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I've done a small reverse engineering on the carving like I did on the Cologne Cathedral (link in other post in this thread) to try to see how specific the design of the carving is.

There are not many random details in the carving at all and it's very precisely composed with phi ratios and other division ratios. Here is the link to the PDF.


I've looked at the ratios derived from the outer dimensions only and annotated some of the interesting correlating points and edges. I suspect that there are many more ratios to be found since I've only "reverse engineered" it from outer dimensions only. I found it curious that centermark of the right circle isn't symmetrical with the left but has a pretty specific phi ratio offset between a couple of other phi ratios. I've designed a lot of graphic and architectural designs with templates like these, and this carving adheres pretty precisely to it. Including Bob's conclusions it is by any means definitely not a random design in any way.

Imagine a world where scientists have to resort to making art in order to communicate their theories XD

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Hey Thanks for sharing the Carving and the impressive reverse engineering on that artwork or scientific document, I've never ran into the Sothic Triangle even though I use geometry a lot for design. I find Golden ratio's and other proportions in old world masonry very intriguing and sometimes reverse engineer architectural landmarks for fun, just to sort of decode their design process.

Anyhow, I've added some of the Sothic Triangle Crop circle torids onto the Cologne Cathedral drawings I've been playing with. Always get some nice patterns and alignments overlaying the architecture. Lot's of fun.



I might make a high resolution photo of the cathedral West Side soon and try to overlay that one. These drawings aren't 100% perfect, and the ALA MY watermarks aren't aligning right with my proportional templates ;). Anyhow what were those biggest bells in the entire world for? Just noise huh?

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Us building some sort of conversion table that can tell you the ideal rod length and air gaps for the engine size and fuel type would be amazing.

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Wanted to get more into researching/experimenting and actually helping. I have magnetic currents by leedskalnin, I’ll attempt his suggested experiments. Then space earth human. I love all your presentations but feel useless as I am not contributing. It appears time is running out.

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Hey Bob, I emailed you a link about two months ago on Randal Carlson when he was on JRE with graham hancock discussing strike foundation. I spent 4 or so hours reading the strike foundation page documents. I came to the conclusion that he really had the tech and it most likely was a controlled rollout. I hope I'm wrong but part if me still feels it may be a limited hangout as he is trying to get patents for things others have already done. Also hey repurposed ken shoulders EVO acronym to have a totally different wording and only briefly acknowledges prior arts. My guess is they are not being forth write about prior arts because this is one last ditch effort to have control of this when it comes out.... At least they are "open sourcing" the science. Even though I think your YouTube videos are 10x more accurate and complete. i thiink by the end of 2023 your going to have 10x more subscribers :) I hope strike foundation isn't just the "backup plan" but they have so many power elite involved in the "phase 2 testing" on various boards, I really do wonder. I've said to my family for 2 years now this new green agenda stuff, is about keeping the energy tech secret, and getting us all on some govt ubi racket. If a corporate controlled rollout by the "strike foundation" is the alternative the masses will swallow, then its better than the "plan a" that is marching ahead briskly. I personally prefer "plan c" total disclosure, truthfulness and openness, but I think I'm being too idealistic perhaps. At least they've said they will release the goods by end of 2023, cause if they don't, all the people who watch mfmp no doubt will :)

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Either during this live discussion or a previous one, the King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau was mentioned. Well, here is some *** simple *** math that goes with that, math that demonstrates one thing - it is better to Comprehend Nature and Copy It than try to work outside of it :

So, firstly, the Egyptian Royal Cubit (c) is 0.5236m

The Great Pyramid has a base of 440 cubits x 440 cubits and height of 280 cubits (440c x 440c x 280c)

Comparing these, we find (440c + 440c) / 280c ≈ π

Turning now to the Golden Ratio, ɸ (Phi) = 1.618, it is usually first met as the ratio in the limit between successive numbers in the Fibinacci Sequence

Now, ɸ has some interesting properties:

ɸ + 1 = ɸ x ɸ = ɸ² = 2.618

ɸ - 1 = 1/ɸ = 0.618

²√(ɸ) = 1.272

Moving on from ɸ and π, taking a circle of "diameter 1 (no units)" - so that its circumference is π:

dividing that circle into 6 equal segments (such that each segment encloses a 60 degree angle), gives:

an arc segment length of 0.5236m

for each arc segment.

