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Bob will you be summarizing ? I watched the presentation live and think I got the main points but you’d be able to present it in a much more understandable way.

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I need to find time to finish the translation of the associated paper first before I can consider that.

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Many thanks for the transcription, Bob. I get why he talks about quintessence - what he describes certainly fits. What I also get out of it, however, is that he sees “strange radiation” as both EVOs and Falaco solitons, whereas my understanding is that the solitons are the unraveling of EVOs or the fractal toroidal structures that made them - doing damage as they unravel - EVOs are self contained “insulated from the general local e-m topology of ‘normal space’”, while fractal toroidal structures are what he describes as being formed from the rotating filaments (which, he mentions, are formed by the collapse of kinks in the filaments coming together (coalescence) that then create a surrounding vortex). These concepts all look very familiar, but I do believe he missed the point that the vortexes form first, and that the fractal toroids then form at the centre of vortexes (and not the other way around). At least, that is what I believe. Having said that, a spinning fractal toroid likely interacts with the space surrounding it to strengthen the vortex - black holes have something similar - stationary black holes and spinning black holes, so maybe a case of spin in the form of a vortex affecting the local space… anyway, there is one word that would seem to apply - convergence on the existence of EVOs/micro ball lightning/micro black holes. Finally, at the start he talks about the profile of spin in galactic disks being wrong (the spin is fairly uniform out to the edge of the disk rather than falling away,), the reason for the existence of dark matter. Given the nature of EVOs and/or Falaco Solitons, however, if 85 % of a galaxy were made up of such “stuff”, ordinary matter would be having a very hard time indeed - which it is not. On the other hand, if the forces involved in galactic spin are electromagnetic in nature and not just gravitational then the spin profile is exactly what would be expected from such forces - and given EVOs and ordinary matter (especially plasmas) are fundamentally electromagnetic in nature, the e-m explanation makes way more sense (Occam’s razor and all that). Anyway, thanks once again Bob - even if mainstream (Astro)physicists have such a hard time accepting the Universe is electrical in nature (hence also the reason macro objects with a coherent skin - EVOs - as “macro atoms” decouple from the sub space around them and behave in ways different from those normally observed)

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Hi Gordon,

Thanks for you assessment. I have appended a further relevant document, in English, from Chistolinov.

This is more "hidden energy in matter", consistent with "Etheric matter" of Tesla and Shishkin/Dubovik/Kuroles' MTER

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Now I understand a lot more, I see even more convergence in understanding.

I particularly liked the visual aspects:

https://youtu.be/GvwFPxaO1GY?t=1347 - Quantum turbulence in a superfluid

https://youtu.be/GvwFPxaO1GY?t=1477 ζ-radiation in the quintessence model

https://youtu.be/GvwFPxaO1GY?t=2240 - the combined scheme of the interrelationships of the quantum turbulence of ζ-radiation and LENR

https://youtu.be/GvwFPxaO1GY?t=2290 - Conditions under which quantum turbulence can be an effective source of ζ-radiation and LENR

Those last two, for macro processes in dense matter and high frequence of reconnections of quantum vortex threead,, I believe this is where vortices come in, to organize the quantum turbulence and create the conditions by which micro ball lightning / EVOs and ElectroNuclear Collapse can be created - so, all under the LENR umbrella. Equally, when those same "macro-particles" start to unravel, then this also explains how that can lead to more ζ-radiation at a distance - with ζ-radiation being like unravelling live-wire lightning bolts, free to interact with "ordinary" matter in a way that micro ball lightning / EVOs won't. Interestingly, those ζ-radiation ribbons flying in all directions are just like those tracks detected flying out the centre of the Milky Way, in which case those tracks are definitely things to be avoided or shielded from - a chain mail blanket EVOs should do the job.

Having said all this, I still don't think "dark matter" is EVOs and ζ-radiation - at least, not out toward the edge of the galaxy, but maybe more so in toward the centre - but rather the slow neutrinos are, indeed, the best candidate, together with galaxies - and the black holes at their centres - being electromagnetic in nature. Of course, maybe those slow neutrinos are but the fragments of ζ-radiation - quantum vortex threads, in other words (or ζ-radiation at the quantum scale). Now, that makes sense, and fits the fractal nature of the universe - ζ-radiation threads (with their birdy "burn" marks for want of a better way of saying it) and EVOs then being larger scale versions of electrons / protons and slow neutrinos.

