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I burned some used parts cleaner fluid this weekend in the fire pit. The flame looked like rolling liquid. It really reminded me of magnetic fluid network

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Interesting again how every time you get something extra 'in the mix'. There must be some scientists out there that could get inspired to reorganize their experiments based on your insights. The aim is 'to nurse' a BL so it can 'do the work'. We know now they can be created in different ways, we also know they can 'eat' everything, so the big question will be 'how to manage' a BL!

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If my understanding is correct, the thing that strikes me about field-reversed configurations (FRC), the Spheromak, Spherical Tokamaks, the Plasmak (PMK), the PROTO-SPHERA is that they all attempt to impose fields externally. For example, for Spherical Tokamaks:

a. an electric current running down through a plasma in the central column induces a pinch current as well as creating heat

b. magnetic coils connected to the central conductor inducing toroidal and poloidal fields

A Plasmak is similar, only the magnetic coils are replaced by a conducting shell and gas blanket.

In this way, the central plasma bagel (as realized by first the field reversed configurations and then the Spheromak) is confined, heated, spun and pinched by effectively running the plasma in the large chamber round a race track.

It is abundantly clear, however, that it is going to take a VAST amount of energy just to keep the plasma in that race track, as the acceleration, heating and compression forces acting on it will induce a strong net centrafugal force - the plasma will want to fly apart, in other words.

The PROTO-SPHERA, on the other hand, is using kink instabilities to create a self-forming bagel, but it would appear they are not quite sure how this happens (note: we strongly and evidentially believe we do). What they have done, however, is take just the plasma column on its own (a. above), dispense with the magnetic coils, and then use the plasma column's own natural self-organising behaviour when kink instabilities naturally appear (thanks to pinch points, either naturally occuring, or induced) to collapse those kinks into a bagel (as we have observed in many different ways experimentally) What they have not yet fully grasped, however, and therefore not taken into account, is the fractal nature of what they observed at the galactic scale that they then copied into their PROTO-SPHERA device.

With that fractal nature, of course, comes scale invariance.

Now, as the saying goes, comprehend and copy nature.

So, how does nature arrange things?

Well, look around any (large-ish) cosmic body and you will see either a twisted, braided, filament or a disk (or, more correctly, a swirl) - and what is another name for a swirl? A vortex (or vorticle, if flat). Nowhere is this more obvious than galaxies themselves, were matter swirls inwards toward a structure in the centre, normally a black hole, with jets often emanting from those same black holes at their Top and Bottom poles. Likewise on the surface of the Sun (and, presumably, other stars) we see filaments emanating from what look like swirls in a boiling cauldron.

Further, it has now been confirmed that stars do form on filaments, likely at pinch points, suggesting very strongly that however stars are formed, this process is very similar (thanks to scale invariance) to the collapsing kinks seen in the MFMP experiments, the Safire project or the PROTO-SPHERA.

This naturally also leads to the observation that black holes, while "super massive" may well be being created by the same processes - that they are fractal toroidal constructs, in other words - and that, conversely, what is being created in "home experiments" such as ULTR are, indeed, true black holes - it's just that black holes are not formed by "gravity" but by matter, charge separated into a plasma, compressed and, ultimately, their comprising nucleons collapsed (so that even the quarks squeek!) into the centre of a vortex/vorticle.

Further, the net forces driving this is are centripetal, so there is no need for any forces "to hold the system together, to stop it flying apart". Indeed, the more mass is "fed" toward the centre, the greater the pressure exerted inward toward the centre, the greater the tendency to self-organize at lower fractal levels, leading to the 2,3,4,... level bagel structures observed, structures that apply an ever increasing vice-like grip and ever greater pinching of the net toroidal moments at all levels - a controlled (and structured) implosion, in other words, an implosion that can be fed in a stable and sustainable way.

This has all been observed and studied in many different experiments, including those run by the MFMP, and collated by the MFMP to truly understand "the behaviour of nature" that is seen from "down the microscope", through tornadoes and hurricanes all the way up to stars, galaxies, clusters and beyond.

Unlike in explosions that increase disorder, implosions increase order, imposing order from the higher levels of a fractal structure toward the lower levels - and concentrating forces (something that is employed to great effect in other tools such as knives!), with a clear and clean break between the outside of the structure and the inside (just as a sharp knife produces a "clean cut"). OK, such fractal structures - known as fractal toroidal moments - aren't the same as knives, but they, too, can be used for cutting - clean, micrometer tolerance excavations, in fact (cavitation-based excavations, for example, these systems being ones that also produce fractal toroidal moments through re-entrant jets in a liquid against a force-shaping/force-reflecting and electron donating surface).

And it is in this self-organizing way that the kink instabilities in the (continually fed) plasma columns naturally collapse into bagels, as the amount of plasma increases and parallel fields strengthen, overlap and merge (for comparison, it has been observed that current sheets naturally shred into current filaments with poloidal magentic fields holding the filaments together over enormous distances, and that these self-organizing threads then like to twist around one another to form braids). Comprehend nature and copy it!

Yet, much to much effort and money are still being funnelled into centrifugal-based "designs", where to increase yields, the external magnetic fields have to be strengthened, which requires more power, which requires a greater yield - and so on - all the while much increasing the chance of catastrophic system breakdown as the confinement field strengths - and plasma heating - are increased - and the production of (destructive) high-energy neutrons also increases: high energy neutrons are NOT good news for human DNA, nor the integrity of materials such as the metal lattices of the confinement chambers...

Finally, stars until the end of their lives are IMPLOSION "devices" - it is only in their "dying breath" that they shed material and, possibly, explode. So, why are so many "fusion" devices based on trying to confine explosions, and why does the "just like the Sun" mantra keep being used? Clearly, neither makes sense, yet on they trudge - on the road to nowhere.

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Bob, have you seen this video (far bottom of page) said to indicate the plans of the next big strike similar to the New York event

I see several ties to proto sphere video and EVO,not quite half way through your video an image is eerily similar to that which is often brought up by analysts of the I pet goat II of the moon and a field reversal structure beneath it, though it is perceived completely differently as is EVO, pi, the radius constant, and other symbols.

There are many dated expressed as September 23 in the video. As well as many other videos roshashana being the 16th and yomkipur being the 24th this year leading much todo about the speculations there are other things in the news as well as Alex jones spreading mayhem

Not to be a fear monger, I know there is a group with I’ll intent and possibly too few of us with stronger intent

My career was spent in small batch production chemical coatings primarily then I dabbled in smaller batch shampoos and conditioners

I have never enjoyed mechanical aspects of science until I began following your channel. I have became an avid believer in the concept of 2 primary forces dominating us today, those who want to eradicate the majority of us and the group that plans on eradicating us. Somewhat along the lines of Rudolf Steiner’s theory. I believe our creator works through people, not by sole Devine intervention. Which is how I was lead by John Hutchison to you.

I understand if you choose not to investigate the video as I ask myself why I have wasted valuable time investigating it when I could be spending time with my grandkids or many more meaningful projects.


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The paper showing the ribbons reminded me of a video I had seen where two bubble rings in water come close and then combine.


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Wondering why E and M always have an orthogonal component?

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