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Thanks for the EGO out, Bob. All the best mate to your family and look after yourself.

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OT: I found a pair of moqui marbles in my stone collection.

ChatGPT :

"Moqui Marbles, also known as Mochi Balls or Shaman Stones, are round sandstone balls (surrounded by iron oxide) found in the desert region of the western United States that are considered sacred by the Navajo Native Americans. They have been given the name "living stones" due to their unique properties and meanings.

The term "living stones" comes from the Navajo belief that these stones have a soul and lead a kind of spiritual life. They are considered messengers of the earth, capable of capturing and storing the energy of the cosmos. The stones are often used by shamans in spiritual and healing ceremonies to calm the participant's spirit and restore balance.

The Navajo also consider these stones a connection to nature and creation stories. They believe that the stones are witnesses to creation and have a spiritual connection to the sacred sites of their ancestors. Therefore, the Navajo have given these stones the name "living stones" as they believe they are a part of the living cosmos.

In New Age spirituality, Moqui Marbles are also popular as protection stones and for grounding. Many people believe that these stones can help absorb negative energy and generate positive vibrations."

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hey Bob, regarding structured water devices changing surface tension of water I am still hunting for the original video I saw it in, but a cursory search turns up the following result.


"Structured water formed with blue light or North Pole magnetic energy is slightly alkaline and has an increased surface tension. Water structured with yellow and red light, south pole magnetic energy or within a pyramid is slightly acidic and has a decreased surface tension."

The two original videos I saw it in were a little more reputable and associated with claims by companies selling water structuring devices one in russia and the other in the west.

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The theory of the EVO that I have been converging on is called the anthropic principle as a resolution to the too light Higgs vacuum expectation value VEV.

This is a theory where our universe is the only one in which we can live in. All the other values of the VEV creates universes (within a multiverse) that cannot support life and the laws of nature that support life. There are uncountable numbers of EVOs spread throughout the universe that have every possible VEV. Each one of these unique EVOs is a unique universe in its own wright. Each of these EVO types is associated with a unique VEV. By changing the VEV value beyond the VEV of our universe by 1.2 then particles cannot form neutrons and nuclear binding energy fails to form atoms.

The anthropic principle and the atomic principle in this video lecture is explained as a potential solution to the Hierarchy problem.

The video up until 13:05 addresses the anthropic principle as a solution to the Hierarchy problem and the multiverse.


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Bob and all, I missed the live video as well as the zoom call. YouTube notifications have become broken for me lately. But to address the issue of EGO out, I see a few problems that have always been there but just keep getting bigger and bigger. 1st You are great at dissemination of knowledge and are superb with helping others to understand the information you have. I look at it as you push out the knowledge in various threads, but there is a wall or blockage with return information coming back from the group. (lets just say experimenter updates, questions for specific people, experiments, and video as well as data results are all difficult to share), It becomes difficult to know where the current status of any one thread is at unless you specifically address the topic with a dedicated video presentation (which can take months on some threads).

One possible partial solution would be to allow each person to have their own workbench underneath a global thread topic (similar to what open-source-energy forum does). Everyone could read and comment to other people's workbench under the same topic, but the workbench owner maintains control of all published work on their workbench. This would encourage sharing, and also maintaining a fully searchable repository of work should an experimenter quit or heaven forbid die. It would help to reduce the number of emergency rescue trips to retrieve someone's life work.

Perhaps there is already some form of this that I just do not know about or am not allowed into.

As to the question of how to proceed, I think you mentioned that it is up to each person to do their best to push the field farther and that academia, industry, and governments are probably not going to be the paths forward. If this is the case, then I would stop focusing so much on trying to convince others that the effect is real and spend more time developing real world solutions to problems. I think that most of the group here knows the effects are real and have not needed thousands of replications before accepting the field, or moving forward with experiments and study. Yes there are always going to be newbs just starting out and they will need to be brought up to speed -- somehow.

