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Fascinating subject spoiled by atrocious presentation.

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Hello, I'd like to connect Bob.

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OK, I have been pouring over Chapter 1: Nikola Tesla and Radiant Energy of the SECRETS OF COLD WAR TECHNOLOGY book and learned a great deal more abot the work of Nikola Tesla - and that he was working on Ætheric Streams , creating such streams using an Impulse Technology that literally hammered out the underlying Ætheric Stream particles away from the Electrons to which they were bound (Electrons been seen as whorls in the Æther).

With these streams separated, Tesla found, amongst other effects, that such streams WHEN GROUNDED would strengthen as they flowed into the ground, from which he deduced - and demonstrated - that such streams were being augmented by similar streams pouring into the Earth on a constant basis. These other streams were space-based in nature, and flowed from all directions, at different strengths and different "frequencies" - although they were longitudinal in nature and more akin to compressed waves at regular intervals than compression/rarefaction waves. In fact, Tesla ascribed to the view that these Æther Streams behaved more as gases (and liquids, as their density increased). They were also incompressible, so that rather than Standing Waves, Stationary Waves were created when Æther Streams "splashed back" on themselves. He also talked about "Resonance" as a rate-matching phenomenon for sampling. So, he used terms in a way different from those applied to electronmagnetic or sonic waves.

He also recognized that Æther Particles were electrically neutral and very small (they were assigned a theoretical atomic weight one hundred millionth that of hydrogen by no less a person than Dr. Mendeleev himself, the creator of the Periodic Tables of Elements, who also estimated by calculation the kinetic velocity of just one of the "gases" that made up the Æther (he believed there were several Ætheric particle species) at 2.5 million meters per second - superluminal in other words.

This superluminal nature of Æther was in accordance with Tesla's findings, who found that, not only was Æther incompressible (although streams could be formed in it) but that force/effect propagation through the Æther was INSTANTANEOUS - TO ANY DISTANCE (Æther Streams did not suffer from attenuation when travelling through the air)

As an aside, Tesla also believed that it is these space to Earth Æther Streams that exert a pressure on matter than causes gravity - and that it was in thsi regard that Tesla used the term "Cosmic Rays" - rays of infinitesimaly small Ætheric particles, not the much, much larger particles that the term was later used to refer to)

Tesla also demonstrated one more behaviour of Ætheric Streams. Once a stream started flowing, it would remain flowing for a long time after the initial impulse that started the stream was finished, and that such streams, if powerful enough and directed into the Earth, could attract and pull neighbouring streams into a self-re-enforcing cycle, one that he found could be controlled by using some of the stream to create electrons, another concept that Tesla demonstrated. In fact, his Wardenclyffe tower, had it become operational, was supposed to use his Impulse (Shock) Technology (100,000,000 Volt DC discharge) to start a space-to-Earth stream that would continue to grow, but be then regulated by the production of electrons that would be radiated away from the stipples seen on the Wardenclyffe dome. The whole system would be pulsed such that the downward Æther Current "frequency" (with its longitudinal wave of regular dense bands superimposed on a flat flow) would be timed to allow the production of electrons in the Earth from the Æther Flow to then pulse in the reverse direction out through the stipples in a regular manner at a different frequency, such that the two wave forms (Æther Stationary Wave and Electrical Standing Wave) passed harmlessly (and non-destructively) past one another. With the downward Æther Flow controlled, branching sub-circuits would then tap off some of the flow, changing its frequency and rebroadcasting it via air-to-air channels at different frequencies to be be picked up and used by devices "to a great distance", the frequency being used to match different equipment to different broadcast streams: it was not electricity or electrons that was being broadcast, it was Æther Currents of set frequencies that would be picked up by receiving stations/devices where it would GENERATE electrons and an electron flow to drive machinery etc. All without wires, and capable of passing through water, walls , other "stuff" - and carbon-based lifeforms as if they weren't there!

Æther also had other properties, not the least of which is that it would glow with unusual charactersitics, giving off soft "unusual" lights, from a soft peach through to a brilliant white, at least when seen by the human eye. Cameras of the day had a great deal more difficulty "seeing" this light, requiring long exposure times capture "a ghostly glow", even as humans reported a light of "extraordinary brilliance". Glowing Æther Streams were also "soft to the touch" and could be attuned to produce feelings of wellness and health in those who were exposed to them. There was also a famous experiment where Tesla connected fluorescent tubes between the two arms of an otherwise "dead short" copper bar. When pulsed with a very high voltage DC discharge through his Æther / Electron (transverse magnetic spark gap) separator, however, not only was there no "dead short" seen (no current - the separator had removed them, but the still flowing Ætheric Current crossed through the tubes and lit them up - electrons would have chosen the path of least resistence and NOT flowed through the tubes)

