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Resonance, frequency, vibration and cosmic energy. We are so close to breaking through the veil of illusions..

BTW: I was meditating during the week and slipped into a lucid dream. I saw a pulsating globe that was cold in the centre and which had a rotating vortex glow around it. Then I realized that my consciousness had risen "in frequency" and I appeared to be in an alien spacecraft, then I woke up. Weird. I hope to go back there again soon for a closer look. It is difficult to explain in words as it had no recognizable solid parts.

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Happy Mardi Gras! I'll be marching with a neighborhood cluh here in New Orleans (nee Chi-Rho according so some occultists) . The Thoth parade passed my house Sunday. Symbols and synchronicities everywhere. Eyes of Horus/Ra, Fleur de Lis,,,, My costume features a paisley pattern. Can't wait for the Zoom call. Ready to build.

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LENR quick start guide.

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Just received a hard copy of Book of Geet from Amazon. Available again, great reference. Lots of good info for those of us who need to go over things a number of times. Any more news as to collaboration with Dan Easton? His insight would be invaluable.

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The 6 point star of creation surrounded by the olive branch wreath of mysticism and purity. The Christ cross in stillness between the maker and beaker. The rectangle with triangles beveled below the wreath may be a certain plan which the make and beaker are guided by.

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Nicely done, Bob. This has really helped my G.U.T. settle, if you get my drift. Sensing how Consciousness, physics, and lived life follow Kosmic Laws is rather grounding., literally. Being a Nature boy can pay off. This provided a workable, non-parochial grasp of a Christ-Consciousness 100% baked in, via a Kosmic lens. The physical "stuff" cannot escape its' SOURCE. As I like to ask: What is NOT Sacred? Merely all that remains DEAD to Life. Peace Cheers Onward. PS I want to solve constructing flying buttresses and Stained Glass Windows....

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As a new Chapter in O-Day awaits, I'm just noticing, like the Tesla Logo, that the caduceus also holds a T-form at the top, helix-like toroids in varying number, culminating in a point-like torroidal moment at bottom. So another ancient symbol possibly holding EVOnic qualities? The EVO geometry you so clearly explicated regarding the human face? Don't know. Onward.

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This video on hidden occult knowledge came up in my feed and is worth a watch considering the way this seems to be heading in some aspects. A couple of years ago I would of never even considered watching it and dismissed it instantly as woo woo nutter stuff for sure, but now regarding recent revelations, perhaps there is something in it...https://youtu.be/JHdZ30pHiRY

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I can't download this video using youtube-dl, I get these error message, usually works

>youtube-dl --verbose https://youtu.be/S2nRX9HZxlI

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[debug] Python version 3.4.4 (CPython) - Windows-10-10.0.19041

[debug] exe versions: none

[debug] Proxy map: {}

[youtube] S2nRX9HZxlI: Downloading webpage

ERROR: Unable to extract uploader id; please report this issue on https://yt-dl.org/bug . Make sure you are using the latest version; type youtube-dl -U to update. Be sure to call youtube-dl with the --verbose flag and include its complete output.

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "C:\Users\dst\AppData\Roaming\Build archive\youtube-dl\ytdl-org\tmpupik7c6w\build\youtube_dl\YoutubeDL.py", line 815, in wrapper

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Nice presentation. Old world art and masonry is absolutely saturated with precise mathematical constants, geometric ratios and symbolism that tries to convey meaning to the future.

On the UnchartedX youtube channel Ben shared a 3D scan of a (supposedly) pre-dynastic Egyptian vase of which the manufacturing processes must have been so precise and accurate that the vase cannot be explained by conventional pre dynastic Egyptian manufacturing processes ie chisels and hammer. Links to the videos:



Since I'm specialized in 3D scanning and reverse engineering I was very pleased to be able to download the 3D STL file from Ben and have a look at its design in Rhino3D.

Obviously the seemingly modest vase is absolutely riddled with phi ratios, golden triangles, sothic triangles and references to pi. Of which the most notable was that the inner diameter of the mouth of the vase is the total height divided by pi. The vase handle also has an offset hole which looks like an accidental imperfection but it's centermark is exactly the same distance from the top of the vase as the inner diameter of the vase mouth and could be just another more notable reference to pi.

XD Just like the Tesla logo, old world stoneworks and artworks are absolutely screaming "WE KNOW ABOUT THIS STUFF"

Here's a link to the reverse engineered design of the vase! There'll be more in there but this is what I was able annotate in a few hours of analyzing the 3D file of the vase! Have a look, tell me what you think.


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Lots of good links in this video about Ken Shoulders: https://youtu.be/V0lp5w2XxUI

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@Bob: Seeking your advice on something. It's in your email. Thanks as usual.

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