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Bob, one major difference between the big spiral trace in the video and the SR tracs that are observed in many different classes of experiments is the SIZE. The ones you are seeing in the video that are well defined appear to be several mm in diameter where as the SR tracks seen on CDs and other surfaces are typically quite small in the uM size range. Not to say they could be the same structure creating the SR tracks as what is seen in the videos but is it noteworthy of the various sizes that appear in the VEGA chambers vs SR track sizes.

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Bob; What is very interesting is that if some of these are indeed neutral as they seem to be by not being attracted to the anode then what makes them move in a spiral??? This is very strange and suggests that there may be other dynamics in play that govern their motion other than the simple magnetic/electric fields that we would assume initially to be the cause of the spiral motion. Also the charge moving through a magnetic field spiral motion may not be possible to describe the motion of some of these that simply seem to be oscillating along a 2D plane instead of in a spiral motion. Evidence is mounting as well that they may not be affected by a static magnetic field in some cases once they are launched as they do not seem to be affected by the ceramic magnet placed in the chamber when they come close to it. I am beginning to believe that the motion of these things in some situations is only affected by their brethren and the plasmoids on the cathode/anode through some sort of coherent/entangled interaction.

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When you showed a picture of a track on aluminum foil, I remembered that I had seen something similar on the foil I had treated in an ultrasonic cleaner.


On the foil there are also the same cones but they are in pairs and they point the opposite way. I've shown it before.


I am trying to find more signs that EVO also are in an ultrasonic cleaner, then there are more options to examine them.

By the way, if you could take a picture with very short exposure, you might be able to see if the particle has a shape, maybe like a piece of a toroid.

I like this picture


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I want to explore the idea of ordinairy mass. I my tank I have seen particles being blown away. I have not seen so many nice trac's in my tank as Dave does. I still don't know why we have different outcomes. But what if these track's are a combination of spinning matter with an attached EVO. Im my tank we saw the tungsten wire being cut and thrown away in a strange way. What if small pieces of molten brass are 'tumbling' through the tank? We have seen EVO's have strong forces.

For me it is also not clear yet what is glowing. An evo (ball-lightning) can be seen and a piece of glowing metal also. We see some cooling down / fading away track's,

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Bob I've been waiting to ask your opinion on this one. Maybe you already knew this, but I thought it was worth sharing in either case. A few months ago I realized that the Ken Shoulders image you're displaying at 1:12:04 - https://youtu.be/8a4tnh9yCco?t=4324 - is almost identical to "red sprites" - the immensely powerful plasma phenomenon which occurs above lightning storms. If you're curious, here's an image of red sprites above a storm: https://mymodernmet.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/paul-smith-red-sprite-4.jpg - unmistakable similarities, imo. Anyway, your content has really informed my understanding of how electricity works in universe around us. Much appreciated, as always.

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Evening Bob I was binge watching videos and I came across a concept from alien scientist that gravity could be a component from quantum entanglement and if you were to turn it off you can effect gravity...podkletnov explained that high speed rotation of a super conductor forms BEC cooper pairs forming a local gravity field .....Marko rodin called his coil a flux thruster atom pulser which was in the shape of a perfect torus that created a electrical venturi or local spacetime implosion...now cooper pairs can also be created by neutron/quark degeneracy which "I think" is happening in the biefield effect through electrokinesis resulting from high voltage...what if neutrinos are singularity particles formed from the quantum entanglement of particle-anti particle pairs maybe they're the virtual particle poping in and out of existence

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Haven’t been able to watch it yet but have to say those traces of whatever is being recorded look very impressive in their behavior, was there any special atmosphere in the chamber? Or this is just result of new methods of recording the images?

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According to current thinking when the universe began, all the four forces of nature were consolidated into a single force, but as the universe expanded, a change of state occurred where these four forces became separate and distinct from each other. The weak force became very short ranged, the electromagnetic force remained long ranged and the strong force became strong. But that change of state added the Higgs field to coordinate the actions of the electromagnetic and the weak force. The Higgs field gave the W and Z boson a huge mass and this make this force carriers very short ranged. But the photon was kept at zero mass as the electromagnetic long range force charrier.

I beleive that the Higgs field can be disrupted and removed at least within a micro sized volume of space time. I call that volume an exotic vacuum object (EVO). With that change in the force structure inside the EVO, what will happen. Most likely the forces of nature will revert back to the way that all of the four forces acted as a single unified force when the universe first began.

The weak force would become strong again. That means that the W and Z boson would become massless again and behave just like the photon. Any energetic excitation of the EVO would not only produce EMF radiation but also long range "weak force" emissions. This new regime in force projection is now electroweak force projection.

Any unstable isotopes far from the radiating EVO would then become stable.

The strong force would now become weak again and any atomic structure that entered the volume of the EVO would revert to its fundamental particle content... "quark soup".