Taking 1 arc length away from the circumference - so π-1 - gives the value 2.618 - ɸ² - the golden ratio squared

When we set the diameter "1" to be the meter, we get, for the pyramid:

(base x 2) / height ≈ Pi but also (base x 2) - height ≈ π * 100

This only works when "1" is the meter

That concludes the pyramid as a whole.

Now, turning our attention to the Kings or High Chamber in the Great Pyramid, it is built on a double square floor plan - 10 cubits width x 20 cubits length (10c x 20c) in size

This means the floor perimeter for the Chamber is 31.416m - or π x 10m

Further, for ɸ² (=2.618m), c (=0.5236m) a width of 10c and length of 20c gives:

10c + ɸ² = 7.854m - or 15 x 0.5236m - 15c (the diagonal up the height of the chamber wall)

15c + ɸ² = 10.472m - or 20 x 0.5236m - 20c

20c + ɸ² = 13.090m - or 25 x 0.5236m - 25c (the diagonal from bottom-left-front corner to top-right-back corner of the chamber)

This only works, however, when the meter is the unit used.

This brings us onto the Medieval Royal Quine, used in cathedral builidng 3500 years after the Great Pyramid.

The Royal Quine involved 5 measures scaled to the golden ratio - hand, palm, span, foot, cubit, defined according to measurements of "the Royal Arm" (although whose arm is not specified!)

Anyway, when superimposed on a pentagram inside a pentagram, you get hand (= 1/ɸ²) -> palm -> span -> foot -> cubit (= ɸ²) fitting nicely onto the edges of the inner and outer pentagrams.

Now, for the Royal Cubit (as part of the Royal Quine from the Middle Ages):

1 cubit - 1 foot = 1 span = 20cm = 1m/5 - 500 years before the meter was defined. This is due to the ratios of the edges within the inner and outer pentagrams

With ɸ, π, and the circle of diameter "1", mapping 5 spans to the diameter gives:

5 spans = 1 meter

1 cubit = π / 6 = 0.5236 = c

Now, the meter was "officially" derived in 1795 by dividing 1/4 Earth's circumference by 10000 (or, in other words, the Earth's circumference by 40000,), where the Earth's circumference was originally approximated at 40000 metres, but is now measured as 40007.864 km (giving the Earth's diameter as 12734.9 km)

Now, ²√(ɸ) x 10000 km = 12720 km, virtually the same as the Earth's diameter

In fact, given the Earth is not a perfect sphere, it is truly remarkable and an excellent approximation (≈ 14.9km difference).

Yet, the meter was only "officially" defined in 1795.

In reality, of course, it had been there all along as an inherent measure in nature.

So, once again, we learn the oft-repeated lesson of "it is better to Comprehend Nature and Copy It than try to work outside of it - an exercise doomed to failure !" - and that our ancestors knew way more than modern scholars care to admit, even if by other routes and means...

So, just as those "defining" the meter in 1795, we should not now be surprised when we see encoding "knowledge from the ancients" that we ourselves are now only uncovering as they are inherent behaviours in nature - and form part of the overall wheelworks of nature that have so often shown their presence, if only sometimes indirectly, in experiments of the past.

To which I would like to draw the readers attention to a "fraudster" of the late 19th Century - one John Ernst Worrell Keely , who claimed to have discovered a new motive power which was originally described as "vaporic" or "etheric" force, and later as an unnamed force based on "vibratory sympathy", by which he produced "interatomic ether" from water and air. Was he really a fraudster, or just someine who recognized the forms and outlines of "something" in nature that formed a part of the overall wheelworks? Perhaps it is time to look more favourably and more kindly again upon Mr. Keely and recognize that he was, indeed, "on to something" but that it was a reality that was always just beyond his grasp, rather than as someone who was a direct out-and-out charlatan and fraudster. Perhaps if he had only more readily shared and socialized his ideas, but then, we will never know for sure. What we can say, however, is that trying to "go it alone" is ultimately an exercise in futility and that freely sharing is, indeed, "the way to go"

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The website of the tech talked by Randall Carson. https://www.strikefoundation.earth/open-source-research

It has a lot in common with the GEET.

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Anyone else notice the Strike Logo? Thales call your office.

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