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Hi Bob,

this has just been posted on the Brilliant Light Power website:


It is reasonable to assume, I believe, that those neutrinos will not be high-energy zipping through everything neutrinos, but rather the ultra low energy type neutrinos you have often mentioned.

I do believe the Hydrino exists, but I also suspect the "Hydrino" is a cooper-pair with Hydrogen nuclei "ears" - this would explain how the electrons can be "below the normal ground state" as well as the highly magnetic nature of the Hydrino...

Anyway, thought you might be interested.

Also, I have almost made it through the above presentation now - brilliant - and all the best for Assissi.

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Bob, what do make of Wheeler’s reasoning that although he believes Geons and ball lightning are the same thing, “classical” macroscopic Geons aren’t found anymore in our universe (4th to last paragraph.) He seems to be saying this just an exercise in theory, except for neutrino Geons which totally rhymes with Matsumoto of course.

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By sheer chance I just had seen the same image and I learnt it is from the James Webb Space Telescope in Infra Red spectrum

and from the same Spiral galaxy that was made famous by the Hubble in visible light. Looking forward to watch this one.

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