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Awesome question Bob get a iPad app the magnetometer drive about with it an record it also stand by a busy street with it or sit in your car and watch the 3 lines how they change x y z axis spikes it fun I have ot been following the Thor stuff but it’s a great interest in Austria cheers

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Bob, this interview between physicists Unzicker and Assis provides strong evidence for Matsumoto and Kouropoulis in the idea of dense, mutual electron and particle attraction. Apparently, Wilhelm Weber in 1846 proposed the idea that particles at very, very close distances create negative inertial mass overcoming any repulsion, which in our day leads to superconductivity and, yes, EVOs. I have video starting at around 49 mins and revelation comes about two minutes later. https://youtu.be/vVJ3WHft9d8?si=tef68JVAHPA88PBT&t=2937

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Thanks for all your efforts Bob, much appreciated. If it's not secret squirrel, whereabouts is the generator, I hear it is in London somewhere connected to the grid? I went away to try and get some more info about this project and more background on Malcolm, at first, the howtube technical explanation videos seem incomprehensible, almost nonsensical, but then, from a logical perspective, if he managed to convince someone to mess with their expensive 400kW generator then he must have sufficient confidence and proof for them to allow testing..I am still very confused by the process though. Remember you advised me not to try the Leclaire experiment at home, as a simple way to check for excess heat? If Leclaires cavitation chamber only uses a 1/2 hp water pump, then surely the bubble chamber in this setup must be cavitating like crazy with a 400kw generator pulsing on it, why isn't it zapping everyone that goes near it? In other interviews Malcolm says the EVOs can exist almost ad infinitum once created, so where do they all go, and how is their energy transferred to the generator or are they eaten up in the transmutation process? Or is it simply just a large HHO generator with the exfra 30% of kinetic efficiency coming from the gas created? Its all very confusing..I look forward to all your updates and ideas, is there more to come?

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