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Indeed we are! All that remains to be seen is how far the existing structures need to fall apart before people will have a reason to start looking with an open mind. Great summary, worth printing and putting in the back of any books I lose. They arrived, just haven't had time to 'lose' them yet in worth while places.

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The vortex loops and knots on pg. 269 look just like the scalar vortex (phase singularity) tubes formed by coherent light, that follow a Brownian random-walk fractal pattern, what Miles Padgett calls the natural state of light in this video: youtu.be/V06Cs7Cuk7c?t=4128 (1:08:48 - 1:16:00)

(the 3D video of the pattern can be seen here: youtu.be/2hdKXMRKSY8?t=277)

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