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It is aspects of the same thing.

Underpinning all of this is Dark Matter and toroidal structures

1992 CIA declassified doc refers to "hidden energy within matter" which is the cause of Cold Fusion.

Ken Shoulders argues that Dark Matter is at play in EVOs, EVOs (whatever they are but can be formed by interacting electron 'multiple toroidal structures')

Adamenko suggests Dark Matter is in the core of the hollow balls when referring in 2005 to his patent SEM image.

Parkhomov states that Relic Neutrinos are the cause, a form of dark matter, which is reductionist - Shishkin pleads with Parkhomov to get him to realise their understanding is compatible with his.

Shishkin, Kuroles and Dubovic state that Electron Clusters (MTEC) can form toroids, these can become neutral and change to Magneto-Toro-Electrical Radiation - these are likely condensed clusters of relic (they call background) neutrinos. More directly, these exist hidden in ordinary matter as toroidal clusters already.

What I believe Chistolinov is missing, as so many others - is the fractal nature of these which account for the variation in tracks and their behaviour.

That being said, Shoulders noted that EVOs self organise into equidistant rings, Bostick clearly saw similar things before and Dubovik literally defined the fractal toroidal moment and as an author of MTER and MTEC concepts, I don't think this is lost on him.

Another cross relation is that turbulence and spin above a threshold trigger interaction with the dark matter, one could argue that any matter spinning around an axis, due to its internal spin / electron clusters, automatically would create a toroidal moment. That is what I suggest in going on in ULTR etc.

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Mover, Savvatimovva et. al. explains Matsumoto's observations and LENR with dark matter threads

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Good to see. Thanks Bob.

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Who is Storm? Just been reading his paper. 30 degree and D instead of H. Interesting stuff.

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It is my considered belief that strange radiation(SR) is produced by vacuum decay. Experimental observation shows that SR is not accompanied by any energy production. When a system (EVO) that does not have the same vacuum potential as our universe interacts with ambient matter, that matter in our universe will be disrupted due to the medication of the nature of the affected subatomic particles in ambient matter. This subatomic particle disruption does not consume or produce energy, this disruption is produced by a phase transition caused by symmetry breaking.

What is symmetry breaking phase transition?

Symmetry in Phase Transitions

Different phases of matter are characterized by different sorts of symmetry. For example, at higher temperatures, matter takes on a ''higher symmetry'' phase; at lower temperatures, the phases are of lower symmetry or ''broken symmetry. ''

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Just thinking, Bob. Could we get a T shirt with Neil on the back of it, and " Loin Reactor 5 is alive" on the front of it.

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So, with all this convergence, why aren't "the powers that be" racing to implement all this to address the environmental damage problem, remove a serious limit on the advancement of humanity, and address issues of scarecity and need that has been the hallmark of bad governance for the last umpteen thousand years?

Well, here's two reasons perhaps:

https://youtu.be/3gSzzuY1Yw0 - Green Energy Is Cheaper…So Why Aren’t We Using It?

https://youtu.be/zDY7t6HihCw - Monday, June 12, 2023! Dr. Greer's Groundbreaking National Press Club Event! FREE to Watch!

The first video explains very succinctly why governments and markets aren't rushing to implement green technologies - basically, our old friend "greed".

The second is much more contentious, and, I admit, if I had watched it without knowing what I now know I would have dismissed it as crackpottery, but some of the reasons that are mentioned chime exactly with what we have been looking into, meaning either Dr. Greer is a keen follower of the MFMP, or what has been witnessed is actually more true than would initially appear to those not well versed in "the gods' toolbox" (of course, it could be a mixture of both, but if not, then, in the immortal words of General Turgidson in response to "Yeah, but has he got a chance? " - "Has he got a chance? Hell Ye... ye..." ... covers mouth in solemn realization)

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