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Hey Bob, This is fantastic. I think you've atoned for your sin of saying in every video "I don't really like to confuse people with formulas an mathematics and prefer to explain things such that any 5 year old could understand). Very good attention to detail you saw dots that were a single pixel in size ;)

Since you specifically asked I checked the formulas and I found afew differences.

I'm shocked you did as well as you did. My eyes are burning just from just comparing them for 20 minutes. This very much reminds me of some of Meyl's work in his vortex books where he discusses the symmetry for magnetic and electric fields that is missing due to the absence of scalar fields and does full derivations. This seems to be able to comfortable explain the effects without needing to make any fundamental adjustments though. I'm intrigued to see where this all goes. (As in are there "errors in the equations" as Ben said, and I felt Meyl presented a good argument for. Or can we muddle on with our existing formulas :)

eq 3) for Hd it ends with "e(phi)(0)" and you typed "e(theta)(0)"

between equations 5 and 6) it should read "(r0-r)/c" and you typed "(t*r0/c)/c"

eq 6) (same as equation 3) for Ak it ends with "e(phi)(0)" and you typed "e(theta)(0)"

eq 10) the denominator in the last term is "c^2r0" and you typed "c^2r"

eq 11) for ET the last term has an I with three dots above it, you typed 2

(now make a video explaining what this all means :D I know it's coming so I probably needn't ask).

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7 transcription errors to equations have been made to "Electromagnetic fields of current structures" and new version 2.0 available for download - Thanks!

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You already made the video! You're too fast :)

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This is supposedly the model of physical reality they were working with in the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk time experiments https://youtu.be/rMir5NTkI80?t=1526 (a clear view of the Torus of Time slide: https://imgur.com/a/JZjZjnI ). They were using spinor electrodynamics, mentioned in this Nevessky paper (@17:06 in the video), since the model describes the 5th dimension as a spinor. The center of the torus is "zero time" (which could also be considered scalar or complex space), which is apparently how you can jump to other universes.

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Thanks Phil, very interesting.

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What is your e-mail address? I want to communicate with you.

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Please reach out via the contact from at QuantumHeat.org

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Wow this is really interesting, albeit I don't know what to make of it. :) Something to download and save for future reference when perhaps it will make more sense. That seems to be a trend for me recently :)

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Bob, DEEP gratitude again for your tireless efforts, to offer the translation and interpretation of this critical information, as related to John Seal's work. I was a little overwhelmed that you are already versed with Searl's work to whatever level, within whatever degree! It tells me MUCH with regard to your in-kind heart. I have deep insights into the quantum condensate at the center as related to the Magi imagination and the Magdalene Rose in the cross (Christ) and primordial prime time Primary Waters below the mantel.

There is a savant in the UK who I have connected with in the past, but the synergy was lacking as he knows the magic squares well, and claims to have actually worked with John Searl (www.cwantum.org), but lacks the gnosis of science.

Not that I am a quantum physicist, or claim to know more than what I know I do not know, and the minute TRUTH I do know in ele-mental terms, but as an engineer I have a working knowledge of funda-mentals, and have endeavored to learn . He will be an asset when more are ready to correlate sacred form within squared equilateral space within the 45 degree rotation of perspective of Fire letter that @Laurah's post spoke to indirectly.

I hope to connect in real time at some point as the numeric component at the base of all of creation must be reset to the Sanskrit expression Malcolm appears to be versed in levels and degrees. MUCH work remains it appears, toward reformulated base 10=2X5 to Base 12=2X6 (Venus/Saturn).

Malcolm speaks to the Sun-Earth-Moon relationship to the plasmOID within Walter Russell's cubic Carbon-12, but the other elemental forms, beyond the crystal "Air which is a dual form, Walter Russell is lacking the nexus with other Platonic forms, and the work of Johannes Kepler within Mysterium Cosmographicum within the periodic table of elemental form, that is critical IMHO to expand to encompass the 12 singing spheres of Musica Universalis for the deeper innerstandings of the OG organic intelligence that the artificial (mascuLINE) intelligence was copied and inverted in TENET time of the inverse square rule in gravitation terms as an art-eYe-FACT of the art in heart and ear in hear as the inner ear is the center of gravity and vertigo-no-go.

