Shishkin et. al. during EVO formation) through use of the photo-electric effect.

1. EVO is formed during pulsed unidirectional disruptive discharge.

2. As the EVOs constituent electrons cohere and condense, they release UV to 2keV sophe x-rays

3. These are high enough energy to knock electrons of photoelectric material such as Copper (I) Oxide or Yttrium coated copper. These electrons drift to anode alongside the condensed electrons.

4. The Cluster can be broken into constituent electrons and ions by a further disruptive discharge (due to magnetic pulse), a magnetic pulse, interaction with the anode etc.

5. The electrons are 10^5 greater in number than the ions (determined by Shoulders, verified by Shishkin et. al.), therefore in a Hydrogen atmosphere only 1 in 100,000 charges will be neutralised on break-up, so many more electrons (ultra-cold) arrive at the anode in addition to those released by photo-ionisation.

Conceivably, matter including potentially electrons could be synthesised inside the EVO. This was observed empirically by Brown (mid 1980s, replicated by us), Solin (1992, replicated by us), Matsumoto (1990s, replicated by us), Kladov (1997-2002, replicated by us), Adamenko (2000s and later verified by the US Fusion Program between 2015 and 2017) supporting observations by Hutchison and Shoulders.

Theory for how this could occur is in Solin's 1992 patent and Adamenko's 2007 book. The latter known by and supported by Shoulders.

Fryberger (2009), states that the clusters could cause baryon decay resulting in production of photons and electrons. 1 proton would yield over 900MeV. The coherent matter of the EVO could convert photons resulting to UV to 2keV electrons as well as the extra electrons joining the coherent state.

Net result would be more electrons synthesised as well as photons. Fryberger determines that only when the 'dyality angle' which is a proxy for 'Fractal Toroidal Moment' is in excess of a certain threshold, will a baryon decay. So, if the EVO is kept below a certain intensity, no baryon decay will occur.

Stressing the coherent matter with a magnetic field will cause more of the coherent matters energy to be released as photons. This is described well in Chukanov's BL patents. One might reasonably say though that if a coherent matter-wave of electrons looses 256 quanta of 2keV photons, then when the cohered electron cluster de-coheres there would be 1 less electron. If the photons were lower energy like UV and able to be converted to thermal photons, then the reactor would heat up. This would be a simple explanation for being able to vary the amount of light, heat or electrons coming out of the system, dependent on the state of the EVO and how it is stimulated.

If energy is taken from zero-point and put into kinetic electron energy of incoherent electrons, this would raise the thermal temperature and the device would heat up. This therefore cannot be the process as the claimant already says the device runs cool.

If zero-point annihilation occurs within the EVO and the coherent matters Fractal Toroidal Moment closed pointing vectors convert those two photon energies into 2 electrons (after all, they are exactly the same energy/mass) in the condensate before de-coherence, then we have a net yield of electrons which will have no kinetic energy and require thermal photons or phonons from the surrounding reactor or matter when they are emergent from bosonova. This will convert zero point energy fluctuations to extra electrons directly and leave the reactor cooler than ambient regardless of the number of electrons synthesised.

I believe my hypothesis presented above explains the claims and observables spanning many years from many authors including the claimant in question. Has theoretical and experimental support spanning around 40 years. It accounts for the claim of Heat, Light, Electricity output. It does not suffer from the logical problem present in the claimants hypothesis.

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Though disruptive discharges can also destroy the phantom EVO's, per The Bagel Game.

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We could get another estimate of the necessary field strength from the hurricane parked off of NYC on Sept 11th 2001. What level of electric field do you think a storm of that size and distance from the tower complex would provide?

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Indeed yes hi energy electrostatic , high voltage dynamic electricity dc type at least 100,000 volts but also many radio frequencies are used and other things to many to mention here dr Harold Wilson from the defence dept part Mention how atoms are moved from the uranium sampke I had and deposited to a sample I look forward to bobs next video thanks

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Exotic Vacuum Objects/Charge Clusters. Love it.

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