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Bob, you probably saw this ICCF presentation from George Egely. For anyone who didn't, it's a great summary of the LENR universe of possibilities: https://youtu.be/G4DWy1xA6gs?t=573

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Hi Simeon,

I am glad to see that George has seen what I have referred to as the "Tree of life" carbon deposits synthesised by the coherent matter of EVOs/Micro-Ball Lightning (MBL).


I first drew attention to these in my Sochi 2018 presentation


Here are deep dives



It is a sign of electro-nuclear collapse and electro-nuclear regeneration (Dr. Takaaki Matsumoto terms) NOT FUSION. Matsumoto observed that MBL had traveled along wires and then dumped carbon at the end of them.

Our most clear example is from VEGA Valley eastern plateau.

Recording of SEM/EDS session


I make a comparison between Matsumoto’s and Henk’s and my findings here


I talked extensively to George at Assisi, of course his ICCF-24 presentation was before I spoke extensively about "True Charge Separation" and the reason WHY Hydrogen is so special. Our talks in India in 2017 made clear the importance of Aluminium as an active electrode in the process especially based on Hutchison effect.


Of course, it was only very recently that I learned that Tesla had established the suitability of Aluminium in early 1900s (HINT: it is very good, alongside Be and Mg at undergoing conversion to radiant energy via electro-nuclear collapse).


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Thanks Bob. So glad I could attend some of these livestreams over the past two years and I now I'm going back to review the details. Will be going over all of these again. Your Tree of Life analogy takes us in a whole new direction of the the LENR/Carbon/Life connection. It's what nature is made of. Mind-blowing. And one more thing: readers of my new book are saying they're reading it slowly because they don't want it to end. So sweet. That's thanks to you and all the LENR pioneers who paved the way for non-scientists like me to easily understand it, so cheers and onwards.

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Bob, after your incredible presentation proving the reality of the Hutchison Effect, I came across this article in Science showing how fractals (Sierpinkski Gasket) can form the basis of photonic Topological Insulators, objects with superconducting edge states: no insulating bulk needed. Seems like the Hank pillow structure also showed that the surfaces are where the action is. (Can also send you the full PDF.) https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/science.abm2842

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Thanks Simeon. I will check it out

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