The intermediate axis theorem (https://thatsmaths.com/2019/12/12/the-intermediate-axis-theorem/) and the gyroscopic component of the cubic C-12 thought-form through the bird words and dual Air within the vector equilibrium "jitterbug" B. Fuller came forward with that is termed the Breath of the Compassionate in Geometry of Consciousness, within Archimedes solid (cube-octahedron) and the 64 in the isotropic vector matrix, with a nexus to the DNA cryptographic expression John Dee appears to speak to indirectly.

The Ark of the Covenant Malcolm claims to have rediscovered is center stage as the Holy Grail is perhaps a cupola within Bicupola geometry of gimbal lock (90) in the Triangular gyrobicupola of Johnson Solid (J29 apropos), as the pineal and J88.

Marco Rodin's Vortex Based Math is integral with what I call Morphogenic Matrix Math, expressed through partial differential derivative (prime) systems of relationship, where 369 serve as the center, NEYEN as the scalar component (energy), and 3 and 6 transverse with a 90 degree phase angle relationship of electric (147) and magnetic (528-Love).

I have SO MUCH to add here, but I am weary banging on this KEY-board and long to collaborate with a dialog in real time, ideally in real space... as real as they get anyway within the illusory light of psycho-spatial and psycho-temporal perception of Lucifer and Ahriman's light and shadows in spine of the Chestahedron so few even knows exist....

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I think the holy grail is a specific part of the 3D structure below the line of the upper part of the n-level torus. I think it is well represented by Tesla's flower pot from his staged 1930s NYT photo to promote his "Weapon to end all wars" which he said would erect "an invisible Chi-nese wall".



As I said in my 1 Oct 2020 "Monopole Clutch" presentation, according the Egyptians, the bit of the Ankh below the the loop was the key to all hidden knowledge.


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LOVE it! OK, the ancient Egyptians weighed the feather (bird word) against the heart, Yes? As a right of passage into the everlasting? Feathers are plums for pens, mightier than the sword (double edge words).

I am so loving this and contend you will be remiss to not evaluate the work of Frank Chester as in this video as this is the ultimate geometric source of the palsmOID and the center of my cosmology and Avatar (Chestahedron not shown) with the Yin Yang related to the 64 hexagrams of I-Ching, I would love to show your how it relates to the hyperbolic of inversion within the hypercube as the Yin Yang is the source of prime time number within the "gap" as the numeric source of the palsmOID (369).

Start here, and you will see how it relates to everything you are seeing at the microscopic scale, the you will want to "rewind", and watch in entirety. I will leave other critical time marks below. The last shall be first, the first last with the Venus and Saturn Bells, related to Temple of Hathor and the nexus with the Sun: https://youtu.be/ql9kh7L91eg?list=PLhZOi_xojCJzpV4Si2roD2Z6-iQbw_-YN&t=5079

OMG, I LOVE when the divine speaks to me through number as the time mark I SWEAR I did not choose 5079, but the numbers 5 and 7 are both prime and 6 is afraid of 7, because 789, and a stitch in time saves NEYEN, and coincidence is God's way of hiding in plain sight!!

The Chestahedron is the source of the plasmOID (Malcolm says it explicit, "the heart creates plasmOIDs"! The center of Earth/hexahedron in the center of Air/octahedron in the center of Fire/terahedron (simplex). The Implicate order that David Bohm spoke to. The Fire letter (vowel) within the troOIDal rainbow (Bee-rain-bow) and here you will see where the term I use (eart|H|eart) is derived as a palindrome anagram that has its "roots" in prime number, which it appears few are ready for as it relates to binding timelines to circles in cycle, perhaps @Raphael can add perspective.