So for me to put my money where my mouth is, here is a video of a project that I think can be upgraded with a combination of the windhexe, geet, HHO, and charge separation methods in a quite simple unit.

I will likely remove this video after only a short time as It needs to be completely redone for obvious reasons. https://youtu.be/wG8z4gahzg8

Remember, the video deals only with laminar flows, if we introduce a vortex flow with ionization, I believe it could 100X or more its output, not just mechanically but using charge separation, perhaps the flow of these separated charges past coils such as Pap and others have done would be far better than mechanical output.

Anyway, this becomes yet another thread that gets lost in the haystack, but at least this is where my head is at the moment.

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Lewis Larsen is another LENR worker that has recently passed. Larson came up with the polariton causation of LENR which I also beleive. He had a great influence on NASA and might have inspired the decades long NASA's belief in the polariton as a primary cause of the LENR reaction. Now that Larsen is gone, the polariton theory has been discarded by NASA. This theory is now forgotten LENR history and is in danger of loss.

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I am a little concerned when you say that you are going to give a presentation NEXT week about a significant effect seen by LION, which LION was shopping to the UK government and didn't go public with and you didn't say what the effect was. I would worry less if you said exactly what it was on Sunday and then say that you plan to give a more in depth presentation of it next week... Maybe I'm just a little paranoid, but I know you know people have been killed for not playing ball on this subject. You broke your rule of releasing information the first moment you speak of it publicly. Unfortunately, we live on a planet ruled by evil that is watching its control slipping away, which makes the evil all the more dangerous. Don't you think it would be prudent to make a quick video to briefly explain what it is we will discuss on Sunday? (preferably it would have been better if you didn't mention anything until you were presenting it live, but can't change it now). Please don't misread my intent or tone, I'm just trying to help. Paul

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Kudos for getting it accepted! We heard there were over 100 submissions so it was quite competitive! Diadon Acs also got his submission accepted.

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Ah shame I missed this!

Are there any minutes from the zoom?

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Looking for zoom as well.

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Where can I get the zoom link?

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The reason why the universe is not consumed by an EVO is because EVOs are unstable. An EVO will eventually explode when it absorbs more energy than it can digest.

To start the explanation, there are only two types of universes that are possible: DeSutter space and anti DeSutter space (AdS). Our universe is DeSutter space, the EVO is anti DeSutter space the anti field of DeSutter space. DeSutter space contains positive energy and a positive cosmological constant, and anti DeSutter space contains negative energy and a negative cosmological constant.

The next point is the ball of transmuted material that is most often left after the EVO terminates. That ball is likely produced by a black hole that has formed or is in the process of forming at the center of a mature EVO. The article also explains why an EVO will terminate when it is excited. Next, the article explains why energy is never released from AdS, that is, transmutation does not produce energy.

.The following article explains how this black hole forms inside Anti DeSutter space and why anti DeSutter space is unstable.


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Ken Shoulders wrote as follows:


A Leak From Our Universe to Another

I can't find the reason why Ken Shoulders changed the name of the EVO from EV(large electron) to exotic vacuum object because that is what the EVO really is as follows:

Because the EVO has a negative vacuum state relative to the cosmological vacuum, the main body of the EVO cannot interact with anything in our universe with the exception of an EVO that projects magnetic vortex flux tubes.

Kiril Chukanov found this EVO barrier to exist in his experiments. Neither an electrical current nor a metal rod can penetrate into the EVO.

By having another vacuum state that differs from the vacuum in our universe, (aka differing cosmological constants) because the EVO is essentially another universe with laws of physics that differs from our universe, the magnetic field in these vortex flux tubes are different then the magnetic fields that we experience in current EMF.

One indicator that the EVO abides under a different set of physical laws is the fact that no radioactive isotopes are produced after transmutation occurs. This indicates that the EVO operates under a unified bosonic force structure which includes the unified electroweak force. This unified force structure is carried by bosons imbedded in the EVO's magnetic field of the vortex flux tubes that only existed in the early universe.