So, what has all this to do with Fractal Toroids? Well, to put it simply, I believe the "Moments" (Streams) flowing through the Fractal Toroids are none other than the Aether Streams of Tesla's experiments, and that Fractal Toroids are a way to create these streams in a circular form (remember the phantom glows of the Russian experiments?) that carry the collapsed material from the black hole (entry portal) to the white hole (exit portal) - with the impulse required to start the whole being supplied, in part, by the ultrasonic waves or short-duration pulsed laser beams or whatever, something similar to what Tesla appears to have eventually acheived with glass-tube (valve-like) devices in a box he is reputed to have created and demonstrated to his nephew to power a car, such that, according to the nephew, the car could be driven and driven (at speed - 90 miles per hour!) without ever refuelling.

Anyway, I hope this is of some interest to those who wonder how Fractal Toroidal Moments and EVOs (Magneto-Toroidal Electron Clusters) could relate to Tesla's work - the answer is Impulse Technology acting on the "Ætheric Sea" to create (long-lasting) Æther Current Streams that interact with nucleons according to their spin and electrons (both of which can absorb energy from these Streams and damp them down) - as well as create nucleons and electrons: with the constant supply of Ætheric Current from space, not only are electrons in particular being produced to excess in the Earth's crust - as measured and witnessed without, to date, a satisfactoty explanation - and even nucleons (leading to the increase in mass and size of the Earth in particular as Æther Current bursts are delivered to the Earth from the Sun.

Like Mendeleev, Tesla experimentally demonstrated the existence of "the Æther". - and that already in the 19th Century (and in to the 20th). Yet, for some inexplicable reason, the abstract, rubbery medium of "spacetime" was pushed instead. Could it have anything to do with those who stood to lose an enormous amount of both money and (political) power if focus had remained on "the Æther". Well, let us just say that one J.P.Morgan (and his various "interests") often had many run-ins with Tesla, who had previously swallowed up Edison's Edison General Electric Company,merging it with the Thomson-Houston Electric Company with the support of Drexel to form the General Electric Company (apparently leaving Edison an embittered and broken old soul in the process, something Tesla was all to aware of, especially when "shadowy enemies" struck the Tesla Research Laboratory at 33-35 South Fifth Avenue, which "exploded and burned". Floor upon floor fell until the building was nothing but a swirling wind of ash. The devastation was ... "the very obvious work of hired saboteurs. Dynamite charges destroyed the very building foundation, a death trap which could not fail. Unknown to them, and breaking his normal nightly routine that particular evening, Tesla had quietly slipped out through a concealed stairwell for an extended dinner at Delmonico's. Tesla returned with his frantic assistant, Mr. Czito, and watched the ashes drift down the avenue until dawn.) Further, when Tesla died, a certain John G. Trump was sent in to examine the papers, papers which he declared as being "nothing which would constitute a hazard in unfriendly hands". Yet, they still remained out of the public's gaze, some to this day. John G. Trump was the uncle of one Donald J. Trump, he of the "Washington swamp". I'll leave it to the reader to make up his or her own mind as to whether these connections are "coincidental" or not.

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Sorry Bob, I'm puzzled: it is told that the presentation has been presented yesterday but I don't find it in MFMP YT channel. How can I get it? Is it for paid only? Thanks

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When you don't factor in the Fractal Toroidal Moment creating EVOs in planet evolution then you will come to the conclusion like this video shows:


So sad that main stream science haven't gotten further :-), if they had, the planet matter composition wouldn't be such a surprise.

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I hope you get a resounding success today Bob, I wish I could watch it, lets hope we get access to recordings after the event finishes.

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There’s a lot of speculation going around about an energy weapon being used in Maui. The YouTube channel, Hawaii Real Estate is putting forward video evidence of melted cars that harken to the cars found melted around the World Trade Center on 9/11.


Do you find this evidence persuasive? It seems plausible that a brush fire accompanied by winds could be enough to melt an aluminum engine block.

Can you explain how these directed energy weapons work on one of your streams? Can you explain why the appearance of the crenelated iron spheres in the beams from WTC is dispositive proof of LENR? If so, would you be willing to examine the metal from one of these alleged anomalously melted cars in Maui to see if there is any evidence that would suggest an energy weapon was used?

Regardless of how the fire was started, the response to it is highly suspicious, it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on it. Perhaps you’ve already addressed it in a stream I’ve missed.

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Just made it to Szczecin, see you there!

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Can't wait! I'm working towards practical applications currently...

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