Frank is speaking at Earth Scale here, of the fractal form that transcends all scales in Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti.

Here, you will gain perspective as regards the creation of the vesica piscis and the equilateral space within your expression of the Holy Grail, Chalice: https://youtu.be/ql9kh7L91eg?list=PLhZOi_xojCJzpV4Si2roD2Z6-iQbw_-YN&t=532

AGAIN with the numbing numbers, as angel angles (Ball Lightning is deity, consciousness), s are the roots embedded in the vesica piscis and the cube and all are prime 2 3 5 in the mirror (532!). This is very important to correlate with the unit cube to unit circle relation through the diagonal and intersection at root 3, moreover if you continue to view you will see how the development of the 8 layers of the heart muscle are actually the core of HeartMath, he does not know nor does any other I know, but I can show, one off.

Here he speaks to the relationship of 6 (tetrahedron) within the Fano Plane of 120 degree rotational symmetry of the E8 quasi crystal (w/o reference as he does not know), to 5 (pHive) and the quintessential of Vitruvian Man within the inversion of Venus that is the pentagram (dodecahedron). Cant stress of profound this stuff is and how deeply I can take one with your prowess into it.

The hexagram and root 3: https://youtu.be/ql9kh7L91eg?list=PLhZOi_xojCJzpV4Si2roD2Z6-iQbw_-YN&t=2196

Numbing number in prime time (2196)6X6X6=216 and the diameter of the moon is 2160 as well as the Zodiac period 12X2160=25,290 and 216 is root 2+1+6=NEYEN

Here he develops the muscles of the human heart and the 60 degree progression evident in your blueprint arc, which I can speak to very deeply as well in terms of Pythagorean triplets:


Next is a MUCH watch for your analysis of the conic effluent, and he is speaking in terms of plasma but through the scale of the Northern lights (aurora borealis), then he is speaking to the pulse of time within the photon cone whereby hyperspace is the hexagram in GOC.

I could go though this minute by minute and add deep insight brother. Please give it due consideration. I feel strong you have eYe to see. Frank does not get my work and that is OK because I get much of what he shares at a deep level and none of us have al l the answers! Except maybe Raphael :)

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thank you

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New version in blog and on same download link, with 7 equation transcription errors fixed (in part thanks to Peter S. above)

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Thanks very much for these "Bagel Game" presentations, Bob!

WRT the "as above, so below", "toroid", "mini electron" and the like findings, I think you'd be very interested in the "charge field" model of the Universe of Miles Mathis. It has a steep learning curve, so I’ve done my best to summarise it at


Hopefully you and others in the group will find this interesting. Here’s an executive summary to whet your appetite and show why I believe this is relevant to your recent (and prior) presentations.

1) There are a huge number (spread out thinly across the Universe but concentrated around what we call "matter") of exceptionally small particles like incompressible billiard balls, zipping around at the speed of light. They are as small compared to an electron as (roughly) an electron is to a village. Although too small to detect with any of our instruments they appear "en masse" as the 3 degree "cosmic microwave background".

2) Through partial collisions with other particles they can build up discrete and quantised "layers" of spin; axially and in x/y/z coordinates, with each "layer" resulting in a particle that looks larger and more massive to our instruments. Multiple “layers” can be built up on top of each other as long as they are different to the layer below (and above). The particle is only stable if the next “layer” doubles the size (similar to a gyroscope).

3) Once particles reach the size of an electron, they are so large that they act as a porous spinning ball, or more actually toroid (often somewhat flattened due to the speed of the spin), with a constant stream of smaller particles passing through them. Due to centrifugal force most of the smaller particles are ejected around the equator, and the most likely entry point without suffering a collision is via the poles. This can be seen on the Earth and other planets as well - the "magnetic field" channels particles into the poles, which in energetic times result in auroras, and there is an excess of infrared energy leaving the Earth around the equator, especially just North and South of the equator (image available if interested).