If we can change the modulus of the forces of nature so that they behave like the did before the Higgs field made its presence felt, then some interesting space-time engineering could be done.

The stabilization of tritium contaminate water might be done by placing a EVO source in the center of a stainless steel vessel that supports a flow of contaminate water around that source. The speed of the flow could be adjusted so that all the tritium is stabilized before exiting the vessel.

The EVO source could be a active Parkhomov reactor or a wood pecker.

Parkhomov could determine the maximum distance from his electroweak source that an unstable isotope must be placed to insure that stabilization occurs.

Parkhomov most likely has access to radioactive isotopes that we here in the west do not have.

A not so good alternative for a EVO source would be one that MSMP has access to like VEGA but unit testing and calibrating it with a radioactive isotopes would be impossible.

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Bob what is going on here.



KCl solution sparking in microwave but nopt with NaCl

Was doing a simple evaporation of about 30ml of saturated KCl (room temp) and 30ml NaCl (room temp) - both in separate beakers. The KCl created little sparks very near the surface (IDK if it was on the wall of the beaker @ the meniscus or in the solution). These didn't look dangerous, but they were very noticeable and about 1-5mm in diameter.

What was odd was that this happened within 5 seconds of turning on the microwave (1000w - on high) while the NaCl did nothing after 30 seconds except precipitate some crystals.

The odd thing is that I evap't a beaker of about 600ml of KCl (heated to boiling for about 10 mins) and I didn't see anything happen then. I stopped before the amount of liquid dropped below 400ml though.

What is happening here. Is it the H2 seperating and igniting or is it K and Cl separating and the K igniting with water?

Very odd from my experience.

Could this be a Vega like production of Bosenova? Any MFMP experimenters willing to duplicate this reaction?

This could be related to the way potassium generates clusters of Rydberg matter as per Holmlid and catalyzes the production of EVOs. The EVOs grow until the point of instability whereupon they explode in a bosenova. If this is happening, there would be X-rays produced by the bosenova as the high energy electrons produce Bremsstrahlung while undergoing thermalization. The use of self developing dental X-ray film would be a proper detection method for those X-rays.

buy self developing dental X-ray film here


The size of the spark looks about right for a 500 Gev Bosenova.

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Theres some very similar spiral ejections via electrolysis in this older YT. video..https://youtu.be/BPvocqZlwhA

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I have yet to comprehend what bremsstraulung, unruh, or strange radiation are but I did learn radiation is just heat transfer like conductive ive also learn that cherenkov radiation is produced by breaking the light barrier which I think is what a whitehole radiation would form like the big bang ....upon learning that conductive ,convection, and radiation are the 3 types of heat transfer I thought if super conductive is a thing why not the other 2 ...turns out super and sub radiation has been documented but nothing on super convection why is that? sorry if I'm asking all these questions but your the only scientist that I've seen discussing these things, thanks for all the help by the way.

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When I see an electron cluster (EVO), in an ultrasonic cleaner, it looks like a gray shadow moving quietly around. This may take several seconds. When it hits the foil, it suddenly moves 10 mm. in 0.03 seconds and make marks in the foil. I think the electron cluster maybe shaped like a toroi is almost invisible before it breaks when it hits something.

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Also would superfluidity tie into superconvection because convection occurs through the motion of fluids

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Bob: With reference to my post below

Regarding: "The odd thing is that I evap't a beaker of about 600ml of KCl (heated to boiling for about 10 mins) and I didn't see anything happen then. I stopped before the amount of liquid dropped below 400ml though".

The sparking may have stopped because the potassium might have all been transmuted or highly contaminated by transmuted reactants.

Maybe we can get magicsound to do this experiment and use his SEM/EDX to check for transmutation.

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"I appears as if the track is only ‘lit’ when it is in the excited gas area and goes dark when it leaves, is it reflecting or re-emitting the light it is exposed to? Regardless, this recorded behaviour implies that it is not producing its own light."

A few thoughts.

K. Shoulders proved that EVOs are continually absorbing and emitting electrons. My guess is that when it is in a less excited or less ionized area it has fewer electrons to "eat" but is still ejecting them so it goes dark. Also, we know that EVOs are resonance chambers that absorb all sorts of EM radiation. In a dark area, the EVO would have less food.

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Morning..I just came across the concept of synchronization and I thought what if the impulse gravity generator was like a space pendulum that oscillates to the resonance frequency of space time ...also, rpms can be considered like a frequency but for rotation like how planets orbit around the sun and behave with some sort of gravitational resonance and maybe that explains the rodin coil (through its rpm or eletrical resonance/frequency)and what if the neutrino was the medium for zero point energy "the aether"(in one of your previous videos) but for the quantum entanglement how particles can instantaneous send information to there sister particles. Could the graviton be some sort of hyperdimensional vertex/tensor? When your book comes out are you going to read the audio version cause that'll be awesome ,cause I'm lazy when it comes to reading.

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