In another example, in a superconductor, electrons have no mass and photons have mass. The vacuum produced by a superconductor is an opposite anti-vacuum to our vacuum state. When the EVO magnetic flux tube touches matter in our universe, that matter is instantly reorganized and after the EVO flux tube passes by this affected matter will transmute into another random element.

In strange radiation, when a rapidly rotating EVO rapidly floats over a surface and its flux tube periodically projects onto that surface, the elements on that surface are instantly transmuted into other elements so rapidly it seems like time does not exist inside the EVO. On each rotation of the EVO, the identically same pattern of transmuted elements and their layout on the surface appears over and over again.

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Lewis Larsen was half right. He did not know about the Higgs field and the Higgs mode in superconductivity. So here is where the energy comes from in the vacuum based LENR reaction as follows:

​There is a direct connection between superconductivity and the Higgs field (aka Vacuum energy). That connection is the energy potential of both of these processes.

In a superconductor, the Higgs Mode or the Higgs amplitude mode is a quantum phenomenon seen in materials and occurs when the magnetic field of its electrons in those materials fluctuate in a way similar to that of a Higgs boson in the vacuum. The materials that exhibit this phenomenon can do so because the crystal structure of the material enables the electrons to behave in a way that is driven by the Higgs field. When the Higgs mode presents itself in these materials, the material is often undergoing a quantum phase transition. For example, when a material becomes a superconductor, the material goes through spontaneous symmetry breaking and the mass of the electron becomes zero.

What is the same between a superconductor and the Higgs field is the potential energy behavior of each system. Under spontaneous symmetry breaking, the behavior of these two system are the opposite of the other or "anti field" of the other. In the Higgs field, the mass of the electron is created but in a superconductor, the mass of the electron is destroyed.

The Higgs field energy potential as follows:


The interaction between these two systems is where the energy of the vacuum emery LENR reaction comes from.

Bose Einstein condensation (BEC) is a superconducting process that produces the Higgs mode and this system is inherently unstable; the BEC will eventually fail. The process of this failure is called a Bosenova. This is a quantum mechanical explosion. The "collapse and bounce" scenario of this process qualitatively resembles a condensed matter version of a core-collapse supernova​, hence the term bosenova. ​​

The Bosenova has been observed in Bose condensate ultra cold atom experimentation:

In the particular experiment when a bosenova was first detected, transitioning the self-interaction​ from repulsive to attractive caused the BEC to implode and shrink to a size smaller than the optical detector's minimum resolution limit, and then suddenly "explode." In this explosion, about half of the atoms in the condensate superficially seemed to have "disappeared" from the experiment altogether, i.e., they were not detected in either the cold particle remnants nor in the expanding gas cloud produced.

The 'missing' atoms are almost certainly still around in some form, but just not in a form that we can detect them in our current experiment, the two likely possibilities are that they have formed into molecules of two rubidium atoms stuck together. or they have gotten enough energy from somewhere to fly away fast enough that they are out of our observation region before we look for them," — Carl Wieman​, Space.com

Under current BEC theory, which only very crudely accounts for the interactions between the particles composing the BEC, the bosenova phenomenon remains unexplained, because the energy available to the individual atoms of the condensate near absolute zero appears to be insufficient to cause the observed implosion.

In a bosenova, energy from an unknown source is transferred to members of the BEC which radiate in a spherical light speed expansion. But only half the particles that comprise the BEC are observed with the other half disappeared.

Upon eventual instability, in a electron based superconductive BEC (aka EVO) bosenova, the energy potential of the superconductive BEC and the Higgs field interact and cancel each other out much in the same way that anti matter and matter will result in energy production.

This field energy produced by this quantum mechanical interaction will be applied to the electrons in the BEC which will expand spherically at the speed of light.

In LENR research, Dr. Kim first observed this bosenova process in a LENR reactor. We have also seen these explosions in the VEGA experiment as follows:

Slow motion mode will follow the normal speed reaction speed rendition.

Once the video is in slow motion mode, you can see the Bosenova in more detail by running YouTube at .25 speed.


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