The main difference between this and a more conventional aether model is that the background sea of particles is NOT mainly static; it's zooming around at c and is not only interacting with every particle but is an inherent part of all particles the size of an electron or larger (Miles estimates that 95% of what we measure as the mass of a proton is actually that of these smaller particles "passing through"). The other is that whilst the particles are flying in all directions, there are more than an average number of them heading in certain directions, as mentioned above. So there is not so much an "aether wind blowing past the earth" but instead an aether wind blowing through the Earth at all times, and which is actually a fundamental part of the Earth. It also means all macro-particles are somewhat connected, locally at least, through the interchange of the smaller particles.

This also explains why Michelson-Morley were unable to find anything (much), as their equipment was looking for a "wind" running parallel to the ground. This also explains why Martin Grusenick's replication of the Michelson-Morley experiment with the interferometer being altered to make it perpendicular to the ground did pick up a strong positive result. It also wouldn't be unusual if there were diurnal and seasonal variations, as well as variations after large CMEs, bearing in mind the solar origin of most of the particles travelling to Earth.

Also as the kicker it is this flow of particles that literally is charge, electricity and magnetism. There’s a lot more in Miles’s model about how the stable particles then form stable atomic nuclei, and then molecules, and what their structure and properties are because of this, all based on this flow of “mini-electrons”.

You continue to see this rotating stable spherical/toroidal structure with the main inflow via the poles and outflows via the equator at higher levels like the plasmoids/ball lightning/EVOs et al, all the way up through planets, stars and galaxies.

Happy to discuss with anyone who’s interested (purplepete@gmail.com). I have more detail on my website re how this fits into some of the Electric Universe Theory models and the work of Per Bak.

BTW this is basically a summary of my 50 years of looking for a good model of the physical universe as a research scientist.

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Hey Bob. First, I would like to say thank you very much for taking the time to answer our questions. We know you have much more important things to do.

There are some things about electromagnetic phantom that I'm wondering if I have understood correctly.

If the smallest turns of the wire had been in nanno size and it was not only a c-torus but a multi -torus. Would the electrical and magnetic forces then be much greater?

It is started with an ac current of 30 Hz. I can not think of where in nature there is ac power. Could it be that the fhantom could be started with an impulse?

Apparently there are two different fhantoms. Some with a magnetic field on the outside and some with an electric field. Does it give them different properties, for example that the latter can ionize the air?

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Hey Allan,

I dunno why but I have this hunch that you don't need AC current at all except that it provides a secondary function I will detail below. I could be totally wrong as I lack the theoretical and experimental ability to confirm my suspicion currently.

My suspicion is you could achieve the same with two counter wound intertwined donuts with cancelling fields with pulsed DC. It's just very difficult to construct such a system. I think the AC fundamentally serves the purpose of constructing two counter toroidal vortices with a rotational frequency related to the pulsation rate. I think this may be another reason the frequency needs to be so slow. Although the papers provide a theoretical argument why it needs to be so that is totally unrelated to this, so I'm probably wrong.

My other suspicion is POE/rodin coils generate this exact same field, by providing the two counter rotations. But then instead of fractal nesting, they rely on the natural decay of the field into smaller orthogonal vortex rings when the two vortex rings collide. There is a liquid analogy to this you can see here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVbdbVhzcM4 .

Anyways I think there is good reason to believe these suspicions are true given the number of free energy systems that use counter rotating disks of magnets and pulsing coils. Also several other free energy systems use charged liquid rotating liquids. I suspect the reason these liquids are used is several fold. Perhaps most importantly though is they naturally form fractal structures which facilitates the persistence of the field. (Through closed pointing vectors as Bob discovered in this paper)

I was also doing some thinking about the two different forms of phantoms electric on the outside or magnetic on the outside. You raise a good point that it might be beneficial to choose a certain nesting configuration for different purposes.

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Cosmic Dave (UK)

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Do you have his email address? I want to buy a bagel coil from him. thank you

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This presentation of problems with maxwell’s equations might be of relevance to understanding what is going on here: https://youtu.be/2ED3D-MlIBA

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